TIGR Chapter 21

The Imperial Guard’s Revenge

Chapter 21 Replacement

Sleeping can relieve fatigue, but this sleep was very tiring for Wang Yanqing. When she woke up, the four bed curtains were closed and it was silent. The wind was blowing outside the window, and it was impossible to tell what time it was.

Wang Yanqing clearly remembered falling asleep on the couch after taking her medicine, but she didn’t know when she ran to the bed. The quilt was tucked tightly in all four corners, and there was still a warm bottle of water on the soles of her feet. She didn’t know if it was because of the warmth or the effect of the medicine, but Wang Yanqing felt that her abdomen didn’t hurt as much. There was a thin layer of sweat on her body, and her limbs were as soft and weak as lead. She rolled over, clutched her lower abdomen, and sat up slowly.

She thought that there was no one in the room, so she didn’t deliberately restrain her movements. Unexpectedly, as soon as she sat up, footsteps sounded outside the bed tent. Wang Yanqing was taken back. At this time, the agar wood-colored bedspread was pulled open from the outside, the candle in the corner flickered, and a shadow cast condescendingly on Wang Yanqing.

She didn’t know if it was because she just woke up and her mind couldn’t react, but Wang Yanqing instinctively took a defensive stance as they looked at each other vigilantly. He stood in front of the tent, his tall figure cast with an overwhelming attitude, strong and aggressive.

Lu Heng glanced at Wang Yanqing’s tensed arm, smiled, and said: “Why, after a night of sleep, you don’t recognize your Second Brother?”

Wang Yanqing seemed to remember at this time. Yes, this is Second Brother, what was she nervous about? She raised her hand and tapped her forehead, wondering what passed through her mind every day.

While Wang Yanqing blamed herself, she hurriedly said: “Second Brother, why is it you?”

Lu Heng didn’t seem to care about the estrangement just now. He raised the bed net and sat down in front of the bed naturally, not feeling that as grown brother and sister they were too close to each other. He took Wang Yanqing’s hand, tested the temperature on her forehead, and said with relief: “It’s much better than in the daytime. You’ve been sleeping for a long time, and you’re still willing to give yourself medicine.”

Lu Heng’s eyes locked on her heavily and his tone seemed to carry a smile that was not like a smile, while his eyes were extremely aggressive. Since Wang Yanqing had lost her memory, Second Brother had smiled gently and asked for anything to help. This was the first time she had seen Lu Heng look at her in this way. Wang Yanqing lowered her head like a child who made a mistake and said in a low voice: “I can’t help it either.”

She obediently admitted her mistake, but felt something strange and out of sorts in her heart. It seemed that she was used to doing this kind of thing. Second Brother didn’t care about it before, so why make a fuss today? Wang Yanqing was good at detecting lies, but she was not very good at lying. Lu Heng could see at a glance that she did not think the problem was serious. The angrier Lu Heng was, the calmer he became. He didn’t make a sound, and stretched out his hand under the quilt, seeking: “Does it still hurt?” ”

Wang Yanqing was startled and quickly grabbed Lu Heng’s hand. Lu Heng raised his head and was still able to look at her with calm and innocent eyes. Wang Yanqing bit her lip, embarrassed and helpless: “Second Brother, what are you doing?”

After taking her medicine in the morning, she went directly to sleep without changing into her bedclothes. She was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. But even so, she was lying under the quilt now. How could Lu Heng lift the quilt and touch her waist?

Lu Heng’s two eyes were extremely clear. He looked at Wang Yanqing as he should and said: “What are you avoiding with your Second Brother? We used to do this a lot.”

Under this look, Wang Yanqing felt that she was making a fuss. She frowned and asked suspiciously: “Really?”

Lu Heng nodded: “Of course it’s true. You forgot, when we were young, we studied and practiced martial arts together. At noon we stayed in my father’s courtyard for dinner. If we had time after dinner, we would rest in one place. When you were ten years old, you slept in the same bed as me.”

After Lu Heng said this, Wang Yanqing faintly felt that there was indeed such a thing. Her shoulders relaxed, but she was still embarrassed to let Second Brother touch her lower abdomen: “But after all, we were still young at that time. Now we are all grown up.”

Fu Tingzhou and Wang Yanqing were only three years apart. When Wang Yanqing was ten, Fu Tingzhou was thirteen, and he was still half a child. Fu Yue had been in the army all his life, and he had been through thick and thin. In Fu Yue’s eyes, there was no difference between the two children and after lunch, he let Fu Tingzhou and Wang Yanqing directly rest together. However, there was a five-year difference between Lu Heng and Wang Yanqing. Wang Yanqing was ten when he was fifteen years old. No matter how big the elders in the family were, they would never let such two boy and girl sleep in the same bed. If Wang Yanqing thought about it carefully, she would feel something was wrong.

But Wang Yanqing trusted Second Brother. After Second Brother reminded her, she vaguely felt that there was a similar shadow, so she accepted it calmly and did not delve into it. Relying on Wang Yanqing’s inability to remember, Lu Heng, distorted the facts. But after deceiving Wang Yanqing, he was not happy, and instead, there was an unknown fire in his heart.

No matter how seamless he made it up, that person was not him, but Fu Tingzhou. A thirteen-year-old boy from an ordinary family may still not understand the difference between men and women, but a boy from a noble family knew everything at the age of thirteen.

Fu Tingzhou and Lu Heng were both in families of military officers. They grew up in a crowd of men. To say that a man from such a family was thirteen years old and a blank page, not even talking about Lu Heng, Fu Tingzhou himself probably didn’t believe it. In this case, Fu Tingzhou took a nap with Wang Yanqing in the same room. Lu Heng could guess what Fu Tingzhou was thinking at that time without even thinking.

The evil fire in Lu Heng’s heart was getting stronger and stronger. He was scolded for Fu Tingzhou during the day, and at night he had to relive the warm daily life of Fu Tingzhou and Qing Qing. What in the living hell. When Lu Heng thought about it like this, he became more and more unwilling to wrong himself, and he pushed forward: “When you grow up, you won’t be your brother’s sister anymore?” Didn’t you say that you want to stay in the Lu family with your brother? Why can’t you even trust Second Brother for this kind of thing?”

Wang Yanqing blushed and held back, unable to fight back: “When did I say that?”

“Then what do you want to do?” Lu Heng sat beside the bed, kneading Wang Yanqing’s long fingers in the palm of his hand, and asked slowly, “In your dream, you shouted that Second Brother should not marry a wife. Second Brother was always reluctant to refuse Qing Qing’s words. But in return, doesn’t Qing Qing have to stay?”

Wang Yanqing was stunned, obviously not expecting to say such a thing in her dream. Lu Heng didn’t wait for her answer and directly answered for her. He leaned over and touched her face with his knuckles: “Look, your face is still cold. I won’t hold you accountable this time, but I won’t take this as an exception. In the future, you are not allowed to give yourself any more medicine.”

In the end, Lu Heng was the living king of hell in the Imperial Guards who scared countless court officials. His call was fast-paced, both strict and loose, with a sense of calm yet power and Wang Yanqing couldn’t help but follow along with his words. Wang Yanqing lowered her eyes and nodded slightly, her expression well-behaved and pitiful. Lu Heng didn’t insist on touching Wang Yanqing’s lower abdomen anymore. For anything, too far was as bad as not enough, push and pull was the long-term solution. He patted Wang Yanqing on the back of her hand, stood up, and said: “You have been asleep for a day. You are already deficient in warmth, and you won’t be able to stand it if you don’t eat. I ordered food for you, come down and eat some.”

After he finished speaking, he put down the bed tent, turned around, and went out, closing the screen for Wang Yanqing before leaving. His behavior was gentlemanly and considerate. Wang Yanqing secretly breathed a sigh of relief, changed her clothes, and took care of her appearance before walking outside the screen.

By the time Wang Yanqing came out, the food was already on the table. She scanned the room and saw that there was a screen in the study, and the lamp was covered with paper, enclosing most of the lights behind. Through the screen, a bookcase full of files could be seen, and there were still pens resting on a pen pile.

While she was in a coma, Lu Heng had been flipping through files here? When Wang Yanqing woke up, she thought there was no one in the room. Wang Yanqing felt uncomfortable and said: “Second Brother, since you have something to do, why don’t you change rooms?”

Lu Heng was the commander, dealing with most of the military affairs, and he had to call people for questioning frequently. With Wang Yanqing here, not to mention calling someone in, Lu Heng couldn’t even flip through the account books conveniently. Lu Heng sat down, held his sleeves and scooped up a bowl of soup, and said softly: “You are sleeping here alone, how can I leave with peace of mind?”

Wang Yanqing sat beside Lu Heng and her thoughts felt very erratic: “But you still have things to do in the capital, and you delayed it for a day because of my sleep…”

‘It’s not anything to worry about anymore.” Lu Heng stopped Wang Yanqing’s words and said, “While you were sleeping, there was a message from the capital and we do not have to rush back. You can recuperate here with peace of mind, and when your body recovers, we will return to Beijing.”

Wang Yanqing was startled and asked in surprise: “Really?”

Lu Heng nodded: “Really.”

In fact, how could it be possible? The corruption case was assigned to him by the emperor. If he did not investigate it, who else in the capital would dare to offend the disciple of the chief auxiliary and the secretary. Lu Heng was in a hurry to return to Beijing this morning, but after hearing the doctor’s diagnosis of Wang Yanqing, he temporarily canceled the trip.

The doctor had already said solemnly that Wang Yanqing’s Gong Han was severe. She could no longer be cold and frozen, otherwise, it will affect her children. From Baoding to the capital, there was freezing weather and it would take a day and a half to travel by carriage. Lu Heng could not convince himself that she would not be affected on the road.

Children were very important to a woman, and they almost determined the honor of a woman’s life. Wang Yanqing was indeed not his sister, and it was foreseeable that they would turn against each other in the future, but he could not ruin a woman’s life because of his own selfishness.

She will marry sooner or later and no matter who she is to marry, Fu Tingzhou or another, if she can’t have children in the future, her life will be very sad. Lu Heng believed that he was not a good person, but when settling disputes, one should never involve third parties. Even if he was taking revenge against Fu Tingzhou, he wouldn’t use this method.

The doctor said that her menstrual cycle was irregular, and it took about two or three days to pass. Two or three days were not too long. He could take the blame for his assignment with the emperor, but she would not get a second body. Therefore, Lu Heng canceled his plan to return to Beijing. In this way, Liang Rong’s case did not have to be rushed and they could be tried slowly.

Lu Heng’s eyes were calm and his tone was casual. Wang Yanqing really thought he was not in a hurry. She breathed a sigh of relief, and a smile finally reached her face: “That’s good. I thought I delayed my Second Brother again…”

Lu Heng put the fine porcelain bowl in his hand in front of Wang Yanqing and said slowly: “You don’t have to worry about me. It’s not a problem for you to continue to hurt like this. I asked someone to concoct the medicine for you and keep it warm on the stove. It was supposed to be drunk at noon, but you didn’t wake up, so I had them pour it down and fry it again. You eat first and after you finish, it will be time to take your medicine.”

Wang Yanqing subconsciously held the bowl that Lu Heng handed over, and for a while, she didn’t know if she should be more surprised that Lu Heng’s soup was actually served for her, or that Lu Heng prepared medicine for her: “What medicine is it?”

Lu Heng glanced at her, the shadow in his eyes slanted, and his smile was shallow: “Why, are you afraid that Second Brother will harm you? Don’t worry, I have checked the medicine, it is a recipe for recuperation.”

After waking up, Wang Yanqing was shocked several times. She thought it was embarrassing enough to be met by her adoptive brother during her menstrual period. Unexpectedly, her elder brother even boiled medicine for her. Even if the brother and sister had a good relationship, it was too private, right?

This time Lu Heng couldn’t help her, he urged her to eat and then asked someone to deliver the medicine as he personally stared at her.

Wang Yanqing was not afraid to drink the medicine, but when she thought about its efficacy and how it was made, she felt uncomfortable. She deceived herself not to think about what happened while she was in a coma. As if Lu Heng had a line of sight of the substance, she drank the whole bowl of medicine.

The doctor should have taken into account that this is medicine for a woman to drink, and adjusted the recipe so that the taste was not too bitter. As soon as she put down the bowl, Lu Heng picked up a piece of preserved fruit and fed it to Wang Yanqing’s lips.

This was obviously not a pair of scholar’s hands. Slender and powerful, with distinct joints, she could feel the strength looking at it. Wang Yanqing glanced at Lu Heng lightly, opened her mouth slowly, and bit the preserved fruit. She deliberately and gently moved, but her lips still rubbed Lu Heng’s fingertips.

Wang Yanqing held the sweet preserved fruit in her mouth, thinking that Second Brother had become more and more motherly recently. He even used plums while giving her medicine. Lu Heng retracted his hand and rubbed his fingertips calmly, exactly where Wang Yanqing’s lips touched.

After Wang Yanqing took the medicine, she knew that she had really slept for a long time, it was dark outside. Lu Heng asked someone to come in to clean up the dishes and chopsticks, as Wang Yanqing drank tea inside, gargling the sweetness in her mouth. At this time, an Imperial Guard walked in quickly and greeted with his fists clenched together: “Commander.”

Lu Heng walked to the door and motioned to him to come over. The Imperial Guard lowered his voice and quickly said something in Lu Heng’s ear.

Wang Yanqing seemed to feel something and looked back at Lu Heng. After Lu Heng heard this, his face sank quickly.

The Imperial Guard also looked very anxious, and looked at Lu Heng sternly: “Commander, what should I do now?”

Wang Yanqing put down the teacup, stood up from the pedestal, and asked: “Second Brother, what’s the matter?”

Lu Heng glanced at Wang Yanqing, no joy or anger could be seen on his face and he said: “Liang Wen Shi killed herself.”

Wang Yanqing’s eyes widened, and her heart suddenly tightened: “Killed herself?”

“Correct.” Lu Heng nodded faintly and said, “Moreover, she left a letter in blood before she died and confessed to all the crimes.”

|| Author’s Note:

Difficult to serve Commander Lu

Failed to deceive Qing Qing: Angry.

Successfully deceived Qing Qing: Even angrier.

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