After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 65          Entangled Tightly

When the whole person was pulled into the darkness, the body seemed to be split into two halves, one half was placed in the ice, and the other half fell into the raging flames. However, Le Zhi’s thoughts were extremely clear.

Amid the hot and cold, her body was pulled into a familiar embrace. She pressed against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

A stream of warm infusion went into her body, surrounding her beating heart and gently comforting her.

No matter how much internal strength you have, you shouldn’t use it indiscriminately.

Le Zhi wanted to speak to stop him, so she tried her best to open her mouth, but found that she could not make any sound. If she remembered correctly, when malaria flared up, it could cause symptoms of aphasia.

Therefore, was she unable to speak anymore?

Suddenly, the warm lips came over and gently kissed her lips, as if comforting like a soft caress. In the pain and numbness, she felt his kiss on her lips carefully.

Gradually, the pain eased a little, and Le Zhi only felt sweaty all over her body, and the thin bedding was sticking to her skin, which made her feel very sticky and uncomfortable. She felt Huo Du gradually loosening his hand around her, and then there was a soft sound came to her ear, which was the sound of him getting off the bed.

Le Zhi thought he would call Li Yao to clean her, but he just called for water. The closed eyelids were finally able to open up, and all her eyes fell on the crimson figure.

She watched him gradually approach her, holding a steaming hot cotton towel in his hand.

Huo Du sat down on the bed, staring at her weak eyes, and raised his hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead.

“Does it still hurt?” He asked.

Le Zhi subconsciously wanted to speak, but still could not make a sound when she opened her mouth, so she had to shake her head. This appearance fell into Huo Du’s eyes, suffocating his heart, and he stretched out his hand and wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes with his fingers.

“Don’t be afraid.”

The frowning brows due to fear gradually smoothed out, and this was the first time Le Zhi heard him coax her softly in a very gentle tone. The anger accumulated by him during the day disappeared cleanly in an instant. She was really useless.

She looked at him and nodded slightly.

“So obedient.” Huo Du smiled and touched her head, and then said in a coaxing tone, “I’ll help you wipe your body?”

Perhaps his peach blossom eyes were too bewitching, Le Zhi continued to nod her head mysteriously.

Huo Du looked at her obedient expression and was stunned for a moment, then he moved his hand to her waist to loosen the belt of her bedclothes.

The lapel was loosened, revealing the apricot color innerwear. Only then did Le Zhi react, her snow cheeks flushed red, and she raised her weak hand against his wrist, ashamed and embarrassed.

Upon seeing this, Huo Du raised his hand.

The burning candle was immediately extinguished, and the room instantly fell into darkness.

“What about this?” He asked, “Are you still embarrassed?”

The hand against his wrist slowly loosened. Huo Du leaned over slightly, put his palm around her neck, and used his long fingers to untie her innerwear. The person on the bed froze, her body was tense, and even the sound of her breathing seemed to be stopped.

“Exhale.” Huo Du reached out to caress her cheek and chuckled, “What are you nervous about? This brother won’t bully you.”

Did you bully any less? Le Zhi muttered in her heart.

But in the end, she relaxed her body. She let him take off her innerwear, wipe the sweat off her body with a warm cotton towel, and then pull the brocade quilt to bundle her whole body.

Le Zhi heard him get off the bed as if he had opened the wardrobe next to him and after a while, he returned to the bed. He lifted the quilt from her body and helped her change into clean bedclothes.

Immediately afterward, she felt a gust of wind blowing across her cheeks, and then the bedroom lit up again.

She saw Huo Du check her pulse, then looked up at her and asked, “You can’t speak?”

Le Zhi’s eyes darkened, and she nodded gloomily.

“It’s going to be alright with me here.” He put down the bed curtain and lay down with her in his arms. The palm of his hand rested on her back and tapped against her upper back, which was very coaxing.

Hearing the sound, Le Zhi’s heart trembled slightly. The hand around her waist tightened suddenly and made her snuggle with him closely. She pressed her whole body against him and buried her cheeks deeply into his neck.

“Tsk.” The soft snort in the silence and darkness was particularly clear, and then the tip of the ear was gently covered, and a low voice entered the ear, “Clingy spirit.”

Le Zhi turned a deaf ear. She nestled in his arms with peace of mind, found the most comfortable position, and fell asleep.

The days passed by were particularly long. Le Zhi did not know how many days had passed and had experienced several episodes of pain. When she woke up from sleep, day and night seemed to have nothing to do with her.

There was only pain and tiredness on her body, and there was only one person next to her.

When she woke up again, she did not know what time it was. When she opened her eyes, there was only darkness in front of her and she thought it was not yet dawn.

But… it doesn’t seem right!

Even if the sun was not out yet, there were still candles in the bedroom, and moonlight and starlight outside the window. In short, it could never be pitch black. She closed her eyes hard, then opened them again, closed and opened them again, and after several repetitions, it was still pitch black in front of her eyes.

Le Zhi’s heart became colder and colder.

So not only did she lose her voice, but she also lose her sight. So, what was the difference between her now and a crippled person?

She got up with difficulty and carefully stretched out her fingertips to touch the person next to her. Unfortunately, she only touched the residual warmth on the embroidered pillow, and panic crawled all over her body. She hugged her knees in a daze, not knowing what to do.

In the next moment, the bed curtain was lifted, and the familiar mint smell accompanied by a strong medicinal fragrance came to her face. The faint smell made the tip of her nose sour, and tears of fear instantly fell from her eyes.

Then she heard a loud thud of the porcelain bowl on the side table.

It turns out that he went to get medicine.

Huo Du stared at the little one curled up on the bed, and the helpless foxy eyes lost their former brilliance, leaving only dimness. He felt that his heart also fell into the abyss.

To make matter worse, he saw her body start to tremble violently again, more serious than any time before.

He hugged her tightly and gave her all the little internal strength left in his body. Although she was in his arms, he seemed to feel that he was holding a weak leaf and would slip away from his arms at any time.

Dread and fear bit Huo Du’s heart little by little, causing a tinge of sweetness to pour into his throat.

He once thought that he was isolated from the world and had long been alone. There was nothing in this world that could make him afraid, and there was also nothing worth remembering.

Until she appeared.

In his dark life, she was the only color.

Because of her, he became greedy. After seeing the beauty, he did not want to go back to the darkness. If this color disappeared, he could only wipe out all the colors in the world.

All those who hurt her and made her cry must be buried with her.

The reason why these people have survived to this day was that he wanted to keep their lives for her to play with.

The pain in her body was getting stronger and stronger, and Le Zhi bit her lip in pain. She felt that she could not make it through, so what if she could make it through? She was dumb and blind now, a complete waste.

How could she take revenge like this?

Why should she stay with Huo Du when she was so useless?

Thinking of this, Le Zhi stretched out her hand and fumbled, and then held the familiar palm. With trembling hands, she opened Huo Du’s palm and wrote a few words on it with her fingertips.

When she finished writing the last word, she felt that his hand had lost all its warmth, and the icy palm tightened suddenly, gripping her fingertips and refusing to let go.

She wrote three words that were not difficult for him to do.

“Just kill me.”

Le Zhi knew that as long as he moved his fingers, she would no longer suffer from this torment. She knew he tried his best and did everything he could. It was her uselessness. She could not hold on anymore.

She was really in pain and tired.

However, the strength that held her tightly behind her did not loosen at all. Suddenly, a few drops of coldness fell on her hot shoulders, causing her chaotic breath to stop.

Then, she heard his hoarse voice.

“I can live without you.”

Say the opposite…

Le Zhi’s tears fell even more.

The heart that was about to give up seemed to be held by him, and it was difficult to get rid of it.

How could she die with peace when he persisted like this?

Le Zhi took a deep breath, turned slightly, and hugged him with determination and strength. She was willing to try again and endure once more.

After an unknown amount of time, Le Zhi’s body softened when the last pain subsided. She closed her eyelids and fell asleep. When she woke up again, her eyes were bright, the light of the candle flickered in her eyes, and the gag in her throat seemed to be removed.

Le Zhi looked at the person beside him and saw that he was looking at her with a tired face and deep eyes.

“Huo Du…” She tried to whisper.

Huo Du took her pulse, and when she saw that her complexion had recovered a lot, he hummed softly. He touched her head, “Sleep for a while.”

Then he turned his back to her, not wanting her to see his exhaustion.

But Le Zhi had already seen it. She stretched out her arms and wrapped her arms around his waist tightly, pressing her face to his back, as before, but not completely the same.

“Clingy spirit.” Huo Du said faintly, with fatigue in his tone. He patted the hand around his waist, “It’s dirty. Go take a bath, then eat something, and come back to sleep again.”

Hearing this, Le Zhi whimpered and shook her head, tightening the arms holding him like a rogue. The fragility of recovering from a serious illness swept through her body. At this moment, she just wanted to stick to him willfully and was unwilling to let go.

“Le Zhi, be nice.” Huo Du seemed to be really tired, his voice was hoarse, and the volume gradually dropped.

Le Zhi let go of him, got out of the bed, and obediently walked towards the bathroom after listening to him.

When passing by the snow bone lotus, her gaze stayed on it for a moment. She originally wanted to use this flower to end the relationship between them, but unexpectedly, the two of them entangled even tighter.

The author has something to say:
Du: Finally saved my wife, yeah!
All: Yes, you cried too. Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee.
Du: Don’t talk nonsense, I didn’t. [smile]

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  1. I didn’t want to comment initially but it would have been better for the author to keep all these symptoms under a fictional disease name than putting it under malaria. Has she ever experienced malaria or seen anyone that has? What is this? I tried to ignore it but it’s really ticking me off. Please stop spreading wrong information. Thank you translator for your hard work.

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