After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 64          Sarcasm

The room was so quiet that even the sound of tears falling on her knees could be heard clearly.

Le Zhi raised her hand to wipe away the tears on her face and then turned sideways to the light of the red candle on the table. She took a few deep breaths and said in a very calm tone, “Your Highness shouldn’t have come.”

Huo Du did not speak, even the expression on his face had not changed. However, the hand holding the white jade cane suddenly tightened, then he slowly walked to the table and picked up one of the many pieces of paper.

“Prime Minister Shen still has to make this move, which is very beneficial to Your Highness.” Le Zhi saw clearly which one he was holding and then spoke of her plan casually, “And if you want to win over Prime Minister Shen, you must start from Shen Qingyan. Your Highness can first… You!”

The whole piece of paper was torn up by Huo Du’s hands and fell to the ground, and unable to see what was written on it. Le Zhi’s eyes widen and fell into despair, all the words she wanted to say were blocked for a while.

“Why don’t you say anymore?” Huo Du sat down and faced her face to face. His black eyes stare at her all the time. After waiting for a while, seeing that she was still silent, he moved his eyes to the rest of the paper on the table and scanned it lightly.

Huh, what’s this? A will?

There was also a tone of voice in which she seemed to explain the future events.

Huo Du’s eyes grew colder and colder until they became ice. He continued to set his eyes on Le Zhi’s cheeks.

“That’s very thoughtful of you.” He hooked his lips, but there was no smile on his face, and his tone was full of sarcasm, “Unfortunately…”

Le Zhi stared at him blankly and did not understand his meaning.

“Tsk.” Huo Du sneered softly, reached out his hand and pressed her chapped lips with his fingertips, then lightly clasped the table with his long fingers, and continued to speak coldly, “Let me tell you, if you die, I will not only not cooperate with Shen Huai, but I will also help Huo Xu to ascend to the throne. As for your sister, I won’t care at all. And your people will naturally be sent back to the slave market.”

There was no warmth in his voice, and there was a hint of intimidation in his voice. It was as if they were back to when they first met.

Cold and ruthless.

But he could not hide the panic and cowardice in his eyes for a long time.

The tip of Le Zhi’s nose turned red, and the tears that had accumulated in her eyes rolled down her pale cheeks. She was obviously not afraid, but his panic and cowardice evoked fear in her heart.

“Why are you like this…” She finally could not help it. She clenched her fist and hit him on the shoulder, but she was already out of strength, so she stopped after only two hits, “First, you’re angry at me, and now you scare me. You’re doing it deliberately, deliberately don’t want to let me feel at ease.”

Huo Du looked at her, and his eyes were getting darker.

Le Zhi was right that he was doing it deliberately. He could not make her feel at ease, absolutely could not. Once she was at ease, she would no longer have the will to live.

He knew what the most important thing to her was. It was her loved ones, the responsibilities, and those people to whom she wrote her last words.

Not including him, was not it?

He knew too well that even if she had such a little affection for him, it would be only insignificant to her.

He could not keep her.

Huo Du lowered his eyes and caught a glimpse of her slightly trembling fingertips as if they were touching his heart. He took her hand, looked at the red and swollen finger, and then opened his mouth to suck it.

The itchy and sore finger was wrapped by the warm and soft tongue, which shocked Le Zhi into a cold sweat.

She was so frightened that she pushed him without delay, but she did not dare to pull her fingers out hard. She was afraid, afraid that the wound that had just healed would open again. Would this infect him?

Why does he still go crazy at a time like this?!

When Le Zhi recovered, she was already held in Huo Du’s arms. After she regained her senses, she put her hand on his shoulder to resist him with red eyes, “What are you doing? Are you reluctant to part me, or are you deliberately trying to get me angry…”

If Huo Du was infected by her, it would really be over.

Her heart trembled violently, and she was about to die of fright.

“Le Zhi, you are a liar.”

Huo Du’s voice came to her ears, Le Zhi clutched his front lapel and asked with a choking feeling, “What did I lie to you again?”

“You said that there is a fate between us.” Huo Du’s voice was a little soft, his tone a little stuffy, “Do you want to give up without fighting?”

How can there be such a cheap thing?

Hearing this, Le Zhi suddenly froze. As her thoughts drifted away, she remembered…

“I believe in fate. Isn’t it because of fate that Your Highness and I have been separated by thousands of miles to become husband and wife now?”

This was what she said that day when she confessed to him.

… She was indeed lying at the time.

But listening to him say it at this moment made her heartache. She was finally able to determine the reason for his madness. She rested her chin on his shoulder and asked softly, “Are you afraid?”

The hand on her waist stiffened.

Is there anything she doesn’t understand?

“I’m not giving up, I’m just… just afraid of the pain.” She endured her sobbing, and her voice was getting more and more hoarse, “I’ve read books and this disease is very torturous. I’m afraid…”

“Let’s make a bet.” Huo Du interrupted her.

Feeling that his arms were loosening, Le Zhi stepped back a little, opening the distance between the two. She followed his gaze to the snow bone lotus on the table and then heard him say, “Just ten days. Within ten days, I will definitely cure you.”

The time for snow bone lotus to be used as medicine was also ten days.

Le Zhi looked sideways to stare at his side face, and her eyes moved slightly. She suddenly felt that Huo Du was right and that she was a liar.

She asked him if he was reluctant to part with her, and she asked him if he was afraid. It was just to hide her panic.

Because she was actually very reluctant to part with him.

“Very good.” She answered him.

 At this moment, a knock on the door sounded. Li Yao brought the boiled decoction.

“From today on, this loneliness and Taizifei will not see outsiders, just send the meals and decoctions to the bedroom.”

Li Yao was stunned for a moment, then bowed in response, and withdrew cautiously. She keenly sensed that the atmosphere in the room was unusual. In addition, Jing Xin told her about what happened at noontime, and Doctor Jiang’s strange reaction. She knew that her master’s illness would not be as simple as a common cold.

Her heart tightened. After closing the door of the room, Li Yao bit her lip and walked toward her room.

After Le Zhi drank the decoction, she went into the washroom to wash up.

After seeing her enter the washroom, Huo Du opened the door and called An Xuan, who was not far away, and handed him the letter in his sleeve, “Let the secret guard send this to the country Ning.”

An Xuan replied in a deep voice, and then said, “Your Highness, Cangyan Mountain has…”

When Le Zhi walked out of the washroom, she saw Huo Du talking to someone outside the door, and based on the voice, it should be An Xuan. Did they seem to be talking about burning or not?

Perhaps Huo Du heard her footsteps, he quickly said a few words and closed the door.

“What’s the matter? Did somewhere catch a fire?”

“No.” Huo Du walked over and touched her wet hair, “Go dry your hair.”

Le Zhi said “oh” softly and then walked towards the bed.

Huo Du walked sideways to the bathroom, remembering Le Zhi’s question just now, and his eyes turned cold.

She did hear it right.

He asked An Xuan to burn Cangyan Mountain. No matter what hurt her, it could not stay.

When he came out after changing his bedclothes, he saw the person on the bed was holding a cotton towel and looking at him aggrievedly, “I’m running out of strength…”

Huo Du smiled, sat down on the bed, supported her shoulders, and let her rest her head on his shoulder. He took the cotton towel from her hand and slowly wipe her hair. In winter, wet hair dried very slowly, so he raised his hand to concentrate his internal force to help her dry the wet hair.

After a brief moment, his hand touched her forehead like touching a piece of ice cold. He lowered his eyes and saw her beautiful eyes frown.

She’s fighting it.

The transition from scorching heat to cold, alternated repeatedly, which was the pain that must be experienced by people suffering from malaria.

Feeling that the hand on the hair stopped, Le Zhi got up a little confusedly. Looking into his eyes, she remembered his gentle movements just now, and his cold and ruthless appearance when they first met.

There were many different types of him circling in her mind, which made her forget the unbearable pain in her body for a while. She raised the corners of her lips to laugh, even her eyebrows and eyes became curved.

Huo Du hugged her and lay down on the bed, bundling her ice-like body with the quilt.

“What are you laughing at?” Huo Du asked with a frown.

With this appearance, she still could laugh. Could it be that she was sick until became foolish?

“I’m thinking about what Your Highness looked like before.” Le Zhi said weakly, “I can’t seem to remember.”

Huo Du did not answer, just poked her in the head, then hooked a strand of her hair, and wrapped it around his fingers.

” Shall we play a game?”

Huo Du’s long finger paused and looked at Le Zhi suspiciously. He felt that she talked a lot more tonight than usual.

“What to play?” he asked.

“Say the opposite.” A brilliant smile appeared in the foxy eyes, and Le Zhi said the rules of the game in a soft tone, “Just say what you want to say in the opposite.”

“Then I’ll go first.” She twinkled her eyes and said, “Your Highness is really ugly.”

“En, you’re so stupid.”

Le Zhi giggled, but after a while, she stopped laughing and said, “Actually, I’m not afraid at all.”

Huo Du’s eyes deepened, and he replied, “I won’t be with you all the time.”


The two of them talked until they were tired. The bedroom gradually became quiet, and only the candlewick made some crackling sounds.

Le Zhi’s forehead was sweating, but her body was shivering from the cold. She listened quietly to the long breathing of the person beside her, not sure if he really had fallen asleep.

But her throat was gagged uncomfortably, as if… as if she was about to lose her voice.

She did not know if she could really make it through. If she could not make it through…

Her heart gradually sank. She slowly approached Huo Du’s ear, not knowing where her strength came from, and gently pressed her cherry lips to the tip of his ear, and said with the last bit of her strength, “Meeting you makes me very unhappy… I don’t reluctant to part with you. I don’t like you at all.”

After saying that, her throat seemed to be really gagged with cotton, and could not make a sound anymore.

She clearly felt relieved before sinking into the darkness. It turned out that the feeling of declaring was so good.

However, the person who was lying beside her with his eyes closed, his eyelashes trembled because of her words.

The author has something to say:
Guess whether Brother Du wants to laugh or cry?

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