After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 79          Fragile

“Your Highness, Taizifei has arrived at Huaxi City safely.” An Xuan arched his hands and reported, “In addition, Chu Yan and the people have received food, and they are gradually recovering. This subordinate is afraid that he will soon…”

“Got it.”

Before An Xuan could finish speaking, Huo Du interrupted him loudly. An Xuan was slightly startled, then nodded and withdrew.

The moon was dark, and only one day later, this huge mansion seemed to be even more desolate.

Huo Du sat alone on the swing, swinging slowly. He lowered his eyes, looked at the small candy jar in his hand, and took one to put it in his mouth.

Very sweet.

He did not like anything sweet in the past, but now he was slowly getting used to it.

He always knew that he and Le Zhi were not the same kinds of people. She grew up surrounded by love. She was tough and brave, warm and kind. And he was the exact opposite, he would never have those things in him.

How do two completely different people match?

The tip of his tongue was wrapped in sweetness, and gradually a touch of coolness emerged.

Huo Du smiled suddenly.

Since mint could be blended with honey and it made a beautiful taste, who could say that different people could not match?

The next day, the sun was shining brightly.

Unlike the desolation of Shengyang City, Huaxi City’s atmosphere was full of New Year’s celebrations. In the bustling market, the street vendors shouted, and the people came and went with happy smiles, choosing ingredients to go home to cook a sumptuous meal for their loved ones.

At this time, a woman walked to the vegetable stall with her head down and quickly selected…


Le Zhi ran quickly from the entrance of the alley to the woman’s side and hugged her arm. The woman raised her eyes, and a little panic flashed in her eyes. After seeing the incoming person clearly, she could not help showing a bit of joy on her face.

Seeing that she did not mean to dodge anymore, Le Jin walked out slowly and called her softly.

The woman sighed softly after seeing this and said, “Follow me.”

The two sisters naturally responded, and the group followed the woman. After a while, they came to a simple roof-tiled house. The woman welcomed them into the house.

“You’re back?” A cheerful and familiar male voice could be heard.

Le Zhi and Le Jin watched a tall and straight man come out from the inner room with Le Yu in his arms. When the man saw them, he was stunned and stopped in place.

They were all too familiar with this person.

Great Li’s youngest imperial physician, Xu Yang.

How could he… how could he live with my sister-in-law?

“Auntie…” The cute little child’s voice was full of childishness.

After not seeing each other for a long time, Le Yu spoke to them timidly.

It was Le Jin who reacted first. She forced a smile, walked over, and raised her hand to touch her little nephew’s head, “How is Yu’er doing recently?”

Le Yu smiled and nodded to Le Jin, but his eyes looked at Le Zhi unconsciously.

He felt a little strange. The little aunt liked him the most. Why did she not even smile today, and stood so far away without coming over to hug him?

“You take Yu’er in first.”

Xu Yang nodded, holding Le Yu awkwardly, and walked back to the inner room.

Le Zhi’s face turned pale little by little, and her whole body seemed to be poured by a bucket of ice-cold water, shivering with cold. She stared at the woman not far away in a daze.

Fang Yin was the daughter of Great Li, the most heroic General Zhenyuan.

She was also the woman whom her imperial brother loved the most.

“Sit down.” Fang Yin said lightly.

Le Jin pulled the stiff Le Zhi to sit down, took a deep breath, and asked, “Sister-in-law… What’s going on here? Xu Yang, why is Xu Yang here…”

“Xu Yang and I are together.” Fang Yin said in a deep voice, her face was calm and not a bit embarrassed.

Le Zhi, who was sitting at the table, clenched her hand suddenly and widened her eyes as she looked at Fang Yin in disbelief.

She never thought of letting her sister-in-law stay widowed for the rest of her life. But how long had it been? Also, according to her sister-in-law, she seemed to have never loved her imperial brother.

“Zhizhi.” Fang Yin smiled bitterly and explained, “Your imperial brother and I were originally a mistake.”

This was a simple story…

The young Taizi fell in love with the general’s only daughter at first sight at a palace banquet. Shortly after the palace banquet, an imperial decree to grant marriage arrived. But the general’s only daughter already had a sweetheart, and the two had already secretly exchanged their feelings, only waiting for the sweetheart to propose marriage but an imperial decree broke her beautiful dream.

Knowing that the Taizi was gentle, the general’s daughter wrote a letter and asked someone to send it to the Eastern Palace.

But there was no reply for a long time, and her heart gradually became disappointed.

Until the young Taizi lifted her veil on the wedding night, she raised her head and saw a pair of gentle smiling eyes and heard him say, “Yinyin, I’m only despicable this time in my life.”

He admitted his despicableness in the warmest tone.

Despicable magnanimously.

Fang Yin was shocked. It turned out that he knew everything…

Hearing what she said, Le Zhi frowned deeper and deeper.

Imperial Brother would not be such a person!

“You lied!” Le Zhi stood up with trembling hands, “Imperial Brother, he wouldn’t do such a thing!”

Perhaps the movement outside was too loud, the little Le Yu stuck out his little head from the inner room at some point and looked at them with a puzzled expression.

Le Zhi glanced sideways and found him, could not help feeling sour.

If this is true, then Yu’er… what is Yu’er?

Her body trembled, her eyes turned red, and she choked, “No, it cannot be…”

She could not stay any longer in this room. Le Zhi’s heart felt suffocated and almost breathless. Turning her toes lightly, she ran out of the house, ignoring the screams behind her.

Walking on the street in a daze, the joy and noise around her seemed to have nothing to do with her. Le Zhi’s footsteps gradually became weak, and soon she could no longer support them. She slowly squatted down and began to cry softly.

She was born beautiful. So, even if she squatted on the corner of the street, she could attract the attention of many people. It was New Year’s Day, and everyone was beaming with joy. Naturally, they could see the beautiful girl crying pitifully.

“What’s the matter? Don’t cry during the New Year.”

“Did you quarrel with your husband? Don’t cry, don’t cry. How can a young couple not quarrel!”

“That’s right! It’s a cold day, go home quickly. Your husband must have cooked a lot of dishes waiting for you at home!”


The warm-hearted people rushed to comfort and Le Zhi’s tears were forced to withdraw abruptly. It was really embarrassing to be in full view of everyone!

The moment she raised her eyes, she saw the bracelet on her wrist, and the little red beans were shining brightly under the warm sun. She could not help being startled.


People always wanted to return to the place where they felt the safest when they were vulnerable. When she felt the saddest just now, the person who came to her mind was him.

Huo Du.

She really missed him.

It would be nice if he was here. Crying in his arms must be much better than squatting and crying alone.

Thinking of this, Le Zhi’s eyes were red again. At this moment, Lin Yue and Jing Xin hurried over and finally found their master, and both of them breathed a sigh of relief.

“Master.” The two helped her up, “Let’s go back first.”

When the people gathered saw her maids come, they were relieved and dispersed to go home.

Perhaps it was because this matter was too unacceptable, Le Zhi developed a high fever that night.

Her face was pale, and in her muddled dreams, she dreamed of many things in the past. In her dream, her imperial brother was still alive, and she saw her imperial brother and her sister-in-law enjoying the flowers in the imperial garden.

Obviously, it was such a beautiful scene.

Her throat was dry and painful, and finally, someone brought tea into her mouth. The warm water slid down her throat, making her a lot more comfortable.

 Le Zhi’s eyelids were too heavy to open, her mind was confused, and she did not know where she was.

Who was feeding her water? It must be Huo Du.

She remembered that when she had malaria, Huo Du stayed with her, gave her water and medicine, hugged her, and coaxed her. But this time, why did he leave after feeding the water?

Why did he not hug her?

Even in her drowsiness, she was still aggrieved, sobbing and murmuring, “Huo Du, Huo Du…”

After putting down the teacup, Le Jin approached the bedside and heard her sister’s murmur. She was stunned for a long time, and her mood was a little complicated. After a short while, seeing that the redness on Le Zhi’s face had faded, Le Jin tucked her into the quilt.

The unspeakable emotion finally turned into a low sigh, and she turned to walk out of the door.

“Xiaojin, how is Zhizhi?”

After Le Jin closed the door, Fu Xian, who was standing outside the door, stepped forward and asked.

“The fever has subsided a little, but…” Le Jin lowered her eyes and looked worried.

Despite desperately suppressing on weekdays, when she was at his weakest, her emotions were naturally difficult to suppress.

Her silly sister could not live without him at all.

“Where’s sister-in-law?”

“She was worried about Zhizhi but unwilling to come in to see her. She only sat in the front hall for a while and then left.”

Le Jin nodded, and her face turned a little pale. She looked at Fu Xian in a daze and asked, “Ah Xian, in the past… can you see the strangeness between imperial brother and sister-in-law?”

“…I can see a little.”

“Actually, I saw a little too.” Le Jin’s eyes reddened and choked, “But I always felt that I was wrong and deliberately ignored those…”

At that time, she and Fu Xian exchanged their hearts, which was naturally different from Zhizhi, who knew nothing about feelings. So sometimes when she saw the subtle expressions of her imperial brother and sister-in-law when they are together, she keenly realized that something was wrong.

However, she did not want to think badly of them. She always felt that she was over-caring.

“How could this happen?”

Le Jin’s tears streamed down.

During the day, she had to repress her emotions as she was worried about her sister who had collapsed, and her stunned nephew. But now, she really could not bear it any longer, she was so sad, really sad.

She did not know what to do next. She never thought that her sister-in-law and her imperial brother would be like this. She did not even know why her imperial brother, who had always been gentle and easy-going, was so demanding when it came to love.

However, her imperial brother was no longer alive. So, this question would never have an answer.

Seeing his beloved cry into tears, Fu Xian took out a handkerchief to wipe her tears, then stretched out his hands to hug her into his arms and comforted her softly.

Inside the room, Le Zhi, who was still asleep, was sweating profusely on her forehead. Her little face was wrinkled as if she had seen something terrible in her dream, which made her nervous endlessly.

Perhaps she was worried. What she saw in her dream was happening quietly, and all those scenes got into her mind.

In the starless dark night, a group of people surrounded Shengyang City by taking advantage of the darkness. The city gate was held against two large wooden stakes and could no longer be pushed open.

The author has something to say:
Long-distance relationship is so hard. QAQ

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