After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 51          Aroused

Huo Du felt the warmth in his forehead and quietly looked at the face that was close by. She had her eyes closed and her black eyelashes were slightly curled up, making the corners of his lips unconsciously draw the same curve.

Le Zhi’s soft whispering came to his ears, as tiny as mosquitoes, but Huo Du could still hear it clearly. It was just that he was talking nonsense, and she really believed it. Huo Du laughed at her stupidity in his heart, but seeing her serious expression, a burst of happiness rose in his heart.

It seemed that he really received the happiness that she conveyed.

Soon, the hands around his waist loosened, and Le Zhi moved back a little. Before she fully opened her eyes, Huo Du quickly put his palm on the back of Le Zhi’s neck, leaned close to her face, and dropped a light kiss.

A soft fragrance was pressed against the warm lips, a quick peck kiss.

Le Zhi opened her eyes in panic, and the redness on her snowy cheeks spread to the tips of her ears. She looked into Huo Du’s eyes, and her heart trembled slightly because of the burning desire in his eyes. She looked away embarrassedly, and raised her hand to push his arm away, “Quickly, quickly go take a bath.”

Huo Du laughed and deliberately teased her, “You don’t recognize people after hugging?”

Hearing this, Le Zhi was ashamed and annoyed. She pushed him hard, then turned over to get on the bed, buried herself in the quilt, and wrapped her head tightly.

Huo Du tugged at the quilt on her body, exposing her head a little so that she would not be out of breath.

“I’m going to the pharmacy.” He leaned over and whispered, and after seeing Le Zhi nod lightly across the brocade quilt, he picked up the cane beside him and walked out of the room.

Le Zhi only thought that he was taking the medicinal materials, but it was not all because of this. Huo Du went to the pharmacy, ground all the medicinal materials he brought back into powder, packed them in porcelain bottles of different colors, walked to the edge of the medicine cabinet, and took down a sea-blue porcelain bottle from the highest point.

He sat on the armchair and stared at the medicine bottle.

After a while, he poured out a black pill and put it in his mouth. The bitter medicinal smell penetrated the tip of the tongue and slid down the throat. When the bitterness spread to his whole body, Huo Du curved his lips and smiled slightly.

This medicine was developed by Huo Du a few days ago. Sleeping with Le Zhi every night was to let down her guard at the beginning, but the torment of unbearable heat was increasing day by day.

Once, he scoffed at the world’s seven emotions and six desires. But now, he was drawn to her and had desired. Thinking and craving for desire became one of the many sentient beings in the world.

Huo Du knew that with Le Zhi’s temperament, as long as he said he wanted it, she would definitely not refuse him. He knew she was a very open-minded person. But he did not want to get her body like a deal as she wished and then push her heart away.

He would never do such a stupid thing.

He had already fallen in love with her and was naturally very greedy for her. He wanted both her body and mind.

But, if he still could not understand the subtle feelings that Le Zhi’s eyes could not suppress when he was in the greenhouse today, and the warm embrace just now, then he was really a fool.

When he did not know her feelings, his desires and thoughts could still be suppressed with his inner strength. But now, he was not sure how long he could suppress it.

Therefore, while sanity was still alive, he must start taking medicine. Because Huo Du knew that it was possible to enjoy pleasure, he would never allow Le Zhi to conceive a child.

Even the slightest heartbeat for him could make her entangled endlessly. If she was pregnant with his child, how painful would it be for her?

His little fox was so smart, Huo Du knew that she would definitely take the child avoidance soup and would not allow herself to fall into this kind of suffering. But things like child avoidance soup were too harmful to a woman’s body. Huo Du could not bear it.

Instead of letting her avoid it, it would be better for him to do it. As long as he took it for one month, and then take one tablet every month, then he could ensure its effectiveness.

Until all the obstacles between them were removed, the child would only be a burden. Besides, the road they were taking now was full of danger on every side. Especially for him, he took a road of no return. He could keep her safe, but he did not want to leave a child with the Huo clan’s bloodline to her, leaving her trapped in self-blame for the rest of her life.

The bitterness in his mouth gradually faded, and Huo Du stood up with satisfaction and walked slowly towards the bedroom.

As for Le Zhi who got up and rummaged through the books after he left, was reading carefully against the embroidered pillow.

It was not until the door was pushed open again that she shoved the book into the quilt in a panic. She raised her eyes to look at Huo Du, and she could see a little snow had fallen on his clothes across the distance.

It’s cold outside, and I wonder if his leg hurts again.

Her heart jumped and she turned her head back.

Huo Du looked at her slightly blushing side face, and a strange feeling flashed in his heart. But he did not think much, he just raised his leg to walk toward the bathroom.

After he went in, Le Zhi took out the book again, finally browsed through it, and put the book back in its place. She touched the scabbed wound on her shoulder and secretly made a decision.

Le Zhi had not been a diligent person since she was a child, but her ability to act was far better than most people, and she was very reliable.

Since she had said before that she would consummate when her injury was healed, she would not be coy about it. Especially since Huo Du gave her such great happiness today, she felt that today was an extremely suitable day.

In addition, he was a little unhappy when he came back just now. Since a hug could make him a lot happier, let him be happy to the end.

Le Zhi thought her idea was superb!

When Huo Du came out of the bathroom, the candlelight in the bedroom had dimmed a lot, and he raised his eyelids.

There was only one red candle left on the table, and the incense burner was not the fruit incense that Le Zhi loved to use on weekdays but had changed to the richer fragrance of rose incense. Even the bed curtain was put down, leaving only a faint gap. A strange feeling in his heart grew more and more.

Huo Du slowly walked to the side of the bed, and the people inside seemed to be asleep. He smiled, it seemed that he had thought too much. He lifted the bed curtain and laid down, feeling the warm fragrance on the bedding. He could not help but smile.

He used to think that he controlled his desires very well, but now he had begun to like the warmth and avoided the cold, and longed to be trapped in the land of tenderness and warmth with her.

He stretched out his hand and wanted to take Le Zhi into his arms for a hug, but he was afraid of disturbing her good dream. After thinking for a moment, he finally retracted his hand.

But in the next instant, Huo Du’s heart was startled when a soft arm wrapped around him, and his eyes showed a bit of bewilderment in it. Soon, Le Zhi leaned her body over.

A trace of candlelight shone into the dim bed. Le Zhi put her hand on Huo Du’s chest, propped up slightly, and looked into his eyes with a sweet smile. Huo Du looked at her foxy eyes, which were as bright as stars.

His breathing became chaotic, and he knew exactly what she wanted to do.

Le Zhi’s eyes darkened as she watched him, and she leaned over and gently kissed the corners of his lips, from one side to the other. Then she pressed her lips on his face again, and finally put her lips on the tips of his ears, and said softly, “The wound on the shoulder has healed.”

Only fools could not understand such an obvious invitation.

There were only thin bedclothes covering each other, and the hearts were so close to each other. The hearts pounded violently again and again, and the rhythms were different. Neither of them could tell which heartbeat belonged to them.

Le Zhi had never felt such a scorching body temperature on Huo Du, and even the breath he exhaled was hot. But when she touched his leg… the temperature seemed to be hotter. She could not help but shudder.

After reading so many books, Le Zhi naturally knew what it meant. However, once she started, there would be no turning back.

She had thought about it that since Huo Du had a leg problem, she had to take the initiative in this matter. Fortunately, she had learned well, and her mind kept thinking of which position should make both of them more comfortable, then moved slightly and kissed his moving Adam’s apple intensely.

“Le Zhi…” Huo Du groaned, the voice he called out was also hoarse.

Le Zhi’s heart pounded loudly. She raised her face, no longer hesitated, and kissed his lips. However, when the lips were about to touch, Huo Du, relying on the last remaining rationality, reached out his hand against her thin shoulders.

The blocking action was too obvious.

Le Zhi was stunned and looked at him at a loss, completely bewildered.

Using the dim light, she opened her eyes wide and looked into Huo Du’s eyes carefully. The desire in his eyes was clearly overflowing, and even the temperature of his palms was hot.

Then, why?

Huo Du gently pushed her down on the other side of the bed, pulled the quilt and wrapped her around her, and hurriedly got off the bed. Even when he pulled the bed curtain, his hands seemed to be filled with anger.

Le Zhi heard the familiar sound of the cane touching the ground and knew that he had gone to the bathroom again. The heat source on her side left, but the heat on her body had yet reduced. She frowned and lifted the quilt that was wrapping her to dissipate the heat through ventilation.

Gradually, the warmth on her body subsided, but a wave of anger rose in her heart.

She! Was! Being! Refuse! Again!!

She took so much initiative, and he was also aroused.

Why did he reject her!?

Was he sick?!

Le Zhi scolded him inwardly, but after the scolding, she calmed down a bit.


She thought about it carefully and remembered that nothing happened when she gave him an aphrodisiac. Originally it was just an angry scolding, but now that she thought about it, it seemed to be true.

Once the idea had popped up, it grew rapidly.

The more Le Zhi thought about it, the more she felt that it was true. Because other than that, she could not think of any other reason to explain it all.

It turned out that in addition to his leg problems, he also had a hidden illness.

His medical skills were obviously so good, but she also knew an old saying…

Doctors do not treat themselves.

Her anger dissipated, the color of her eyes gradually darkened, and the tip of Le Zhi’s heart seemed to be pierced by a thin needle, spreading out a burst of pain.

At this moment, the person who hurriedly entered the bathroom gathered his inner strength with his fingertips and tapped heavily on several acupuncture points. But the suffocation in his chest was unbearable. His throat was filled with sweetness, and he spits out a mouthful of blood.

He had used internal force to suppress desires too many times, and it was normal to vomit blood. What happened tonight was completely beyond his expectations.

He was almost driven crazy. The lust in his eyes had dissipated, leaving only gloominess.

What kind of lousy medicine that had to be taken for a month! His brilliant medical skills were bullshit. He could not even develop a better medicine!

One month…
This is simply living torturously for a year!

Huo Du slumped into the chair disappointedly and dropped his cane for the first time. He looked at his powerless leg and remembered the gentle look of Le Zhi who pressed on him and took into consideration of his disabled leg just now.

He gradually closed the palms, clenching his fists tightly.

The irritability in his heart increased, and he began to feel anxious. He had to find the snow bone lotus quickly!

The author has something to say:
If Great Qi has a hot search, then the number one hot search must be… #Huodu can’t do it#

Du: See you in a month! I hope to get your apology by then.

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