After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 94          Promise

For a while, Huo Du could not tell whether she was really here, or hallucinations caused by what he was thinking.

But soon, he was certain.

The lighter in his hand was suddenly taken away. Even though her fingertips only touched him a little, Huo Du could still feel the coldness on her fingers.

No warmth, as cold as frost.

Le Zhi clenched the lighter tightly, and her right hand trembled uncontrollably.

The smell of gunpowder, lighter, and the soldiers who were sent to a distance by Huo Du. If she arrived half an hour later, would this throne room along with him…

Her heart ached so much that she could not think about it.

Although the corpse of her most hated enemy lay on the ground not far from her, Le Zhi was not happy at all. The joy of avenging the great hatred could not make up for the piece of heart that was cut out.

Le Zhi raised the lighter forward, stared into Huo Du’s eyes, and asked calmly, “Have you figured it out clearly?”

Huo Du’s heart seemed to be pierced suddenly.

Her face was as pale as paper, and the foxy eyes were red, but she stubbornly held back her tears.

For a long time.

Before Huo Du could answer, Le Zhi suddenly laughed.

“All right.”

Two clear words floated past Huo Du’s ears, and in front of him was her silence and desperate smile. Huo Du felt inexplicably flustered, and he took a step forward to grab Le Zhi’s hand.

But she took a step back as if she knew in advance.

Then, she resolutely started the lighter.

The flame danced in the still air, instantly burning Huo Du’s eyes.

“Le Zhi!”

At the moment she threw the ignited lighter, fear spread to Huo Du’s whole body. He grabbed her hand suddenly, hurriedly took the lighter, and threw it out with force.

It had snowed for half a day outside, and a layer of white snow had already accumulated on the ground.

The lighter fell to the ground, the flame instantly extinguished and cooled down, and soon covered with white snow.

“Didn’t you figure it out clearly?” Le Zhi looked at Huo Du’s anxious scarlet eyes and pressed him, word by word.

Don’t you want to die?
Aren’t you leaving me?

What, are you afraid too?

When the eyes of the two met, the pain of the two fell into the other’s eyes, which was unavoidable.

Le Zhi slowly lowered her eyes and wept, tears falling one by one on the back of Huo Du’s hand. Even though he was holding her so tightly now, she still felt that he would disappear in front of her eyes at any time.

The pain of the day when her country was defeated seemed to have returned.

She was still the one who was left behind. Left behind by relatives, left behind by him.

“Don’t cry.”

Her tears were going to burn his hands and were going to burn a big hole in his heart. Huo Du held up her face helplessly and wiped her tears with his fingers.

However, Le Zhi raised her hand to push him away. Her eyes were misty and blurry, but she could still see those peach blossom eyes through the mist.

“Huo Du, you don’t know anything.”

After saying that, Le Zhi turned around decisively and walked out of the throne room, exposing herself to the boundless snow and ice.

Quiet, so quiet that even the sound of snow falling could be heard.

Le Zhi stepped on the snow, her footsteps were weak, and she walked aimlessly on the palace road. The sounds of the footsteps behind her gradually met with hers, following her rhythm faster and slower.

She knew that he would definitely follow her.

The snow was getting heavier and heavier, just as Le Zhi intended.

When she entered the imperial garden, she was almost out of strength. Seeing the stone bench on the side of the road, Le Zhi walked over and saw a thick layer of snow on top of it.

She smiled and sat down directly on it.

Huo Du was shocked. He hurried forward, took off the cloak on his body, and wrapped her thin body. Then he squatted down in front of her, held her hands, and stared at her bloodless cheeks with agonizing eyes, “Don’t be angry… How about going back to the mansion first?”

Le Zhi raised her hand to caress his face, then shook her head with a smile.

No, that was not what she wanted to hear.

The cold wind was gusty, but Huo Du felt as if his heart was being scorched by fire. He was trapped between the ice and fire and was about to be suffocated.

Huo Du knew that he could bring her back to the house forcefully, but then what? If she was not happy, there were plenty of ways to torment herself.

He conceded. There was nothing he could do about Le Zhi.

Seeing the snow build up on her shoulders and hair, Huo Du had no choice but to get up and brush the snow away for her and then raised his hand to block the snow for her.

Time passed by in a flash. It was a sunny afternoon when Le Zhi entered the palace, but now the sky was getting darker. When An Xuan found these two masters, he almost fainted from fright.

Is this… don’t want their life anymore?

He hurriedly propped up his umbrella and walked to them.

“Go back.” Huo Du refused coldly.

An Xuan frowned, worried in his heart but still raised his legs and left.

Le Zhi raised her eyes to look at the dusky sky, and she did not feel much anymore. She asked in a low, angry voice, “Huo Du, does it hurt?”

“It hurts.”

Huo Du knew what she was asking.

She stabbed him in the heart mercilessly, how could he not hurt?

Le Zhi pursed her lips in satisfaction. Her eyes turned red.

It’s right to be hurtful.

“It hurts so much from when I woke up today until I saw you in the palace.”

So, Huo Du, is it fair?

Hearing this, Huo Du slowly closed his eyes and mulled over her words again and again. This was the first time that she had been so honest in front of him.

It turned out that without him, she would be so hurtful.

Huo Du opened his eyes and looked at the top of Le Zhi’s hair, with the corners of his eyes red. His chest seemed to be filled with something. He suddenly carried her up, supported her weak body, and stared straight into her eyes.

“You never told me these…”

In the past, he did not understand love, nor did he believe in love. How could someone like him fall in love with someone?

Until he met her. As if the bright moon fell into his dream.

Even if there was an insurmountable hatred between them, he did not want to let go. The only desire in this life, how could he be so easy to let go of?

Besides, he could also feel her heart gradually getting closer to him.

However, she never said it, not even once.

No matter how well she pretended to be, Huo Du had to admit that he cared, and cared terribly. The greed for her was as much as he loved her.

The feeling was not enough, he just wanted to hear what she had to say.

From the desire to paranoia.

Le Zhi saw the love and hurt in his eyes, the tip of her nose suddenly became sour, and the tears streamed down uncontrollably. It turned out that was all he wanted.

Simple as that.

She slowly stretched out her arms, wrapped her arms around his neck, and brought her cold lips to his ear.

“Le Zhi likes Huo Du, I like you very much…” Her tears fell into Huo Du’s neck as if the tears were never-ending. “I like you so much that I don’t know what to do.”

When she realized that she loved him, she once resisted it, rejected it, and even tried every means to strip, hide or ignore this love.

However, it was impossible in the end.

Knowing that she could not, knowing that she should not, she still fell deeply for him.

It was not until today that she suddenly realized. Not knowing when that Huo Du had already become a part of her heart, without him, her heart would not be complete.

Could one live without a complete heart?

Le Zhi thought, probably not.

The arms around her waist became tighter and tighter. Although Huo Du did not speak, Le Zhi could feel the trembling on his body. And the warmth he left on the side of her neck.

“Huo Du, are you afraid?” Le Zhi whimpered and asked him, “If you die today and watch me freeze here alone, but you can’t hug me, will you regret it? If I freeze to death…”

“Shut up.” Huo Du’s voice was hoarse, frowning to prevent her from cursing herself bluntly.

However, he did not need to stop her anymore, Le Zhi’s body could no longer stand the cold, and before he finished speaking, she leaned on his shoulder and fainted.

Huo Du returned to the Eastern Palace with Le Zhi in his arms.

Le Zhi had a high fever at night.

Pots of hot water were sent into the bedroom, and Huo Du wiped her body over and over again, but her forehead was still hot, and her eyelashes were trembling. He just sat at the bedside, guarding her.

In the middle of the night, when everything was silent, the person on the bed suddenly started to cry.

“Woo, woo…”

Sweat dripped from Le Zhi’s forehead, and tears flowed from the corner of her eyes. She seemed to have fallen into a terrifying nightmare, her eyebrows tightened, and she kept mumbling.

“Be good.” Huo Du wiped her tears with a warm handkerchief. Although he knew she could not hear him, he still comforted her softly, “Don’t cry.”

Suddenly, the sleeping person raised her hand and grabbed his wrist tightly, “Don’t go, don’t go…”

Huo Du had seen her cry before when she had a nightmare at the hot spring villa.

Are you dreaming about your dead loved ones again?

However, the next moment…

“Huo Du…”

Huo Du’s heart skipped a beat, and he was stunned.

It was not until his hand was clenched tighter and tighter that did he gradually return to his senses.

“Huo Du.” She held his hand to her heart and continued to murmur his name.

Huo Du leaned over immediately and answered her softly, “I’m here.”

Then, he heard her choked with emotion and asked cautiously, “Don’t go, all right?”

The black eyes became redder and darker.

He kissed her eyes and said, “Sure.”

Then, he closed his eyes and lay down beside Le Zhi.

Accompanied by her whimpering and muttering, he cursed himself over and over again in his heart.

Huo Du, Huo Du.
You are a total as*hole.

When Le Zhi woke up muddle-headed, she rubbed her aching head, not knowing where she was for a moment. Fortunately, a familiar cool fragrance always lingered by her side, which made her feel a lot at ease.

“You’re awake?”

She turned her head and saw Huo Du looking at her with burning eyes. She wanted to answer him, but her throat was so dry that she could not make a sound, so she nodded.

Huo Du seemed to see her discomfort, turned around and took the teacup by the bedside, and fed warm water to her lips.

The warm water comforted her dry throat, making Le Zhi a lot more comfortable, and also pulling most of her thoughts.

She raised her eyes and looked at Huo Du in a daze. There seemed to be a thousand words to say to him, but for a while, she did not know where to start.

“Le Zhi.” Huo Du stared into her eyes and asked, “Are you clear-headed now?”

Le Zhi was puzzled, but still “en” softly.

“Great, then listen carefully.” He pressed his forehead against her forehead. With the eyes looking at each other, he said earnestly, “I make a promise to you. From today on, I will not get sick, I will not be injured, and I will never have the idea of leaving you again.”

From now on, I gave my life to you.

The author has something to say:
Du: I dare not, I dare not.

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