After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 6             Interesting

That was a random question.

Le Zhi shook her head and asked softly, “Can I walk around the Eastern Palace?”

“Yes.” Huo Du said lightly, “Besides me, you are the biggest in the Eastern Palace. Do you understand?”

Le Zhi nodded dumbfoundedly.

“Act a bit like a master. Being bullied by a servant…”

He did not continue saying the second half of the sentence. However, Le Zhi seemed to be able to guess what he did not say from the mockery in his eyes.

Being bullied by a servant is a waste.

Le Zhi pursed her lips and turned around to leave, but Huo Du called out to stop her again. She looked at the bed and saw Huo Du raise his hand to gently pinch Little Lame Huo’s ear next to him. He lifted it up and said it with disgust, “Take it away, too.”

When someone pinched its ears, Little Lame Huo meowed uncomfortably and stretched out two cat claws to scratch Huo Du’s hand. However, the claws were too short and could only flutter twice in the air, unable to touch Huo Du’s fingertips at all.

Seeing this, Le Zhi responded in a hurry, then rescued Little Lame Huo and held it in her arms. Little Lame Huo stuck its round head out of Le Zhi’s arms and continued to meow dissatisfiedly at Huo Du.

Huo Du lazily raised his eyelids and glanced at it… Oh, a stupid cat without conscience.

The country Qi was located in the north which was extremely cold in winter. The burst of white snow came one after another, and it seemed that it never stopped. The snow on the ground was getting more and more.

Le Zhi did not let Li Yao follow her. She wrapped in a thick fox fur, held Little Lame Huo in her arms, and wandered aimlessly in the spacious courtyard. Her cotton-padded boots stepped on the snow, making a rustling sound.

After walking for a long time, Le Zhi’s arms were also sore. She lifted her arms up and muttered softly with a smile, “I couldn’t tell that you are quite heavy.”

Little Lame Huo, who was in her arms, seemed to understand what she was saying, and bumped her palm lightly with its round head.

This huge Eastern Palace was surrounded by palaces, but there were not many palace maids, eunuchs, and guards in the palace.

When Le Zhi was tired, she went into the stone pavilion beside a plum tree to have a rest. But as soon as she sat down, she heard the sound of footsteps coming from a distance accompanied by a low voice discussion.

“What can I do?! Lord An is bleeding all over, and half of his life is gone!”

“What happened? How could His Highness suddenly punish Lord An?”

“It seems to have something to do with the group of maids who offended Taizifei, otherwise why would Lord be punished with them.”

“Keep your voice down! Be careful when talking about this! We’d better find a way to get Lord An some medicine.”

Several red plum trees happened to block the stone pavilion, and the guards did not notice anyone in the stone pavilion. It was not until they got closer that they saw Le Zhi’s figure. They knelt down and saluted in surprise and fear. Their voice was slightly trembling with uncontrollable panic.

Le Zhi sighed that now everyone in the Eastern Palace seemed to regard her as a threatening thing. She asked them to get up and asked, “Is Lord An seriously injured?”

Hearing this, the three guards looked at each other in dismay with a pale faces and did not dare to speak.

Le Zhi did not force them after seeing this and said, “Go get the medicine. If someone asks, just say it’s my idea.”

The guards were slightly stunned, nodded, and thanked happily. Then they quickly left to get the medicine.

In the Eastern Palace, those who had been punished would not be treated unless the master agreed. Now that Taizifei had spoken, it seemed Lord An could be saved!

“Let’s go back too.” Le Zhi lowered her head and then tightened the fox fur on her body, so as not to let the cold wind blow Little Lame Huo.

But not long after she left, she saw Li Yao rushing over.

“Master, His Majesty has returned to the palace.” Li Yao gasped a few breaths, and then said, “His Majesty will hold a palace banquet in Yile Hall tonight and sent a verbal order telling His Highness Taizi to attend with you.”

Le Zhi frowned and nodded. They would always come back sooner or later.

After sending Little Lame Huo back to the warm cat room, Le Zhi returned to the sleeping hall.

Huo Du had not woken up yet. It was just that… only a corner of the quilt was draped over his waist, and he was wearing only thin sleeping clothes.

Le Zhi reached out and touched the back of his hand, and sure enough, there was no trace of warmth.

It was still early for the palace banquet, so Le Zhi thought that he could sleep a little longer and did not even wake him up. She unfolded the quilt and wrapped him all over. Then she went to the bathroom and prepared to change into a grander palace dress.

Huo Du had always been a light sleeper and had woken up when Le Zhi approached the bed. He did not open his eyes until she covered him with the quilt and turned around.

Le Zhi’s thin and slender back was printed on the bottom of his eyes. Huo Du’s face was expressionless, and his heart was full of doubts.

Soon, Le Zhi changed into a bright red palace dress and specially chose a gold-plated hairpin to wear. She dressed up stunningly and dignifiedly. When Huo Du saw her coming out, his black eyes darkened, and quickly turned his head away.

“Your Highness is awake?” Le Zhi approached the bed.

Huo Du hummed lightly.

“His Majesty… Imperial Father set up a palace banquet and announced that we will attend the banquet.” Le Zhi smiled and extended her hand, “I will help His Highness to get up.”

Huo Du was very puzzled looking at her jade-like palm.

Obviously, he deliberately twisted her arm last night and she looked scared to death. How could she dare to approach him again and again? For Huo Xu, was not this too humiliating?

It was a pity not to go to the theater with these performing skills. He suddenly wanted to smash her head to see what was going on in her head. Anyway, it was just merely a thought. It was not pretty for a beauty to have a broken head.

He smiled, but did not refuse, and placed his hand on her palm. Le Zhi handed the white jade cane to him.

“Can I serve His Highness to wash up?”

“No need.” Huo Du simply refused her.

Le Zhi sat on the bed and waited for him. After a while, Huo Du changed into a white gold patterned suit, the most ordinary palace clothing, but it did not look that ordinary on him.

Taoist people relied on clothes, but that was not in this case. For Huo Du, there was a feeling of little dependence on clothes for the person.

Le Zhi got up to approach him, raised her hand to smooth out the slightly wrinkled collar on his body, and said with a natural expression, “I heard that Lord An was seriously injured, so I made a decision myself to ask someone to get him some medicine. Will Your Highness blame me for being meddlesome?”

Hearing this, Huo Du did not answer her, but smiled and said, “Did you like An Xuan?”

The hand on the collar paused, and Le Zhi raised her eyes to look at the pair of peach blossom eyes that were smiling and yet not smiling, but she was not panicked. She hooked her lips and smiled brightly, “It’s not to such extent, at most, it’s the love the house and its crow*.”

(love the house and its crow* – to love a person is to love the people and things related to him/her)

This time, Huo Du’s face genuinely showed a little smile.

If beauty is dangerous, a smart beauty is even more dangerous.
But, so what?

For the first time in his heart, Huo Du thanked his imperial brother for sending such an interesting person to him.

Interesting. This is so fun.

The author has something to say:
An Xuan: ? ? ? ?

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