After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 4             Investigate

The main hall was large and empty. An Xuan’s words seemed to be echoed, and his indifferent face was still very unfeeling.

Le Zhi looked at Huo Du, wanting to find out how he would react.

It seemed that An Xuan was his closest bodyguard, would he allow it?

To her surprise, Huo Du chuckled and raised his eyes, but he did not look surprised nor did he ask the reason. He just said, “Yes. Are you clear about the rules?”

Hearing this, An Xuan’s expression soften as if he was relieved. After nodding his head and saying yes, he turned around and walked away without thanking him.

Huo Du glanced sideways at Le Zhi, who was at a loss and had a full view of her puzzle face. It was not surprising that she would be puzzled.

He and his subordinates had their own set of rules. He did not like to beg others, nor did he like others to beg him. The word “beg” was the most useless.

He liked equal value exchange. If anyone wanted to get anything from him, they would have to exchange it for something of equal value. One could only get what one wanted by paying the price. This was very fair.

But… Huo Du slightly hooked his lips and looked at the person beside him.

In today’s world, the five countries were separated, and the three tribes were attached to the country Qi. Everyone said that country Li ruled the country with benevolence and kindness. Even the common people of the country Li were friendly and different from other people.

However, the country Li had collapsed now.

Just now, he waited for a long time and wanted to wait for the former Princess of Li to plead for those palace maids. But he did not know whether the pain of subjugation wiped out her kindness, or she was not a kind person in the first place, or she wanted to endure the humiliation and do something for Huo Xu.

In the end, he did not wait for her to speak.

It was a pity. If she spoke, he would let her replace these palace maids by herself.

Looked, he even planned to do a loss-making business.

Ah. In addition to last night, this is the third time.

His Taizifei was really lucky.

After sitting on Huo Du’s lap for too long, the snow fluffy jumped down with a meow and ran outside the hall to play.

Perhaps the incident of Li Momo offended Taizifei spread. At this moment, the dining officer trembled when he entered the hall with the food menu, “This lowly officer pay respect to His Highness Taizi and Taizifei. This is the menu for today’s lunch. Your Highness, if you want to add food, please make it clear.”

Huo Du waved his hand casually, “Show it to Taizifei.”

Le Zhi took the meal menu in response, and her eyes widened at a glance.

This was too exaggerated. This lunch seemed to be ostentatious like a grand banquet. It seemed that the servants were quite frightened.

“The food matches so well.” Le Zhi bowed slightly, and showed Huo Du the menu, “Your Highness, take a look. Do you have anything else to add?”

“It’s good that Taizifei is satisfied.”

The dining officer put down the boulder in his heart and wanted to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Huo Du said again, “Prepare a few more fish meals.”

Le Zhi leaned back softly on the mahogany chair, and Huo Du had been away for a while. Her palms and back were still sweating cold sweat, and the feeling of fear enveloped her whole body. She had self-knowledge, what Huo Du did just now was definitely not to protect her or establish her power, then what exactly did he mean?

She could not understand.

Huo Xu had told her before that Huo Du was a vicious wolf.

No, most probably it was more than that. As soon as he sat there, he could bring a suffocating sense of oppression.


Le Zhi returned to her senses, and Li Yao looked at her with a worried face, “What happened? I just saw the guards escorting Li Momo and the others…”

“Can you see where they were taken?”

Li Yao shook her head, “The guards’ faces were as cold as frost. I didn’t dare to look at them, let alone follow them.”

After a pause, she said again, “Why don’t I go ask around?”

“No.” Le Zhi commanded in a deep voice, “You shouldn’t know about this, and you shouldn’t mention it again outside. Do you understand?”

In this huge Eastern Palace, who could play tricks under Huo Du’s nose? Li Momo just said a few words of nonsense, and he was able to know it right away. How could she dare to act rashly?

After Li Yao nodded in agreement, she took out the cake wrapped in her sleeve, looked at Le Zhi’s haggard face, and asked softly, “Master, do you still want to eat this cake?”


The cold air was overwhelming, and Le Zhi ordered Li Yao to make a pot of hot tea to eat with the cakes.

The cake felt rough, and the taste was not good, yet Le Zhi still ate several mouthfuls. But thinking of a sumptuous lunch, she did not dare to eat completely full.

When the hot tea entered her stomach, her body gradually warmed up. The steam wafting from the teacup brushed over her eyes, making her eyes a little blurry.

“Zhizhi… live well and forget all this. Don’t… don’t take revenge.”

This was the last word Imperial Father said to her.

She could only promise half of it.

She would live well. From now on, she would not let herself be hungry, cold, or sick. She would work hard to keep on living.

However, …

The hatred of subjugation will never be forgotten.

The hatred of destroying the country will not cease.

When she walked out of the main hall wrapped in a snow-white cotton cloak, snowflakes began to float outside.

The inner clothes were soaked in the cold sweat on the back. At this time, there were bursts of cold wind. Le Zhi could not help but shivered and also accelerated her pace of walking to the sleeping hall.

However, after taking a few steps, a thin figure appeared to stop her. After she stopped, the palace maid knelt down and kowtowed in front of her, “I thank Taizifei for lifesaving kindness!”

Lifesaving kindness?

Le Zhi frowned and wondered, “Who are you?”

The palace maid raised her head slightly. She saw that the maid had clear and bright eyes. Her eyes were red with a little pale face, but it was not difficult to look at her beautiful appearance at birth.

Le Zhi felt a little familiar.

“I am Jing Xin.”

It turned out to be her, the palace maid who specially went to see the snow handkerchief on the wedding bed in the sleeping hall.

Unexpectedly, she did not know it was An Xuan who protected her.

“Get up first.” Le Zhi looked at the cold ground and said, “Who told you that I saved you?”

“When the guards took us halfway, they released me and said that Taizifei pleaded for me.” Before Jing Xin got up, she kowtowed again to le Zhi and choked with sobs, “I was forced by Li Momo to investigate the privacy of Taizi and Taizifei. It is an unforgivable sin. Thank you Taizifei for your great kindness.”

It seemed that An Xuan deliberately kept it from her.

“Get up.” Le Zhi asked Li Yao to help her up, and asked, “Where are you on duty now?”

“I’m on duty in the dining room.”

Le Zhi nodded, “Good, you can go back now. It’s cold outside recently, so wear more clothes.”

Jing Xin nodded and gave another big ceremony before turning away.

The snow was getting heavier and heavier, and Le Zhi’s black hair and eyelashes were covered with snow. She walked to the sleeping hall hurriedly.

After stepping into the sleeping hall and looking around, Le Zhi let out a heavy sigh of relief. Fortunately, Huo Du was not in the sleeping hall.

Li Yao helped her change the wet clothes and brought her a set of pink palace clothes. After she changed, Li Yao wrapped her in a fluffy snow-white cloak and the chill gradually faded away.

Not long after, a palace maid entered the hall and invited her to the dining hall for lunch.

Unlike breakfast, there was now a table full of delicious food. Perhaps Huo Du was not used to having people around during his meal, the palace maids who served inside all retreated outside the hall to wait for orders. She and Huo Du were the only two left in the dining hall.

Le Zhi ate slowly, bit by bit enjoying her meal with a serious look.

The person beside him suddenly put down the silver chopstick, “Le Zhi.”

Hearing him speak, Le Zhi hurriedly put down the silver chopsticks and raised her eyes to look at him, “Your Highness, please speak.”

Huo Du smiled softly, “Are you not fond of talking at all, or are you too afraid of me?”

The author has something to say:
Speechless… still want to kill my wife in the fourth chapter.
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