After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 50          Hug

The fragrance of medicine in the bamboo house was overflowing, which was a smell that Huo Du was familiar with.

When he was young, he first lost his leg, and later became addicted to Bailuo powder. He locked himself in the mansion, with all his thoughts in despair, and left himself to fend for himself.

But one night, a man in black quietly sneaked into the Taizi Mansion and brought him to this bamboo house in a half-conscious state.

This man was Yin Changshuo.

Huo Du watched him turn around in astonishment, his face full of disbelief. He could not help frowning, because he found that Yin Changshuo’s face actually had wrinkles.

Although Huo Du kept calling him an old man, in his subconscious, he always felt that Yin Changshuo would never grow old.

It turned out that he would get old too.

It turned out that so many years had passed.

Huo Du lowered his eyes, suppressed the fleeting emotions, ignored Yin Changshuo’s astonishment, and walked slowly towards the back room.

Even though Huo Du had not been here for a long time, he was still no stranger to this place. He walked straight to the mahogany medicine cabinet, skillfully opened a few drawers, took out a few herbs, and threw them on the table. Then took a few more steps to the right and open the spacious drawer on the far side.

Seeing this, Yin Changshuo said angrily, “Hey, hey… you stinky brat. You rummage through the boxes as soon as you come here!”

Huo Du turned a deaf ear and continued to search. After a while, he still could not find what he was looking for.

“Old man, where is the snow bone lotus?” Huo Du turned around and asked.

He was used to Huo Du’s indifference, and it was rare to hear a nervous tone in his questioning, which made Yin Changshuo very surprised.

“What? Seriously?” Yin Changshuo smiled, “Do you really want to treat your leg?”

Seeing that Huo Du did not answer, he took a few steps forward and glanced at the medicinal materials on the table, “Purple lingzhi, moss grass, and divine sand. Is someone frightened?”

The backroom had an elegant layout. A low wooden table was placed beside the windowsill, with plush mats on both sides. The herbal tea brewing on the table was boiling, and the lid of the pot was vibrating.

Huo Du did not answer. He walked slowly and sat on the velvet mat. He stretched out his hand, slowly picked up the teapot, poured a cup of tea, and slowly brought it to his mouth to take a sip.

Yin Changshuo knew his temperament well and did not care. He sat down on the other side and finally said, “Xiaodu, you’ve changed a lot.”

Huo Du raised his eyelids and sneered softly, “Really?”

“I can’t tell…” Yin Changshuo smiled, “I felt you have a little more human in you.”

Hearing this, Huo Du’s face darkened.

Was this old man scolding him in a different way?

“All right, all right, let’s be serious. You come here in such a hurry…” Yin Changshuo waved his hand and asked tentatively, “Is it because of your new wife?”

With Huo Du’s temperament, there was almost no possibility of being frightened by the other. But he pulled out these calming medicinal materials, obviously for the other person. Yin Changshuo knew that he had been alone for many years and did not care about anything. If there was any change now, it was probably only the matter of marrying a wife not long ago.

Yin Changshuo pondered for a moment and suddenly realized.

“Stinky boy! Did you act dead again to frighten your wife?”

Huo Du pursed his lips, gave him a rather indescribable look, and said with a light tone, “It’s not her, it’s her sister.”

Even though he stayed far away from the hustle and bustle of the imperial city and lived here for a long time, Yin Changshuo had always been very concerned about Huo Du. He knew who Huo Du had married, the little princess of country Li.

The country Li had a clear consciousness of law and order. Emperor Li was even more generous and benevolent, and his reputation was far and wide. His children must be all excellent.

However, what Huo Changyun did… Yin Changshuo shook his head and sighed, he had not asked about the world for many years, and the only one he could not rest assured was the child in front of him.

Chu Yu’s son.

They all said that sons were like their mothers. Huo Du’s peach blossom eyes were born exactly like his mother’s. Through these eyes, Yin Changshuo seemed to be able to see the little girl who smiled like a flower and grew up with him.

He could not help but tilt his head to look out the window, overlooking the misty mountain, and smiled with his lips curved.

The imperial mausoleum of the Great Qi was located on top of the Wushan mountain, which was the mountain of immortals of the Great Qi. It was surrounded by clouds and mists all year round, which seemed to have the shadow of an immortal.

Yin Changshuo’s bamboo house was the closest place to Wushan Mountain. In this way, he guarded Wushan, guarded the imperial mausoleum, and accompanied Chu Yu in the imperial mausoleum year after year.

His eyes passed through the mist, and he conveyed the news to the person who was sleeping forever inside.

Ah Yu, Xiaodu is married. It’s rare for him to come here. It’s rare… to be so close to you. You take a good look at him.

After a while, Yin Changshuo put away his emotions, turned his head to look at Huo Du, and said with a smile, “Are you in love?”

He knew that Huo Du hated coming here because the imperial mausoleum was too close here. Xiao Du hated Ah Yu so much that he did not even want to admit that he had this mother.

But today, he actually came here for the first time for a few medicines. He was even so worried just for the little princess’ sister, who was her family member.

What else could Yin Changshuo not see?

After a long while, Huo Du hummed, which was a response to Yin Changshuo’s question. He has nothing to deny.

Le Zhi was so good that it was normal for him to like her.

Even the moment he confessed, his chest was overflowing with pride. Even just thinking of her, a soft place in his heart seemed to be caressed by the breeze.

Getting warmer, and getting hotter.

Yin Changshuo clearly felt the change in Huo Du’s mood, and he slowly lowered his gaze to his disabled leg. There was no need to ask anymore, he could already guess the reason why Huo Du wanted to treat his leg. Just that…

“Snow bone lotus, which grows in dense jungles, takes three years to grow and it takes three years to bear fruit. It must be medicated within ten days after the fruit is picked, otherwise, it will lose its medicinal effect.” Yin Changshuo sighed, “This thing cannot be planted, only grow in the wild. Over the years, snow bone lotus has become rarer and rarer.”

After a pause, he increased his voice and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, with your Uncle Yin here, I will definitely find it for you!”

Huo Du did not speak, just stared at him blankly.

This man passed on most of his internal strength to him after he disabled his leg, regardless of his own safety, and taught him medical skills, folk art, and strategies. Compared to Huo Changyun, Yin Changshuo seemed to be his father.

Even if he did not want to admit it, Huo Du had hoped that Yin Changshuo was his father when he was young. But he felt that Chu Yu was not worthy, and as the son of Chu Yu, he was not worthy of his life to save him.

Yin Changshuo, who was well-versed in both literary and martial arts, and had mastered the arts of music and medicine, would spend his whole life here for a woman.

Originally, how could Huo Changyun be willing to let him live here, how could that selfish and cunning man let him be so close to his woman? He sent heavy troops to encircle and suppress him, but even if he lost most of his internal strength, Yin Changshuo’s skills were still unfathomable.

Insufficient resistance was more like self-preservation. He would always use flying skills to leave when Huo Changyun sent troops, and he would still return to the bamboo house after the soldiers left. Over time, Huo Changyun could not do anything about him.

Like an iron heart, he stubbornly stayed here to accompany Chu Yu.

Huo Du finally turned his head and looked at the misty mountain in the distance with a blank face. He frowned, his eyes darkened but with less hatred, only left indifference. After a while, he opened his mouth.

“Old man, get out of here.” Huo Du turned his head back, looked at Yin Changshuo, and said, “You don’t owe her anything.”

There’s no need to trap yourself here.

Yin Changshuo’s face froze for a moment, and then returned to normal.

“Stinky boy, you don’t have to care so much!” He stood up and walked to the table to wrap the few herbs Huo Du took out in the paper, “Hurry up and go!”

Huo Du picked up the white jade cane beside him and stood up without saying anything. After taking the medicinal materials, he walked out.

“Xiao Du.” Yin Changshuo stopped him.

Huo Du stopped but did not turn around.

“Bring her with you next time.”

After a long silence, only Huo Du did nod solemnly and then continued to walk outward.

Yin Changshuo watched Huo Du’s back until he disappeared from sight. He smiled and continued to sit by the window, staring into the distance in a daze, letting himself relax for a long time.

Inside the dining hall.

Since Le Jin shrank into Le Zhi’s arms, Fu Xian never dared to approach her again.

Xiao Jin was afraid of him.

After Huo Du left, Le Zhi slowly put down the hands covering her sister’s eyes, Le Jin calmed down a lot and looked around in confusion. Until she saw Fu Xian leaning against the door.

A familiar feeling rose in Le Jin’s heart, but she could not remember him. She looked at Le Zhi at a loss. Although she did not know who she was, she somehow trusted this little girl who had been protecting her.

“Sister, don’t be afraid. His name is Fu Xian. He is your…” Le Zhi bit her lip, afraid of scaring her, so she did not dare to tell the truth, “He’s your good friend, and you two grew up together.”

“Oh…” Le Jin nodded and continued to take a sip of the dessert soup.

After she put down the bowl, she yawned. Le Zhi quickly supported her and walked toward the guest room.

As for Fu Xian, he followed behind them, keeping a short distance from them.

It was not until Le Jin was settled down that Le Zhi walked out of the guest room. Fu Xian, who was standing outside, looked worried, and the appearance of Xiao Jin just now made his heartache.

“Brother Fu Xian, my sister has come out from Xia Feitai, she will definitely recover gradually.”

Fu Xian nodded and hesitated, “But I…”

Le Zhi understood what he meant. He did not know how Huo Du would deal with hijacking the carriage today. Next, how to help Fu Xian to settle down?

At this time, An Xuan, who was standing in the distance, came over, as if he could read Le Zhi’s mind. He bowed and said, “Taizifei, His Highness has an order to let Master Fu also stay in the mansion temporarily.”

Le Zhi nodded, knowing that he could always arrange it appropriately. She looked at An Xuan and asked, “Did His Highness leave the mansion?”

“Yes.” An Xuan replied in a deep voice, “His Highness said that he will come back later so that you don’t have to wait for him to have dinner together.”

Fu Xian, who was on the side, listened to the conversation between the two and recalled that the attitude of the people in the manor towards Le Zhi was all respectful and courteous. Looking at Zhizhi’s dress and demeanor, she did not look like she had been tortured by grievances.

What was going on?

“Master Fu, please.”

An Xuan’s words brought Fu Xian back to his senses. He looked at Le Zhi. Even though there were many doubts in his heart, he knew that he should not ask more at this time. So, he nodded to Le Zhi and followed An Xuan to another courtyard.

Le Zhi was restless and suddenly walked to Little Lame Huo’s room. She stepped in. When the little snow fluffy saw her, it ran over excitedly dragging its lame leg and rubbing against her ankle. Le Zhi squatted down, picked it up and sat on a soft chair, picked up the dried fish on the side to feed it. She touched its soft head and murmured unconsciously, “Where did you say your father Huo go?”

“Meow~” Little Lame Huo raised its head and batted its round cat eyes.

Le Zhi smiled and picked up the milk from the side to feed it.

She teased the cat in the cat room for half a day, and then came out at dinner to accompany her sister to eat. But she was still restless and did not eat much at all.

After coaxing her sister to sleep, she went back to her bedroom. But Huo Du had not come back even after she had finished washing and came out of the bathroom.

Le Zhi leaned against the embroidered pillow in a daze, her heart could not help being nervous. Although she knew that with his ability, nothing would happen. But she still worried for him subconsciously.

Suddenly, there was a sound outside the door, and then the door was slowly pushed open.

Le Zhi felt as if her heart had been touched. She got up from the bed and hurried to Huo Du.

Huo Du put the medicine bag in his arms on the table, then looked at the person walking toward him with a worried look on her face. He thought she was worried about Le Jin’s condition, so he said with a serious face, “Don’t worry, your sister is muddle-headed due to excessive fright. Use these medicines to slowly nurse her health back, and with your company to ease her anxiety, it will not take long for her to get better.”

Le Zhi’s heart was a little more at ease, but she knew that she was waiting for him restlessly, not just because of her sister. She approached him and sniffed lightly on him.

The familiar peppermint fragrance had a touch of medicinal fragrance.

So, he went out for most of the day to find medicine?

She raised her eyes and looked at his countenance, keenly capturing the sadness in his eyes.

Where did he go? Why was he not happy?

Le Zhi subconsciously reached out to hold his hand, but he avoided it.

“I’ll take a bath first.”

Huo Du turned sideways to prevent her from touching him. He had just come in from outside and was cold all over. He was afraid of passing the cold to her, as he knew how afraid she was of the cold.

However, Le Zhi did not let him get his wish fulfilled. She stepped forward to hold his cold palm and pulled him to sit on the bed.

“I don’t think you’re very happy.” Her voice was muffled.

Hearing this, Huo Du smiled while caressing her head, and withdrew immediately. She could always see through him easily, maybe he was not good at disguising himself in front of her?

Then, he saw Le Zhi open her arms towards him and said softly, “Hug.”

“You’re in such a hurry to ask brother for a hug?” Huo Du chuckled, reaching for the cane beside him and preparing to get up, “Wait, I’ll hug later.”

Unexpectedly, before his hand touched the cane, his waist was tightly wrapped by a pair of warm hands, and her warm little head was pressed to his heart.

Huo Du was stunned for a moment.

Le Zhi just felt that at this time, he would prefer her to hug more than a hot bath. She felt his unhappiness, but she was very happy today, and her happiness was all given by Huo Du. So, she could not be stingy. She had to share her happiness with him.

Defeated by her stubbornness, Huo Du put his hand on her back and hugged her gently.

After a while, Le Zhi raised her head as if thinking of something and released him slightly. Then, she pressed her forehead gently to his forehead and whispered.

Just like in the hot spring villa that day, Huo Du pressed against her forehead and transferred her killings sins to himself. So today, she would also want to pass on her happiness to him.

The author has something to say:
Zhi: I suspect that this lame person just likes to brag, and he still has to rely on me at the critical moment. 
Little Lame Huo: Mother Le is right!  Waste… Father Huo, I look down on you!
 Du: Meow, meow, meow?

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