After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 5             Lame Cat


Le Zhi lowered her eyes and was at a loss for words for a moment. In the past, she loved to laugh and make trouble the most, but now she had to ponder in her head every time before answering a sentence.

Huo Du picked up the silver spoon, slowly filled a bowl of soup, and handed it to her, “If it’s because of what happened last night, I apologize and I won’t do it again.”

Le Zhi suddenly raised her head, only to see his peach blossom eyes were full of sincerity. There was also a trace of apology in his eyes and a sense of guilt on his face.

Until many years later, when Le Zhi leaned on his shoulder to admire the moon, she could not help laughing out loud when recalling this scene… This person is quite trustworthy.

What she did not know was what Huo Du was thinking at the moment.

No matter what purpose she came to his side with, it was really impressive to be so calm.

It’s worth giving her a quicker way to die.

After taking the soup over, Le Zhi showed a smile, blinked again, and said softly, “Your Highness and I are husband and wife. I don’t blame Your Highness, let alone be afraid of Your Highness.”

Huo Du hooked his lips and smiled even more.

As expected of the stunning beauty, having a pair of seductive foxy eyes that could speak. No man in this world could escape such a beauty trick, right?

However, he had insight into his heart for a long time…

The more beautiful things are, the more untouchable they are.

As for desire, of course, he had it.

People had five desires, wealth, fame, food, sleep, and lust. He had long regarded wealth and fame as nothing, and he had excellent control over food and sleep.

Only this dreadful lust was left…

Oh. What’s the difficulty?

Both of them were not very attentive during lunch. After putting down the silver chopsticks, Le Zhi was still thinking about whether her answer satisfied Huo Du.


Le Zhi raised her eyes, looked at Huo Du’s smiling peach blossom eyes, and nodded with a smile.

The person in front of her glanced at the fish dishes on the table and raised his eyebrows, “Then don’t fight for food with Little Lame Huo. Huh?”

Hearing this, Le Zhi was surprised, “Huo… Little Lame?”

The snow fluffy, who was dozing quietly on Huo Du’s lap, suddenly opened its eyes and looked at Le Zhi with a pair of round cat eyes, as if there were some puzzlement.

Huo Du reached out his hand and pressed his head to let it continue to sleep. Then he raised his eyes to look at Le Zhi, as if afraid of disturbing Little Lame Huo again, and said in a softer voice, “Its name.”

Now, Le Zhi was even more puzzled. She had also seen some people with disabilities before. No matter how optimistic they were in front of others, they would still feel inferior and speechless if others accidentally mention their disabilities.

She always thought that Huo Du’s leg disability should be taboo. However, he did not care to mention the word lame and even gave his cat such a name.

Little Lame Huo… The name is too…

I don’t know why the snow fluffy became lame.

“Because I’m lame, my cat naturally has to have a broken leg too.”

Le Zhi’s smile froze instantly, and she raised her eyes in shock before she even had time to adjust her expression.

Looking at each other, she saw Huo Du’s eyes shining brightly, with a playful smile on his face.

Seeing that both of them put down the silver chopsticks, the maid who waited on the outside brought in the hot tea after dinner with great eyesight.

Le Zhi quickly picked up the teacup, and the familiar fragrance floated to her nose. She took a sip gently, and the elegant taste slipped into her throat with a hint of bitterness, but the aftertaste was sweet. Thanked this tea as it gave her a lot of time to suppress the tremor in her heart.

“Taizifei, we don’t know what kind of tea you like to drink, so we’ve prepared this tea for you according to His Highness’s preference.” The maid bowed and said, “If you are not used to drinking it, I’ll change it immediately.”

“The tea is very good. You can withdraw first.”

The maid felt relieved, immediately saluted, and then retreated to outside the door.

Le Zhi put down the teacup, looked at Huo Du, and said softly, “Your Highness is joking.”

It was a response to his words.

After the initial shock, Le Zhi recalled the concern he showed for Little Lame Huo and it did not seem to be pretending at all. More importantly, Little Lame Huo was also very close to him. The natural instincts of an animal were the most genuine. If Huo Du had really hurt it, it would never rest on him as comfortably as it was now.

Huo Du did not say anything. He just took the teacup and drank it up. Then he slowly pushed the wheelchair to leave the dining hall. When the wheelchair reached the door, he sneered, “Don’t force yourself if you don’t like it.”

Le Zhi reacted immediately. Came to think of it, he already knew the way she frowned when she ate the peppermint at breakfast, and now her behavior was probably fake in his eyes.

No, it should be more than that. She knew in her heart that although Emperor Qi bestowed the marriage, Huo Du would not have not known that she was the person Huo Xu arranged to be by his side, so her every move should be classified as poor performance, right?

Unknown to where the courage came from, she got up in a hurry, “Your Highness!”

The person sitting in the white jade wheelchair did not turn around, but just covered his right palm on the handle, and his slender fingers tapped gently without much regularity.

“I do not dislike it. I just wasn’t used to the taste at first, but when I tasted it again, it has a different taste. I really think this tea is excellent.”

Although she knew he would not believe it, Le Zhi still said it. And these words were indeed true and not false. It was indeed different from drinking peppermint in tea and eating it directly. Drinking it after a meal was very refreshing to the stomach.

She really liked it.

Besides, the hazy plan in her heart seemed to be getting clearer and clearer… those attitudes of hers towards Huo Xu, and Huo Xu’s purpose of her getting closer to him, she wanted to tell them all together.

However, not yet.

Now was still not the best time.

“Follow me.”

Not knowing where Huo Du was going, Le Zhi only responded warmly and then quickly followed him.

Until he stepped into the sleeping hall, Le Zhi thought he wanted to take a lunch break, but Huo Du turned his wheelchair to the mahogany table in the hall. Le Zhi looked over following his line of sight.

The mahogany table was full of things unknowingly. Those things were brand new and luxurious, like wedding gifts.

Le Zhi guessed what he meant and pushed him to the table.

“Choose your favorite.”

There was something out of place among this dazzling array of gold and silver jewelry, gem agate, and famous books and pictures.

Then, there was a white jade flute.

Le Zhi picked up the jade flute subconsciously and was stunned.

Her imperial elder sister, talented and beautiful, was the best at playing the zither and flute. In the past, whenever she was free, she loved to sit in the windy pavilion listening to her sister’s flute and dozed off lazily.

Seeing her like this, Huo Du understood clearly. He called out the servants to enter the hall and told them to throw away all the remaining gifts.

Le Zhi returned to her senses and could not help but be stunned, “All… throw away?”

Huo Du bent his lips, took the jade flute from her hand naturally, and said calmly, “Naturally. Except for your favorite, everything else is useless.”

After he finished speaking, he pushed the wheelchair towards the bed.

Le Zhi was puzzled, how can those precious treasures become useless?

She did not understand. She did not understand Huo Du’s words, let alone Huo Du.

When she turned around, Huo Du was already lying lazily on the bed, still holding the book he had flipped through last night. While Little Lame Hou had been sleeping on Huo Du’s lap for a long time, it stretched its lame leg back and forth on the bed excitedly when it woke up at this time.

Le Zhi slowly approached the bed. She was at a loss all of a sudden and did not know what to do.

“Do you want to sleep?” Huo Du gave her a quick look.

The author has something to say:
Du: Wife, do you want to sleep?

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