TIGR Chapter 22

The Imperial Guard’s Revenge

Chapter 22 Helping

Lu Heng stood in the main room, asking in detail about the prison situation. The more he asked, the darker his face became. From behind a curtain, Wang Yanqing also roughly listened.

Baoding was not the capital, after all, the guards were not as strict as in the Imperial Prison at the capital. Liang Wen Shi was a womenfolk, and she was once a second wife of an Imperial Guard Thousand Households, so she was detained in a special area. After nightfall, Liang Wen Shi used jewelry to bribe the old jailer and requested him to go out and drink. While she was unguarded, she hung herself with her belt. By the time the patrol found out, she had already taken her dying breath.

Beside her, there was a wrinkled piece of clothing, on which was the confession she wrote with the blood of her fingers. In her confession, she confessed to killing Liang Rong and framing Liang Fu, claiming that she did everything, and Liang Bin was only there because of her prompting at the love between mother and son.

When the old jailer found that Liang Wen Shi had committed suicide, he hurriedly came out and reported the news, which alerted the others in the prison. Liang Bin wailed when he heard of Liang Wen Shi’s death, and then without knowing, he bit himself nearly to death, pushing all the guilt on Liang Wen Shi’s body.

When Lu Heng heard up to this point, the light in his eyes was already bottomless, he waved his hand and first motioned for the Imperial Guard to step back. He then turned and walked towards Wang Yanqing: “Qing Qing, you go to sleep first, and I’ll go to the prison to have a look.”

Wang Yanqing’s face was full of worry, and she stepped down the pedestal quickly and greeted Lu Heng: “Second Brother, based on what I know of Liang Wen Shi, she is definitely not someone who would commit suicide to escape punishment. She killed herself suddenly. She must have another purpose. I am guessing that she probably felt she could not escape death, so she hung herself in prison to protect the real murderer. In this way, I am afraid that Liang Bin is the real murderer of Liang Rong.”

Lu Heng thought so too. He took Liang Wen Shi and Liang Bin into custody together, but he was more inclined toward Liang Bin in his heart. Liang Rong died of suffocation. Liang Wen Shi could theoretically commit the crime, but due to the natural physical gap between men and women, Liang Bin was more likely to suffocate Liang Rong. Therefore, when Lu Heng sent people to interrogate them, most rushed to Liang Bin. Unexpectedly, he didn’t pay attention, and Liang Wen Shi took advantage of the gap.

Liang Wen Shi and Liang Bin are both from an Imperial Guard family. They have been exposed to this world for many years and have a decent understanding of prison. Regardless of whether Liang Wen Shi was the murderer of Liang Rong or not, she had already plotted the murder of her stepson and framed her stepdaughter. Even if she was released back to the Liang family, the Liang clan elders would force her to kill herself. Since was the same ending, why not fight to at least keep her son.

Liang Bin reacted quickly after hearing that Liang Wen Shi hung herself and pushed all the charges on Liang Wen Shi. Now there is no evidence and coupled with Liang Wen Shi’s confession, Liang Wen Shi can only be convicted as the murderer of Liang Rong.

However, this just proves that the murderer was not Liang Wen Shi. The only way to overturn this case is if the real murderer confessed.

However, Liang Bin couldn’t confess. If he did, he would die. If he refused to open his mouth, he would just be an accomplice and that could save his reputation. If the case is settled by means of Liang Wen Shi, Chen Yin will definitely make a fuss when it is sent back to Beijing for review. At that time, it will be Lu Heng who is unlucky.

This forms an endless cycle. It’s not easy to get a murderer who can already get away with murder to confess. Wang Yanqing frowned and asked: “Second Brother, what are you going to do?”

Lu Heng let out a faint sigh and said: “I thought they would confess if I scared them when they were locked up, but I didn’t expect that I would underestimate them. After all, the manpower of the Baoding Prefecture could not be compared with that of the capital. If this was in South Fusi, there would never be an oversight that resulted in the suspect committing suicide and the news reaching the ears of the accomplice. Well, I’ll go to the trial myself.”

Wang Yanqing glanced at the sky with a solemn expression. It was already so late at night, and Lu Heng didn’t sleep much last night. If he went to the prison tonight for interrogation, he would hurt his body. Wang Yanqing was silent for a moment, then suddenly said: “Second Brother, I might be able to help you.”

Lu Heng stopped moving, turned around, and looked at Wang Yanqing for a long time. Wang Yanqing was flustered by such eyes. She shook her long slender fingers, smiled at Lu Heng, and said: “Second Brother, I’m just talking casually. I don’t want to tell you what to do. If you are not happy…”

“How could that be.” Lu Heng took Wang Yanqing’s nervously clenched hand, still looking at Wang Yanqing deeply. There seemed to be something hidden in his gaze that Wang Yanqing couldn’t understand: “I am already moved that you are willing to help me. I’m afraid you’ll be unhappy, a place like a prison is dark and unpleasant. You are a girl, and you definitely won’t like to be near it…”

Wang Yanqing breathed a sigh of relief, Second Brother was not mad at her. Wang Yanqing said quickly: “It’s okay, I don’t care. People who practice martial arts do not shy away from life and death. As long as I can help my Second Brother, I am willing to do anything.”

The tip of Lu Heng’s eyebrows moved, and he was clearly smiling, but his eyes made Wang Yanqing feel uneasy: “Really?”

Wang Yanqing instinctively felt that Second Brother was unhappy, but she didn’t understand why, so she nodded subconsciously: “Really.”

“Okay.” Lu Heng clenched Wang Yanqing’s hand, but instead of going out, he pulled her into the main room, “However, you are still on your period, so you should keep warm. It’s too rainy in the dungeon, you can’t wear this dress, you have to change to a thicker one.”

Wang Yanqing blushed when she heard Lu Heng mention her matters in such a natural tone: “Second Brother!”

Lu Heng turned his head and looked at her sincerely: “What’s the matter?”

Wang Yanqing blushed with embarrassment, her eyes were shy and she hesitated, unable to say anything. Lu Heng smiled, pulled Wang Yanqing over, and said: “This is a very normal thing, it means that Qing Qing has grown up, so there is no need to hide it. You change your clothes here first, and I’ll go find a pair of thick-soled shoes for you.”

Since Lu Heng made up his mind to stay in Baoding Mansion for a few more days, he sent someone to buy new clothes for Wang Yanqing. He put the specially made thermal jacket and skirt in Wang Yanqing’s hands. Before he left, he saw Wang Yanqing’s blushing face and felt mischievous. He deliberately asked: “Can Qing Qing change her clothes by herself or do you need Second Brother’s help?”

No matter how slow Wang Yanqing was, she realized that Lu Heng was doing it on purpose. She raised her head, glared at Lu Heng angrily, turned around, and took her clothes: “This is my business, nothing for the commander to worry about.”

Wang Yanqing turned her back, no longer calling him Second Brother, but Commander. Lu Heng knew that Wang Yanqing was angry, but the smile on his lips faded.

Although she lost her memory, he could still see her original character. She was quite rigid in her life and didn’t like to joke. She was so annoyed just being teased. What will happen in the future when she finds out that he has been lying to her?

Wang Yanqing noticed that Lu Heng hadn’t left for a long time, and couldn’t help but turn her head. She looked at him with a vigilant and suspicious look. A woman had to change her clothes and he still didn’t leave. Such behavior was no different from being a lecher. Lu Heng immediately gathered himself, smiled at Wang Yanqing, and went out happily.

Wang Yanqing closed the door, pulled the screen, and started to change after making sure there was no one around. As soon as she put on a new petticoat, she noticed something was different. This petticoat was specially modified with fine fluff stitched near the abdomen, and something like a small heater tied to her waist and abdomen providing a steady flow of heat. Moreover, the back of the waist was also modified with more volume, abandoning all functions such as beauty, lightness, and thinness. The only purpose was to keep her warm.

Wang Yanqing changed her clothes, and after she heard walking outside the house, a knock on the door sounded: “Qing Qing?”

Wang Yanqing quickly walked to open the door. Lu Heng stood outside, his eyes swept over her, and he smiled softly: “Sure enough, our Qing Qing is beautiful and looks good in anything she wears.”

There were still people behind Lu Heng. Wang Yanqing and the other parties froze when they heard Lu Heng’s words. The people in the government office quickly lowered their heads. Wang Yanqing quickly glanced behind him, and gave Lu Heng a meaningful look: “Second Brother, there are still people.”

“What is there to be afraid of.” Lu Heng walked into the room, motioned for the servant to put the tray down, and then pulled Wang Yanqing to sit down: “In such a short time, moccasin boots cannot be found in Baoding, and I could only find a pair of rabbit pelt ones. Try and see if it fits.”

Lu Heng leaned against the couch and placed one hand on Wang Yanqing’s shoulder, his posture was natural and casual. Wang Yanqing thought to herself that the two of them had grown up together. They had probably done much of this kind of thing before, and it shouldn’t be a big deal to change her shoes in person. Wang Yanqing was no longer shy. She picked up a rabbit pelt boot, put it on, tried it, and found that it fit.

Lu Heng stood next to her and saw Wang Yanqing take off her soft shoes, revealing the slender feet that a woman should only show to her husband. Even through the Luowa, it could be seen that her feet were fine and exquisite, and like her body, she was slim. When she put on the shoes, she exerted force on her feet and stretched out a very beautiful calf line. It could be seen from her calf that her whole leg was soft, long, and straight.

|| Luowa (罗袜) refers to socks made of silk. They look sooo cute 🙂

Lu Heng’s eyes were reaping the benefits, and his mood even seemed to have improved. Sure enough, when he went to court, he always felt that he was getting old fast, as he often looked at those ugly faces. It’s been two days since he came out with Qingqing and his mentality has already become a lot younger.

Wang Yanqing put on the two boots. The outside of the boots was light gray rabbit skin, which reached the center of her calf. The inside was soft rabbit fleece, and the edge was decorated with a circle of fluffy white rabbit fur. Wang Yanqing got dressed, stood up and turned around for half a circle, and asked: “Second Brother, how is it?”

Lu Heng nodded with a smile: “It looks good.”

Wang Yanqing took two steps and thought it wasn’t bad. Lu Heng brought her a cloak, and Wang Yanqing stretched out her arms obediently to put on the cloak. Lu Heng lowered his head to buckle her neckline. Wang Yanqing stared at Lu Heng’s face, and suddenly let out a snort, and asked: “Second Brother, have I gotten taller?”

She felt that she hadn’t looked at Lu Heng from this angle before. Lu Heng raised his eyes and glanced at her with a smile. He pulled the fabric around the buttons, and stood up slowly: “What about now?”

“Oh.” Wang Yanqing replied without speaking, “I don’t seem to be much taller.”

The soles of these boots were specially thickened, and Wang Yanqing was a bit taller after putting them on, but she was still much shorter than Lu Heng’s height. Wang Yanqing changed into fluffy clothes. Even if she was born with a slender body, she was a bit rounded after being wrapped like this. Wang Yanqing pinched the clothes around her waist and complained in a low voice: “I look so fat.”

Lu Heng took the heater, put it in her hand, and glanced at her slowly: “What fat. Is it more important to look good or to be warm?” ”

Lu Heng was fierce, and Wang Yanqing didn’t dare to speak anymore. Lu Heng let her hold the heater and they walked outside the house together.

As soon as he exited, cold wind poured in, and Wang Yanqing was staggered by the wind. Lu Heng promptly stood in front, blocking the howling night wind, and pulled her forward. Wang Yanqing felt the cozy warm heat inside her body and found that Second Brother was right. Warmth was much more important than looking good.

With Lu Heng taking the lead, no one questioned them at all along the way. On the way, Lu Heng roughly gave Wang Yanqing a run down about Liang Bin’s information, Wang Yanqing took note of them one by one and asked: “Second Brother, what do I need to pay attention to?”

“You don’t need to pay attention to anything. You are different from ordinary people, the Imperial Guards’ torture skills are useless to you. Just interrogate according to your own intuition.” Lu Heng spoke unenthusiastically, “The old jailer of Baoding Mansion has made a careless omission, and Liang Bin already knows the bottom line.” No matter how bad it is, it can’t be worse than it is now. I will accompany you in, so you can do it without worrying about messing up the case.”

Wang Yanqing nodded, and after hearing that Lu Heng would also be there, her heart somewhat settled down. When the people in the cell saw Lu Heng bringing a woman over, their faces were shocked and suspicious. Lu Heng glanced at them quietly, and his tone was not angry: “Open the door.”

The old jailer saluted and quickly opened the door. After entering the dungeon, the temperature became cold, and the air was filled with a damp smell that had not seen the sun all year round, she didn’t know if it was blood or water. Wang Yanqing didn’t think about the source of the smell and followed Lu Heng to the cell where Liang Bin was being held.

The Baoding Prefecture was different from the capital. There were not many people in the prison. Liang Bin’s family was of the Imperial Guards and he was suspected of murder. So, he was the most important prisoner in Baoding Mansion at the moment. There were many people in front of his cell, and because Commander Lu didn’t explain what was happening, these people didn’t dare to act rashly. When they heard the jailer’s report that Master Lu was coming, everyone rushed to welcome him and greeted: “Commander Lu, the torture instruments are ready, which one would you like next?”

Wang Yanqing followed behind Lu Heng, and her teeth throbbed when she heard this. She had long known that the Imperial Guards were rampant and stubborn, regarded as lawless, and were best at torture to extract confessions. However, she felt a completely different sense of shock from when she heard about it and when she saw it in real life.

Lu Heng seemed to be very used to it. He said earlier that the Imperial Guards’ torture skills were not suitable for Wang Yanqing. It was not that he casually made the statement to make the beauty happy, it was true. The Imperial Guards’ interrogation skills could be summed up in one word – hit. Doing so solves nine-tenths of the troubles, but there were also a small number of cases where no matter how you hit, it will not work.

Liang Bin’s case was one of the remaining tenth.

Lu Heng did not speak, but turned around and looked at Wang Yanqing quietly. His gaze was calm, deep, and full of silent trust. Wang Yanqing was encouraged and said: “I can’t hit him.”

Everyone had been tacitly ignoring the woman behind the commander. Unexpectedly, this woman did not get out of the way and even took the initiative to speak. Several Imperial Guard Hundred Households and military officers looked at each other, and looked at Wang Yanqing unhappily: “Why?”

Lu Heng didn’t speak, but he stood beside Wang Yanqing, her invisible source of strength. Wang Yanqing was not frightened by the eyes of these people and said: “I have my own arrangements. Remove all the instruments of torture, and don’t surround us with too many people. I will see Liang Bin alone.”

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