After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 58          Twin

Le Zhi lifted a corner of the carriage curtain and looked out, accompanied by the clattering sound of horses’ hoofs.

After leaving the city gate, the noise outside gradually faded away. In the outskirts, there was only the sound of grass and trees being blown by the wind. There was silence in the carriage. Le Zhi withdrew her eyes and then looked at Huo Du on her side.

She noticed that his expression was getting colder and colder, and even the hand she held began to get colder.

Even without saying a word, Le Zhi could also sense that he had a clear repulsion toward the destination.

She almost subconsciously put her other hand over the back of his hand, and when she saw him look over, she said softly, “The place to get the medicine… How about Your Highness don’t have to go and let An Xuan go with me?”

Finally, Huo Du’s eyes lit up with a slight smile. He sighed in his heart, sighed at her sensitivity, and sighed that he did not know how to pretend in front of her more and more, which made her see through him easily.

He caressed her head, “Don’t think too much.”

After he said that, Le Zhi stopped talking. She lowered her eyes and continued to ponder in her mind.

Huo Du looked at the very light dark circles under her eyes and it would not be possible to see them without looking closely and carefully. He always knew that she was overthinking and depressed. Even though he secretly added conditioning herbs to her meal, her heart was still unresolved, and her worries were difficult to dispel in the end.

He furrowed his brows helplessly, released his hand that was holding hers, and switched to hug her shoulders, letting her rest her head on his shoulders.

Le Zhi pondered for a long time but could not figure it out. When she finally regained her senses, she was already in Huo Du’s arms. She was surprised how she and Huo Du became what they were now.

Her head was extremely clear, and she could feel her body and mind approaching him willingly.

This distinct awareness made her body tense instantly, and at the same time, circle after circle of panic filled her heart.

Not long after, the carriage stopped.

Le Zhi opened the carriage door and saw an elegant bamboo house. Such an elegant house on such a remote outskirt was somewhat out of place with the surrounding environment. She thought for a moment, then turned around and held her hand out to Huo Du very naturally.

After getting off the carriage, An Xuan kept watch on the outside and the two walked forward step by step and stepped into the bamboo house.

“Old Man.” Huo Du called lazily facing inside.

Le Zhi frowned subconsciously and then went to pull his sleeves to express disapproval of his impolite address. But Huo Du chuckled lightly, not caring at all.

It did not take long for footsteps to come from inside the room, but the voice came out first before the person showed up.

“Let me tell you, little boy, either you don’t come once in several years, or you come one after another. Are you coming to get…”

There was an obvious impatience tone in his words, but before he could finish speaking, Yin Changshuo was already stunned in place. He first looked at Huo Du, and then his eyes fell on Le Zhi, and then he smiled.

“Old Man Yin.” Huo Du turned his head to the person beside him and said, then looked at Yin Changshuo, and introduced succinctly, “Le Zhi.”

Yin Changshuo looked at them standing side by side and their clothes sticking with each other in the wind. They were really a pair of beautiful couples. The mist gradually formed in his eyes, but the smile on his face became bigger and bigger.

For a while, no one spoke.

It was Le Zhi who reacted first. She stepped forward slowly, saluted respectfully, and then called out, “Uncle Yin.”

Yin Changshuo regained his senses and suppressed the emotions in his eyes. He hurriedly greeted them to enter the room, “Don’t be too polite. Don’t be too polite, quickly come in and sit down.”

The two followed into the room, and Huo Du walked to the medicine cabinet to get medicine as usual. Le Zhi stood beside him and looked at him quietly. Yin Changshuo brewed a cup of tea and handed it to Le Zhi.

Le Zhi thanked him and took it with both hands.

She glanced at Huo Du and then at Yin Changshuo, and saw the close relationship between the two. Even though both of them were not polite in their mouths, Yin Changshuo only brewed her a cup of tea. But this further showed that the relationship between the two was not estranged. He did not treat Huo Du as a guest at all and they were more like… family.

“Don’t spend it here with him, it’s boring.” Yin Changshuo smiled at Le Zhi, “Would you like to go to this Old Man’s back garden?”

Hearing this, Le Zhi did not answer immediately but looked at Huo Du.

After all, he came to get the medicine for her, and it seemed a bit unreasonable if she did not accompany him.

“Go play.” Huo Du looked at her and spoke.

He thought that since Le Zhi liked to play with Little Lame Huo so much, she would definitely like it here. She was always so worried, and he hoped she would be happy, even for a little while.

Now that he opened his mouth, Le Zhi did not refuse. She smiled and walked towards the back garden with Yin Changshuo.

As soon as she stepped into the back garden, Le Zhi was stunned in place.

Kittens, bunnies, puppies… There were so many cute little ones in the garden.

Le Zhi took off the moon-white cotton cloak in the room. Standing in the warm sunlight at this time, her light pink skirt seemed to glow with a layer of soft light, which made her look extra gentle.

She had an affinity for animals, so the furry little ones ran towards her excitedly, surrounded her, and carefully stretched out their paws to touch her cotton boots.

She walked slowly to the middle of the garden, sat down on the low stool, and leaned over to touch them. Their bodies were all soft, making the tip of her heart soften, and the corners of her lips curled into a smile unconsciously.

Yin Changshuo also took a stool and sat down beside her at a distance, “Bring a few of them back if you like it.”

Hearing the sound, Le Zhi turned her head to look over and Yin Changshuo had a gentle smile on his face. Le Zhi was stunned. For some reason, she suddenly remembered her imperial father, who used to talk to her with such a smile.

But she shook her head and refused, “It’s better to let them stay here.”

It was quiet and beautiful here, away from the hustle and bustle, which was more suitable for these little ones to live.

Yin Changshuo nodded, then changed the subject. He remembered what Huo Du said last time, and asked, “Is your sister sick?”

“En… She was frightened.” Le Zhi’s expression darkened, but she still kept smiling, “Thank you Uncle Yin for the medicine.”

“You’re welcome.”

After a pause, Yin Changshuo cast his gaze into the distance, as if remembering something sad. His eyes darkened, and he sighed softly, muttering as if he was talking to himself.

“If Xiao Du’s sister was still alive, it should be time for her to get married now.”

Hearing that, Le Zhi was shocked, and the carrot used to feed the rabbit in her hand fell to the ground.

Does Huo Du have a sister?

Listening to Uncle Yin, was his sister no longer alive?

Le Zhi suddenly discovered that she knew very little about him. In addition to knowing that he was the Taizi, his birth mother was the former princess of the Shengnuo Tribe, who passed away when he was young. As for the others, she knew nothing at all.

I don’t even know how he got his leg injured.

She looked into the room, the strong fragrance of medicine wafted to her nose, and her heart was a little stuffy.

“Does His Highness have a sister?” Le Zhi asked cautiously.

Yin Changshuo nodded, “Xiao Xiao and Xiao Du are twins, but she passed away many years ago.”

He did not plan to go into details. This matter was a pain in his heart, and every time he thought about it, it would make him feel unbearable pain in his heart. If he could have come back one step earlier that year, would he be able to save Xiao Xiao’s life and saved Xiao Du’s leg?

Unfortunately, there was no if.

Le Zhi looked at Uncle Yin silently, somewhat regretting the question she asked. She could feel the deep sorrow in Uncle Yin’s expression and tone. She should not have asked.

Yin Changshuo recovered and looked sideways at Le Zhi. Seeing her face full of self-blame, he said again, “It’s better for Xiao Du to tell you these things.”

There was unbearableness in his eyes. He knew very well what the child in front of him had just experienced not long ago. He did not want to add another weight to the child’s heart.

Le Zhi nodded in response. But her heart sank, Uncle Yin’s solemn and painful expression had already told her that this matter was wrapped in pain.

Even if some things were only recalled once, the heart seemed to be torn open again. She knew it, she knew it too well.

“Since you came all the way here, don’t look miserable. Let Uncle Yin tell you a happy thing?” Yin Changshuo changed his words, “That kid is finally willing to treat his leg.”

“Treat his leg?” Le Zhi’s eyes lit up and asked in surprise, “Can His Highness’s leg be cured?”

“Yes.” Yin Changshuo frowned, a little angry, “If he had figured out earlier, he would have been cured a long time ago. Now… it’s very troublesome!”

Listening to Uncle Yin’s words, Le Zhi’s heart was a mess and when she heard the word trouble, her heart froze and asked, “Is it difficult to cure?”

Yin Changshuo did not answer but got up and went to the room to get a medical book, opened it, and handed it to Le Zhi. Le Zhi took it and saw a flower was drawn on the page that was turned, and the shape of the petals seemed to be a bit like snowflakes.

It was a breed she had never seen before.

“This flower is called the snow bone lotus, and it grows in dense jungles.” Yin Changshuo continued to sit on the low stool and sighed, “If he wants to regenerate the bones of the disabled leg, he must use this snow bone lotus. There are so many snow-bone lotuses in the earlier years, but that dead kid refuses to treat it. Isn’t it great now? It’s hard to find the flower.”

Le Zhi somewhat understood, but at the same time, she did not understand.

“Why… why did he suddenly realize this?” Le Zhi murmured.

Listening to Uncle Yin’s meaning, Huo Du clearly refused to treat his legs, so why did he suddenly want to cure his legs?

Yin Changshuo smiled and asked her, “What do you think?”

Le Zhi raised her eyes and turned her head, just in time to see Huo Du coming out of the inner room with a white jade cane. As if he had telepathy, he also looked in her direction, facing each other at a distance.

Both of them were startled.

It was Le Zhi who looked away first. She lowered her eyes and continued to look at the snow bone lotus drawn in the medical book, trying hard to remember the appearance of the flower in her mind.

Through his eyes that were looking at her, she seemed to have guessed the reason why he wanted to treat his leg.

Huo Du just stood there and did not come over. He looked at Le Zhi quietly, wondering what she was thinking.

Then Yin Changshuo got up and walked over, standing beside him.

After a moment of silence, Yin Changshuo turned his head slightly, and asked in a muffled voice, “Have you ever thought about taking her away from Great Qi?”

The black eyes that had been looking at the light pink figure from the beginning moved slightly, and Huo Du’s long-silent heart moved with it.

The author has something to say:
Zhi: I don’t know anything about my husband. (sad)
Du: Then you can ask me!

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