After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 80          Rush

There were no stars and no moon, not a sound to be heard.

When Chu Yan pushed open the gate of the Governor Mansion with the tribesmen holding torches, he saw Huo Du standing in the front yard in a dark green cotton cloak and staring at him coldly.

It seemed that their night attack had been expected a long time ago.

Obviously, there were just a few soldiers by his side, but his calm appearance made everyone stunned when they saw him.

Chu Yan suddenly laughed.

This kid is too arrogant, isn’t it?

“Huo Du, I told you a long time ago that raising a tiger is a disaster.” Chu Yan smiled, and the smile reached the bottom of his eyes. He said word by word, “So today, you ask for it.”

Huo Du hooked his lips and said slowly, “Really?”

After a short pause, he raised his eyes, and there was a bit of hostility and mockery in his black eyes. Then he repeated what he said to Chu Yan last time, “With just you?”

Chu Yan looked at his face which looked like his little sister’s, but on this face, he had such an arrogant demeanor.

Just like Huo Changyun.

He clenched the cold handle of the knife and put away his smile.

Closing the city, besieging the mansion, meeting swordsmen, fighting swords… Le Zhi’s nightmares were full of these scenes, but they were not pieced together.

Finally, she opened her eyes in panic but found that she had no strength in her body.

“Master, you’re finally awake!” Lin Yue’s eyes flashed with tears of joy. She took a warm cotton towel to wipe Le Zhi’s forehead, “Finally, the sweat came out.”

Le Zhi felt sweaty all over her body, and the bedclothes on her body were stained with her sweat. But she did not care, the pictures in her dream were too vivid as if they were happening right now.

Her heart could not help but worry.

Thinking of this, she struggled to sit up and asked, “How long have I slept?”

“Master’s fever is really serious this time. Today is the sixth day, and I was scared to death!” Lin Yue had lingering fears and trembling in her voice.


Did she actually sleep that long?

Le Zhi’s eyelids twitched, and her heart was restless, unable to calm down. She looked at Lin Yue and asked, “Shengyang City… Did Your Highness send someone to deliver a message?”

“No.” Lin Yue shook her head. In the past few days, everyone’s heart was all on the master and did not pay attention to the situation in Shengyang City. But His Highness did not send someone to deliver a message, so there should nothing wrong with it.

But why is Master so nervous?

“Quickly!” Le Zhi frowned, leaned forward, and ordered, “Let Xia Ming make a trip to see what’s going on in Shengyang City. Be sure to tell him to come back before dark.”

Lin Yue responded at once as she helped Le Zhi to lean against the embroidered pillow and nodded strongly, “Don’t worry, I’ll go immediately!”

After Lin Yue left, Le Zhi got up and walked toward the bathroom. When she was immersed in the tub, she exhaled heavily. She shook her head in hindsight thinking of her gaffe just now. She was really not composed.

It was just a dream, and this reaction of hers was indeed a bit oversensitive. She must be thinking too much…

It must be!

She reached for the warm water and patted her cheek, trying to wake herself up.

After finally tidying up properly, Le Zhi walked out of the bathroom feebly, only to see her sister enter the room at some point in time and saw her busy wrapping a thick fleece blanket around her.

“Quickly, go and lie down for a while.”

Le Zhi nodded and looked at her sister apologetically, “I’m sorry, I made sister worry.”

Seeing that she was still sick, Le Jin reached out her hand to touch her head and said, “Take good care of yourself.”

She just had a major illness, and now she had a high fever for several days, Le Jin was very worried that she would leave behind some root of the disease.

“Regarding sister-in-law, I made a gaffe that day.” Le Zhi pursed her lips, raised her eyes, and said, “Please invite sister-in-law to come over later. Let’s have a good chat with her and ask her what she plans to do next. Also, Yu’er…”

Her nasal voice was getting heavier and heavier, and her voice was getting smaller and smaller. Thinking of her little nephew Le Yu, she could not go on.

What her sister-in-law said that day was hard for her to accept. If it was true, then what was the relationship between her imperial brother and her sister-in-law?

Le Zhi had always felt that children were the continuation of the love between parents. If the parents never had love, then what was Yu’er? As far as her sister-in-law is concerned, was Yu’er just a mistake and a burden?

“Sister, I’ve thought about it. If sister-in-law doesn’t want Yu’er.” Le Zhi said with red eyes, “Then let’s take care of Yu’er, all right?”

After years of getting along, she believed in Fang Yin’s conduct and would not deliberately lie to deceive them. So, it was really her imperial brother who forced her.

It turned out that her imperial brother and her sister-in-law were just a mistake.

In that case, how could she blame Fang Yin? She must have had a hard time over these years with a marriage against her will and a husband she did not love.

Heaven’s will messed with people. Since now she could renew the former love with her beloved, it may also be destined divinely.

But what about Yu’er?

Her sister-in-law would have a new life, and there may be a new child soon, a child born out of love.

So, she thought that if her sister-in-law felt that seeing Yu’er would arouse her sadness, then she would be willing to take care of Yu’er. Even without the love of his parents, Yu’er still had two aunts who love him very much.

“Good.” Le Jin nodded in agreement.

She had been thinking about it for the past few days, which just happened to coincide with what Zhizhi was thinking.

Let them make up for the mistakes of their imperial brother. Maybe they could not do much, just made up some of it.

At dinner time, the family was finally able to eat together. In the past few days since she came to Huaxi City, she had been sick, and this was the first time Le Zhi had eaten at the table.

Unlike in the mansion, there were not so many rules in this courtyard. The sisters asked Jing Xin and the others to sit at the table and have dinner together.

But Xia Ming had not come back yet, and Le Zhi’s heart was still restless. The silver chopstick picked up the vegetables into the porcelain bowl, absent-mindedly.

“Jing Xin, remember to drink the medicine after dinner while it’s hot, understand?”

Hearing her sister’s words, Le Zhi suddenly returned to her senses, “What happened to Jing Xin?”

“Master, I just have some headaches, it’s nothing big.”

“What’s nothing big?” Lin Yue pouted and murmured softly, “It hurts so bad that she can’t sleep at night.”

Le Zhi frowned, put down the silver chopsticks, stood up and walked to Jing Xin’s side, raised her hand to touch her forehead lightly, and asked, “How could it be so serious? Have you seen the doctor, what did the doctor say?”

Seeing this, Jing Xin hurriedly supported her, fearing that she would bump into something just after recovering from her illness, “It’s really nothing big, don’t listen to Lin Yue’s exaggeration!”

“All right, all right.” Le Jin smiled and said helplessly, “Both of you master and servant are sick, so hurry up and eat more to keep your body healthy.”

Le Zhi blushed and sat back in the chair with some embarrassment. But just after picking up the silver chopstick, she saw Xia Ming hurriedly enter the room with a grave expression.

The hand trembled, and the silver chopstick fell on the table, making a muffled sound.

“Master, something happened to Shengyang City.”

Just a few simple words had made Le Zhi’s heart sink to the bottom. The cold wind from outside the dining hall poured in and when it was inhaled into the lungs, it triggered a violent cough.

“Cough, cough!” Le Zhi stood up with the support of the table and asked, “What happened?”

Everyone in the hall looked solemn, and gathered around Le Zhi, supporting her so that she would not collapse.

“Master, the gate of Shengyang City is closed, and the city is in lockdown. I sneaked into the city and found that everyone in the city was carrying weapons and surrounded the Governor Mansion heavily.” Xia Ming looked embarrassed and a little guilty, “I’m incompetent and unable to sneak into the mansion. I don’t know what the situation is now with His Highness. But judging from the cautious appearance of those people outside the mansion, the two sides should still be at a deadlock, and there is no victory or defeat yet.”

“Cough, cough… Xia Ming, pack up and we’ll set off immediately!”

Le Zhi’s face was pale, but her tone was firm, and the hand hidden in her sleeve clenched tightly. She has to go back, go back to save him.

“Zhizhi, you can’t go.”

There was a familiar voice outside the hall. All the people who looked worried were shocked and looked outside. Fang Yin was standing outside the hall with Le Yu in her arms, and her eyes fell on Le Zhi.

At this time, Xia Ming also dissuaded, “Master, we can’t go. At least, we can’t go like this.”

What do you mean?

Le Zhi was confused and puzzled.

“I heard the people surrounding the Governor Mansion talking about it, saying that country Jiang’s soldiers will arrive in Shengyang City within the next few days. The team of soldiers we brought may be enough to resist those people in the city, but once the soldiers of country Jiang arrive, we will definitely lose.”

The soldiers of country Jiang? How could they have a connection with Chu Yan?
Could it be, could it be… this is Lin Wanning’s trap in Shengyang City?

“You already knew.” Le Zhi looked at Fang Yin, who was approaching the hall, with a positive tone.

Fang Yin did not hide it, “Yes.”

That’s it. Le Zhi finally understood why she hid when she saw her sister earlier, it was just to let her leave Shengyang City.

Her sister-in-law really cared about old feelings.

“What deal did you make with country Jiang?” Le Zhi suppressed the ups and downs in her heart and asked tremblingly, “Is it Yu’er?”

Seeing the heavy atmosphere, Le Jin hurriedly winked at Lin Yue and Jing Xin, and Lin Yue hurriedly walked to Fang Yin’s side. Fang Yin also did not want little Le Yu to hear this, so she let go and handed her child to Lin Yue.

It happened so suddenly that no one noticed. When Jing Xin heard the words “country Jiang”, her brows twitched. She held her forehead and took Le Yu out of the dining hall with Lin Yue.

Fang Yin shook her head and denied, “No.”

The country Jiang people indeed found her and offered attractive conditions, saying that they would help Great Li to recover the country. As the only heir of Great Li’s Taizi, Le Yu was naturally the object of contention among those with ambitions. With Le Yu, there was an excuse to raise troops to attack country Qi.

But since Fang Yin was not stupid, how could she let her child become a pawn for others to realize their ambitions?

Even if she did not love Le Jun, she would not do it. Because Yu’er was also her child.

However, although she did not promise, she would not stop other countries from attacking country Qi.

As a person from country Li, there was no one who did not hate Great Qi. Now that she knew about this, she also learned from the people of country Jiang that Zhizhi had also come to Shengyang City. It just so happened that Xiaojin had been looking for her, so she came up with this plan to trick Zhizhi away from Shengyang City.

Of course, Fang Yin knew that the people from country Jiang would not be reconciled, and she must send Yu’er to a safe place as soon as possible. And his two aunts were the most suitable candidates.

“Zhizhi, don’t you hate Great Qi?” Fang Yin was deeply confused and puzzled by her fierce reaction.

If the Taizi of Great Qi died at the hands of the people from the country Jiang, would not it be a happy event for them?

“You don’t know, you don’t know anything!”

Le Zhi was so sad that she did not want to talk to Fang Yin anymore.

It was too late. She was too late to save him.
She broke free from her sister’s hand and ran out.

The cold wind whistled in her ears, what should she do next?
She definitely needed to count the number of their soldiers and then?

Then what should she do next…

“Zhizhi!” Le Jin caught up, grabbed her wrist, and raised her voice, “Calm down!”

“Yeah, I’m calm, I’m calm.” Le Zhi’s cheeks were full of tears. She raised her hand to wipe it hard and murmured with a helpless look, “Sister don’t stop me, all right? I have to go. I certainly have to go.”

“Sure, sister won’t stop you.” Le Jin’s eyes were red and wiped her tears gently.

Sister will not stop you.
Also, can’t stop you, can I?

Le Zhi finally felt at ease. What she feared most was that her sister would not let her go, then she would really be in a dilemma.

She lowered her eyes, trying to calm her heart and trying to regain the rationality that was drifting away. Finally, she found a way in the misty mist.

“Borrowing soldiers.” She opened her mouth, articulating clearly.

Le Jin frowned and wondered, “Where can you borrow them?”

“Country Ning, at the border.”

Hearing this, Le Jin’s heart sank little by little. Huaxi City was located at the border, south of country Ning. Country Ning, on the other hand, had friendly relations with Great Li in the past.

However, it was only in the past.

Now the present was different from before. Why should country Ning borrow soldiers to save the Taizi of Great Qi?

Moreover, the borrower was the former princess of Great Li.

But the resolute expression on Le Zhi’s face made her suppress all her worries. She believed that her sister would definitely have a way.

“Good.” Le Jin raised her hand to arrange her cotton cloak.

Le Zhi was stunned for a moment, then stretched out her arms to hug Le Jin. She sobbed and muttered, “Thank you, sister.”

Due to the urgency of the matter, Le Zhi only took Xia Ming and his people, leaving Lin Yue and Jing Xin in the mansion, and even leaving her soldiers to protect them.

The hooves of the horses rumbled, and Le Zhi headed southward against the wind. She could not take a carriage as the carriage was too slow.

The cold wind filled her lungs from her nose and mouth, and she could feel the fishy sweetness surging in her throat. However, she could not stop. Must not stop.

She had to compare her speed with the soldiers of country Jiang and she could not be even a moment late.

She traveled through the night sky and arrived outside the military camp at the frontier of country Ning in just a few days.

When the soldier of country Ning saw a weak woman with two or three people asking to see the general, he was amused, “Where did you come from? Don’t you know that women are not allowed to enter the military camp?”

“Can’t be a spy from another country, right?” said another soldier.

“Presumptuous!” Le Zhi said in a deep voice and frowned, “I have an urgent military report to report to the general. Can you afford to delay the military information?”

Several soldiers looked at each other in dismay and were stunned by Le Zhi’s imposing manner for a while. They thought that the military situation should not be delayed. If these people were talking nonsense, His Highness would deal with them personally!

“Wait a while!”

After a while, the little soldier who went to report came back and let them enter the tent to speak.

Le Zhi heaved a sigh of relief and dismounted from the horse. Her footsteps were weak, but fortunately, she held onto the horse and did not fall down.

“Master, are you alright?”

“No worries, let’s go in.”

It was Li Sui, the fourth prince of the current dynasty, who was stationed at the border of the country Ning. He was both a prince and a young general, with great military achievements and a prominent figure in the country Ning.

Le Zhi brought her subordinates into the tent and gave a military salute, “Pay respect to Your Highness.”

“Princess of country Li?”

A burst of soft laughter sounded, with a hint of inquiry.

Le Zhi looked up and saw a smiling face. Unlike Huo Du, Li Sui’s appearance was tougher and it was indeed a majestic appearance that had been fighting for many years.

She nodded and said yes.

“I heard that you have an urgent military report?”

“Yes.” Seeing that he went straight to the topic, Le Zhi did not say much, and replied bluntly, “The country Jiang colluded with the Empress of country Qi with the intention to assassinate the Taizi of country Qi in Shengyang City.”

“Oh?” Li Sui smiled indifferently, “What does that have to do with me?”

Hearing this, Le Zhi also curved her lips and said, “It’s naturally related. If their scheme succeeds, Huo Xu will ascend to the throne in the future, and country Qi and country Jiang will form a siege. In Your Highness’s opinion, where will their next target be?”

Li Sui was startled, looked at Le Zhi’s face again, and took a closer look.

Interesting, really interesting.

After a pause, Le Zhi continued, “Huo Xu is ruthless and selfish. He even betrayed Great Li, where he has lived for more than ten years. If he becomes the emperor in the future, he will definitely be more ruthless than the current emperor Qi.”

“But what good is it for me to save Huo Du?”

“If Your Highness comes to aid today, the day Taizi succeeds to the throne smoothly, I guarantee that the country Qi and country Ning will be united forever.”

Seeing her burning eyes, Li Sui asked, “Princess Li, for what reason do you guarantee?”

Le Zhi took a deep breath and said calmly, “I am the Taizifei of Great Qi.”

There was a moment of silence in the big tent. Le Zhi’s heart tugged together, suffocating unbearably.

“All right.” Li Sui finally yielded and asked with a smile, “How many soldiers do you want?”

The fists hidden in the sleeves loosened slightly. Le Zhi breathed a sigh of relief and felt that everything became clear at once.

The sound of horses’ hooves and wind were heard at the same time, and the cloak on her body was blown by the cold wind behind her. Le Zhi did not have the strength to grab it back, and she did not know how many days she had been on the road.

She could not figure it out, and she did not have the energy to do so. She did not even have time to close her eyes.

Moreover, she really could not rest in peace.

Along the way, even the soldiers of country Ning, who has been fighting all year round, were shocked by her appearance. The noble girl who they thought was soft and weak was bursting out with extreme perseverance.

Gradually, the time for the large troops to stop and rest became less and less. The soldiers had great self-respect, so how could they call out tired when the girl did not even need to rest?

When the gate of Shengyang City came into sight, Le Zhi thought she had hallucinations. Seeing that there was no trace of the soldiers of country Jiang outside the city gate, she immediately felt a little relieved.

She finally arrived.

When she was almost at the city gate, she reached out and picked up the crossbow from the horse’s back. That day, Huo Du held her hand, but today, her eyes were gloomy, and she pressed down without hesitation.

The silver arrow flew out and hit accurately onto the city gate!

Several old tribesmen who were guarding the city gate immediately took precautions, staring at the incoming people with wide eyes.

“Open the city gate!” Le Zhi spoke with a loud but raspy voice.

Then, she saw that the city gate slowly opened from the inside, and Chu Yan rode a red-maned horse toward her leisurely. Her eyes were focused on Chu Yan, and naturally, she did not see the familiar figure on the city wall.

When Le Zhi rushed over with the soldiers of country Ning, Huo Du stood on the city wall and stared at her from a distance in a daze.

In the boundless silent world, there was only her in his eyes.


His princess came to save him without hesitation.

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