After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 93          Same Ending

“Is it cold?”

Le Zhi shook her head silently and turned around in his arms after a moment, slowly hugging him again. She stared at his eyes and said softly, “Close your eyes.”

Huo Du looked at her quietly and then closed his eyes as she said.

Moonlight shone on the two overlapping figures.

Le Zhi loosened him, held his face instead, and kissed him slowly but firmly. For the first time, she let herself go and kissed him wholeheartedly.

Between the entangled lips and tongues, it was impossible to tell whose breath wrapped who.

They were like two little animals snuggling together on a snowy day. If they were not entangled with each other, they might not be able to survive the harsh winter.

No one knew how long it took until the two people’s breath was unstable, and they finally let go of each other. Le Zhi buried her face in his neck, feeling his temperature at the moment.

No matter what happened tomorrow, she could only hold on to this moment.

Therefore, this moment was the most important.

“Shall we go to the conservatory to see the stars?”

Huo Du carried her up and “en” softly.

In the conservatory, the four seasons were like spring.

The two hugged each other and leaned on the soft pillow. Huo Du pulled the fleece blanket and put it on Le Zhi.

Looking at the bright stars through the glass, Le Zhi sighed softly, “Tomorrow must be a good day.”

Huo Du did not answer, just rubbed her head, and said, “Go to sleep.”

But Le Zhi turned her head and stared at his side face in a daze, unwilling to look away, let alone sleep.

Tonight may be the last time.
The last hug, the last kiss, the last time we slept together.

Clearly thinking of not sleeping, a burst of warm fragrance swept across, and Le Zhi’s eyelids closed uncontrollably, gradually losing consciousness and falling into a deep sleep.

Huo Du hugged Le Zhi’s shoulders and gently let her lie down on the soft pillow, then he put his hand on her wrist to check her pulse.

Weak and depressed in her heart.

As his eyes darkened, Huo Du raised his hand to caress her soft cheeks. His strength was very light as if he was caressing a treasure carefully.

After a long time, he leaned down and touched her forehead.

“Am I making things difficult for you?” he asked the sleeping person in a low voice.

These days, how could he not know that Le Zhi was struggling painfully between the hatred for the enemy country and him? What she did not know was that the path they took from beginning to end had the same ending. The only difference was that there was no way back for him.

This was the ending that Huo Du had paved for himself from the beginning.

Huo Du had no nostalgia for the world. But why did she appear? She made him addicted and unable to extricate himself and made him start to have nostalgia for life.

Where there was nostalgia, there was expectation.

He was expecting Le Zhi to ask him. In that way, he could naturally give himself a chance, a chance to continue to accompany her to watch the moon.

Sadly, she did not.

“Forget it, I won’t force you.” Huo Du smiled and lay down beside her, holding her hand, looking at the dazzling stars, and suddenly warned softly, “If you dare to bring another man here in the future, I will…”

He paused and turned his head to stare at her peaceful sleeping face, with an inescapable tenderness in his eyes.

“If you want, just bring him.” He approached her ear as if to bless and say goodbye, “As long as my little fox can be happy.”

Le Zhi had a long, long dream.

Only this time, the wailing, questioning, and accusations were no longer in the dream. The dream was very peaceful, only she and Huo Du.

Huo Du took her to see the world, and she was very happy. But suddenly, he let go of her hand and said, “Le Zhi, that’s all for now.”

That’s all for now?

She was puzzled and anxious, “Where… Where are you going?”

Hearing this, Huo Du just smiled and patted her head, then turned around resolutely and left…

Le Zhi panicked immediately and hurried to catch up, but Huo Du’s figure was getting farther and farther away. She tried her best to catch up but could only watch him disappear into the mist.

“Huo Du!”

Le Zhi had a sharp pain in her heart and suddenly sat up from the soft bed calling his name. After sitting for a while, she pulled her thoughts back from the nightmare. Ignoring the tears on her face, she turned her head to her side and found that it was empty.

The warmth of the warm room gradually dissipated, and she touched the cotton mattress beside her with her palm, which had long lost the trace of warmth.

For a moment, her heart seemed to fall into an ice cellar.

The warm sun outside filtered through the windowsill, and it looked as if it was almost noon.

How could she sleep so deeply?

Deep sleep and nightmares, all made Le Zhi’s heart more and more afraid. She suddenly regretted, why did she not ask him yesterday?

What exactly is he going to do?

Thinking of this, she hurried off the bed and ran to the first floor. After Le Zhi opened the door, An Xuan, who was outside, was obviously surprised when he saw her.

According to His Highness, the princess should not wake up until sunset. But now it was not even noon, how could she wake up?

“An Xuan, where is he?”

“His Highness… has entered the palace.”

“Take me into the palace!” Le Zhi’s eyes were red, and her voice was hoarse, “Hurry up!”

An Xuan was a little awkward, “But His Highness has ordered, you can’t…”

“Something bad is going to happen to him.”

Le Zhi covered her heart, her voice trembling in pain. She finally understood the meaning of husband and wife being of one mind. It turned out that one person could really perceive what the other person was about to encounter.

To this day, she had long been unable to escape.

Le Zhi was not just the princess of the country Li. Also, his wife.

This was the first time that An Xuan saw Le Zhi in such a flustered state. He carefully recalled His Highness’s demeanor before entering the palace in the morning, and the words that were instructed to him, which were indeed a bit abnormal.

When he thought about it at this time, it did have the meaning of leaving a will.

“Don’t worry, this subordinate will take you there!”

“By the grace of Heaven, the Emperor decreed that Huo Xu, the third prince, has an excellent qualification. Now he is awarded this imperial edict. He will be established as the crown prince and will reside in the Eastern Palace. Accept this.”

Huo Xu knelt in the main hall, listening to the coveted conferment of the imperial edict, and his whole person was a little elated. The heart was overflowing with joy as the position of the taizi and Zhizhi were about to be his!

“Thank you!” He raised his hands high to take the imperial edict.

But when the hand was about to touch the imperial edict, a force sucked the edict backward, followed by a mocking laugh to his ears.

Both the civil and military courtiers and Huo Xu looked back, only to see Huo Du walking leisurely while looking at the imperial edict. When he walked to Huo Xu’s side, Huo Du glanced at him and threw the edict at him.

Everyone was so shocked that they were speechless, including Huo Xu.

One was because of Huo Du’s boldness and arrogant behavior, and the other was because of his legs which were no different from an ordinary person. Where could one see that he was disabled?

What was going on?

Only Huo Changyun’s expression did not change, as if everything was within his expectations. He looked at Huo Du with a smile and asked, “Du’er, how many soldiers did you bring today? Are you sure?”

Huo Du laughed and replied slowly, “Rather than asking me, Imperial Father should come down and have a look.”

Hearing this, Huo Changyun nodded, really got up from the high seat, walked down the throne room, and walked outside the hall.

Outside the throne room, the original imperial guards were completely under control, and the entire palace was surrounded by Huo Du’s troops. Huo Changyun looked at all this with satisfaction, and counted them in detail, “Soldiers from country Ning, soldiers from country Jiang, and Shengyang’s old tribes… Very good, very good!”

If Huo Du could unite the country Ning and country Jiang in the future to first swallow the weak country Wu, then take the Moqiang and Yizhen tribes, and finally defeated country Ning and country Jiang. Then, the Great Qi would be able to dominate the world!

The path Huo Du was taking now was the best path he had ever imagined.

Huo Changyun could finally feel at ease.

“Someone, declare the imperial edict.”

The eunuch declaring the decree calmly took out the real imperial edict and declared word by word.

“By the grace of Heaven, the Emperor decreed that Huo Du, the former Taizi is now reinstated the position as Taizi and acting as the monarch of the country. Accept this!”

Huo Du did not even kneel, only took the imperial edict with one hand. Huo Changyun did not reprimand him but instead showed a gratified smile.

From the beginning to the end, what he wanted was a son who could fulfill his wish for him.

Only those who were capable could be in this position. Today, he finally waited for such a person.

All the courtiers looked at all of this in disbelief, thinking that the former Taizi had launched a palace rebellion, but now this looked like… His Majesty’s test? What about Third Prince?

Huo Xu was dizzy all over.

Is there a mistake? What is Imperial Father saying?

He opened the imperial edict in his arms with shaking hands and read every word carefully, which was no different from what was just read. Just… there was no jade seal on this imperial edict!

It turn out this was a scam!

His imperial father, the Emperor, made him the last stepping stone for Huo Du to ascend the throne.


Huo Xu threw the imperial edict hard at Huo Changyun, he almost collapsed and shouted, “Why! Am I not your son?”

“For the sake of Great Qi and for you, I broke my promise and massacre the country Li in exchange for this fake conferment imperial edict?” Huo Xu’s eyes were about to bleed, “Imperial Father, you are not being fair!”

“No, Xu’er. I gave you a chance.” Huo Changyun looked at the hysterical man on the ground and said calmly.

“Up to now, you still lie to me!”

Huo Du had no interest in this kind of confrontation between father and son. He threw the imperial edict in his hand to Huo Xu, “Since you like being a taizi so much, then I’ll give it to you.”

“Huo Du!” Huo Changyun finally got angry, “Don’t be too presumptuous!”

Huo Du waved his hand and asked someone to drag Huo Xu out first.

“Three, two, one.”

At the end of the speech, all the ministers in the throne room collapsed to the ground and lost consciousness.

At this time, Huo Changyun started to be a little panicked, “What are you going to do? The position of the taizi and even the imperial throne of the emperor has been given to you. What else do you want to play?”

“Tsk.” Huo Du smiled casually, “Isn’t Imperial Father well aware of everything? Can’t you figure out what this son wants to do?”

“Can it be that you still want to kill the emperor, your father?”

Huo Du stopped smiling. He looked at the person in front of him with a heart as cold as ice. Why was he the son of such a person?

In an instant, he returned to normal.

“Imperial Father, don’t worry, I won’t kill you.” Huo Du lowered his voice and said to him, “I just want to give away this Great Qi.”

Huo Du knew best what Huo Changyun cared about the most.

It was to unify the world and let the flag of Great Qi be planted in every corner of the world.

Ruined his dreams.
Was worse than killing him.

“Are you mad at me? Because of your imperial mother, because of Xiao Xiao?”

“What qualifications do you have to mention Xiao Xiao?” Huo Du’s eyes darkened, his hands clenched into fists, “I’m not angry at you. Didn’t you wipe out Great Li? Then I’ll compensate them the entire world.”

Huo Changyun’s heart was stifled, and his body swayed. Sure enough, it was for that woman.

“You’re crazy!” he said angrily.

“Imperial Father only just knew I was crazy?”

“When you rule the world, what woman you can’t have? Do you want to give away the great country for that woman?”

Huo Changyun suddenly felt a little regret.

If he knew that Huo Du would be trapped by a woman, he might as well give the country to Huo Xu. Although he could not unify the world, at least he would not hand over his own country to others, right?

Unfortunately, it was too late. He took two steps back and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Huo Du turned his head, too lazy to talk to him anymore.

At this time, the soldier of the country Jiang who was closest to them saw the opportunity and was about to fulfill the favor owed by his master to others by killing the emperor of the country Qi for her. The fingers under the sleeves held the hidden weapon tightly and were about to attack next.

Suddenly, a person who looked like a eunuch rushed out with a dagger, and the tip of the knife stabbed straight at Huo Changyun.

Under the palace cap was the face of the Empress!

Lin Wanning was restless today, fearing that something would happen, so she pretended to be a eunuch and stood outside the throne room, listening to the movement inside. Who would have thought that Huo Changyun was really so heartless?

Xu’er… What does he take Xu’er for?

Since he was heartless, did not blame her for being unjust! Anyway, they had no chance anymore.

When the tip of the knife hit, Huo Changyun avoided it, and only managed cut a corner of the imperial robe. He clenched the person’s wrist tightly and smelled a familiar scent. He took a closer look and was a little stunned, “Empress?”

“Huo Changyun, you are a heartless bastard!”

Even though her wrist was held back, Lin Wanning still tried her best to continue stabbing him.

Huo Du watched all this coldly from the sidelines, he did not make a move, nor did he let anyone step forward to drag Lin Wanning away. He just wanted to see whether his imperial father had ever had feelings for anyone in his life.

Finally, Huo Changyun was enraged, he grabbed Lin Wanning’s wrist and snatched the dagger from her hand. Unexpectedly, Lin Wanning suddenly pounced forward and sent her heart to the tip of the knife. The flesh was pierced instantly, and blood splattered!

At the same time, Huo Changyun also spat out a mouthful of blood!

“Hahaha!” Lin Wanning fell to the ground, laughing crazily, “Tongxin Gu, I have planted this poison on Your Majesty long ago. You have to live and die together with me. Hahaha!”

Soon, Lin Wanning stopped breathing.

And Huo Changyun fell to the ground, using his last breath to grab Huo Du’s pants.

“Du’er, don’t be angry… I leave Great Qi to you.”

Huo Du squatted down, looked at the man who was dying, and closed his eyes expressionlessly. Even when he died, he did not feel that he did wrong.

How ridiculous, how sad!

“Someone, bring these courtiers back to their respective mansions.”

After a while, only he and two corpses were left in the huge throne room. The thick smell of blood mixed with the faint smell of gunpowder permeated the air.

Huo Du finally glanced at the people on the ground. If there was a next life, he should not have any relationship with these people anymore.

Then he slowly walked to the door, looking at the bright warm sun outside, as if thinking of something, he curved his lips and smiled. Then he took out the lighter from his sleeve. This place would be reduced to ashes in no time.

All the filth would be taken away by him for her.

The Great Qi would be handed over to Le Yu.

Huo Du had made arrangements for the civil courtiers and military generals to assist her. His little fox was so smart that it must not be difficult for her.

This was Huo Du’s gift to Le Zhi.

From then on, her world would be clean and bright.

He raised his hand to the lighter and was about to start it.

“Huo Du! Come out for me!”

The familiar voice was extremely sharp and hoarse, with a fit of unprecedented anger and a faint sobbing tone.

The author has something to say:

Oh no, someone’s leg is going to be broken!

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