After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 57          Sweetness

The sun shone on Huo Du’s eyes, even his usual emotionless eyes seemed to be stained with warmth.

Le Zhi was dumbfounded, not knowing whether it was because of what he said or because of the rare tenderness between his cold eyebrows.

“Then I’ll eat with Your Highness, all right?” Le Zhi pursed her lips, feeling a little guilty in her heart.

Since her sister came out from Xia Feitai, she had put most of her mind on her sister, and the rest was mostly spent on the shop’s business and looking for her sister-in-law and Yu’er. Except for dinner and bedtime, she and Huo Du hardly had time to talk.

Huo Du gave a low hum, agreeing with her proposal.

Le Zhi raised her head and saw that the sun was just right and did not push him to the dining room. Instead, she called Li Yao and asked her to bring the dishes to the garden.

The warm sun in winter could not be disappointing.

The two of them did not talk much during the meal, they just ate quietly. Li Yao was holding a bowl of sweet dessert soup in her hand, seeing this peaceful and beautiful scene from a distance, she stayed in place for a while, not wanting to come forward to disturb them.

At this time, Lin Yue happened to pass by and saw Li Yao’s back. She turned around and walked to her side, and looked at the center of the garden together with her.

Anyone who saw such a scene could not help but stop to take a second look.

It’s so beautiful!

Lin Yue could not help feeling deeply moved in her heart.

In the past, the mansion was filled with coldness. Although His Highness Taizi looked like an immortal, his body seemed to be coated with a layer of ice, which made people terrified. But since her master came, she found that the ice on His Highness seemed to have melted a lot.

The premise was that her master was by his side.

Her master was really powerful, not only a woman of great beauty but also had good character and a pure heart. From the beginning of their acquaintance to later becoming her master’s personal maid, Lin Yue’s admiration for her grew day by day. Therefore, she was not surprised by the changes in His Highness Taizi.

Which man would not like her master?
Unless he is blind.

It was just that… Lin Yue suddenly remembered something. She glanced regretfully at His Highness Taizi next to her master and let out a long sigh.

The sigh was too heavy until Li Yao turned her head in confusion and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“… It’s nothing, nothing.” Lin Yue came back to her senses and her eyes twinkled to avoid the problem, “Hurry up and send the soup over, it won’t be good if it gets cold.”

This matter was too private, it was a secret between her and her master, and she naturally could not tell anyone!

Li Yao did not say anything, but slowly walked over and gently placed the soup bowl on the stone table, trying her best not to make any sound when putting down the bowl on the table. After putting it down, she immediately walked away quickly.

Le Zhi put down the silver chopstick, took the soup bowl, and slowly scooped the soup with a silver spoon to drink. Since she had already eaten lunch, naturally she could not eat much more. She shifted her eyes slightly and used the corner of her eyes to secretly look at the person beside her.

She saw him holding the silver chopsticks in his right hand and slowly picking up the vegetables. While the purple stone that he had just played with earlier was placed on the stone table at this time and was covered with his left hand.

Le Zhi subconsciously fixed her gaze on his cold white fingers. Suddenly, she saw his index finger curled slightly, and unintentionally touched the purple stone with his fingertip.

The fingertip touched lightly …

Her heart tightened, and the feeling from last night swirled instantly. The hand holding the silver spoon trembled slightly.


The silver spoon fell into the soup bowl, and Le Zhi could not dodge in time, and a few drops of warm sweet dessert soup were splashed on her face. Her mind was so chaotic that she forgot to wipe them.

Huo Du had just taken a sip of tea when he heard the sound and raised his eyes to look over. He put down the teacup, pulled out the silk handkerchief from Le Zhi’s sleeves, and raised his hand to wipe off the soup stains on her face. Through the thin handkerchief, his fingers touched a burning hot surface.

He stared at her and watched the snowy cheeks in front of him gradually turn red.

Huo Du knitted his eyebrows, put the handkerchief away, and touched it directly with his palm. From her cheeks to her forehead, it was surprisingly hot.

Huo Du was puzzled, how did she suddenly become a small stove in the cold winter month?

With his worries, he lowered his hand and put it directly on her white wrist.

She isn’t sick either.

Even if he held the warm stone all day long, Huo Du’s palm was still a little cold. But even so, with his touch, the blush on Le Zhi’s cheeks deepened even more.

Feeling his fingers touching her wrist, she felt that her palms were also getting hotter.

Before the heat could reach Le Zhi’s heart, she hurriedly pushed Huo Du’s hand away, lowered her eyes, and fell into contemplation with the violent beating in her chest.

What’s wrong with her?

It was clear that she had done more intimate things with him. Bathing and kissing with each other, which was more intimate than this! How could there be such a big reaction if she was just being touched?

She bit her lower lip and wondered why her sudden intense feelings were.

Huo Du had been watching her from the beginning, not missing any of her subtle movements. He also felt a little strange that why his little fox suddenly became awkward. Then he looked at her hands clasped together at a loss, and her drooping eyes only showed a few black eyelashes.

He leaned closer to take a closer look at her and saw that the end of her foxy eyes was red. But it was not red due to crying.

There was a strange sweetness in his heart, and he seemed to understand the reason for her abnormality. It was just that… he needed to confirm it again.

“Le Zhi, is the sweet dessert soup delicious?”

Hearing his inquiry, Le Zhi had to raise her eyes and bumped into his eyes. There seemed to be a whirlpool hidden in the depths of those peach blossom eyes. If she looked at it a few more times, she was afraid that she would fall into it and be unable to get away from it.

She looked away with a guilty conscience and then said, “It’s very delicious. I’ll ask Li Yao to bring another bowl for Your Highness to taste.”

As she spoke, she stood up to call someone and took this opportunity to calm herself down for a while.

But her arm was pulled, and the whole person was held down by a force, unable to get up. Le Zhi did not understand what Huo Du was going to do again, so she could only look at him in astonishment.

Then she clearly saw his face leaning closer to her, with a smile on his lips, and whispered to her in return, “Why so troublesome.”

His eyes moved down and landed on her cherry lips, with obvious meaning.

Le Zhi knew very well that she should push him and run away quickly. Even if she could not run away, she should turn her head. But she did not move and even had a faint expectation in her heart.

Her gaze could only stay for half a moment, and this half a moment was also the time Huo Du left for her to escape. Half a moment passed like a blink of an eye, and the curvature of the corners of his lips gradually increased.

Without any hesitation, Huo Du raised a hand around Le Zhi, put his hand on the back of her neck, and kissed her firmly.

There was sweetness on her lips which was left by the sweet dessert soup. Huo Du was a person who did not like sweetness but at this time he was hooked by this sweetness. He gently sucked it and let the sweetness spread all over his body.

The sweetness in his mouth and sweetness in his heart finally collided with each other, creating a sweeter taste.

Huo Du smiled and deepened the kiss. He did not like sweetness, but at this moment he just wanted to indulge in this sweetness.

Le Zhi was stunned, feeling the faint mint smell coming over. His lips were warm, but his kisses were extremely hot and intense. Gradually, his lips began to heat up, which was consistent with the temperature on her lips.

She lost her breath in the deep kiss, almost out of breath.

Huo Du released her in time, and Le Zhi panted for a moment to ease the suffocation in her chest. But before her heart was completely calmed down, the familiar breath struck again, and it was even hotter than before.

It turned out that he was just giving her time to breathe, not to end it.

Amid dizziness, she felt as if she was stepping on the clouds, light and weak, and her hands had to hold his clothes tightly in order not to fall from the air.

Li Yao and Lin Yue, who were standing in the distance waiting for the order, were stunned for a long time. Although they were far apart, they could still see.

After all, they were two girls who had not married yet and when they suddenly saw this scene, they could not react for a while.

How come it become like this when they were just having a meal together?

When they regained their senses, the two hurriedly turned around.

See no evil!

At this time, Jing Xin walked in their direction with several maids. Li Yao and Lin Yue looked at each other’s flushed faces at the same time, with a bit of serious countenance.

Soon, they looked at each other and nodded, and hurried towards Jing Xin.

“Jing Xin, Master is looking for us. Let’s go, let’s go there together.”

“Hey… I have to help the housekeeper to check on the decorations in the mansion first!”

Before Jing Xin could react, she was being half-dragged and half-turned her steps by the two. Her arms were clenched so tightly that she could not move and had to be dragged away by them. But after walking for a while, she suddenly remembered.

Isn’t Master eating in the garden?
Are they going in the wrong direction?

Le Zhi did not know how long the kiss lasted. She only knew that in the end, her head was still chaotic. But Huo Du’s palm still fastened to the back of her neck and never retreated.

Her back stiffened.

Huo Du narrowed his eyes and took a closer look at her rosy cheeks and charming red lips. He reached out his hand to gently rubbed the line of her lips with his finger, feeling the warmth he left on her lips.

Then he leaned closer to her ear and pressed his side face to her face.

He did not have to think about it, her shyness and the warmth of her cheeks were enough to confirm his suspicions.

The charming little fox, who seduced people, was seduced instead.

But he still had to ask, “Does this brother look good when eating?”

Seeing that she was silent, he deliberately rubbed the back of her neck with his hand, “Compared to this brother’s hand… which one looks better?”

Le Zhi really could not stand his such, such bare seduction.

It’s still daylight, even in the garden! Does this lunatic completely have no bottom line at all?

She pushed him away and glared at him fiercely again. Then lie down on the cold stone table and cool herself down.

After a while, Le Zhi regained her composure. But the quiet atmosphere made her feel a little embarrassed. She looked around and thought about what to say to ease the embarrassment of the two.

No, she did not think that Huo Du would be embarrassed, and she might be the only one who was embarrassed.

After thinking for a while, Le Zhi suddenly remembered that the medicinal ingredients that Huo Du brought back from outside to heal his sister were running out. She coughed lightly, turned to look at him sideways, and started the topic bluntly, “Well, my sister’s medicine is almost used up…”

As soon as the words came out, Le Zhi regretted it a little. She seemed too deliberate to say this now as it seemed that she had a purpose to accompany him to dinner. She pursed her lips in annoyance and then cursed him a few words in her heart.

It’s all his fault… He made her muddle-headed and now she started talking without thinking in front of him.

At this time, the person beside her picked up his cane and got up. Le Zhi lowered her head and heard him stopped after taking a few steps. She raised her head cautiously to look at him and saw that his eyes were looking at her at the same time.

“Let’s go.” Huo Du said leisurely to her, “Go get the medicine.”

Does this mean to let her go together?

Le Zhi stood up suspiciously and walked slowly to his side. She raised her hand slightly, hung it in the air for a moment, and then lowered it. When the two walked together, she always used to support him.

But after just now… looking at his hand again, she was a little embarrassed.

Huo Du’s face suddenly sank as he watched her little movements. He stretched out his hand in displeasure and ordered, “Hold it.”

Le Zhi was surprised by his moodiness, pursed her lips, and then gently held his hand. But Huo Du was obviously dissatisfied with her half-hearted grip.

Turning his palm slightly, he locked his long fingers between hers and clasped all ten fingers tightly.

The two walked toward the gate together. Le Zhi followed in his footsteps and walked a little behind him. She looked down at the clasped hands. She just held his lightly, but Huo Du held her tightly.

Her heart seemed to be held tightly by him.

She looked away. When she looked up, she accidentally saw the tip of his ear, which was glowing strangely red. She blinked and looked at his other ear, which had the same redness.

Her shyness slowly dissipated. It turned out that he was not as calm as he appeared. She was just caught in her emotions that she did not take a closer look at his reaction.

So, he’s also shy, isn’t he?

After realizing Huo Du’s hidden emotions, Le Zhi’s heart was filled with inexplicable joy. Even the hand that was lightly holding him was tightened unconsciously.

The corners of her lips were slightly raised, and a soft smile appeared in her eyes.

The author has something to say:
Du: Wife, did I kiss well?
Zhi: Put on some clothes!!!
Lin Yue & Li Yao: Crazy! Carry the CP banner!!!
Jing Xin: What did I miss?!!

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