After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 9             Decision

Huo Du picked up the crossbow on the table and slowly raised his hand. Le Zhi stared at his face blankly.

Loneliness’s face is very beautiful, but…” He curled his fingers around Le Zhi’s waist, pinched her waist gently, and raised his eyebrows, “Let’s watch the play first.”

Le Zhi looked away and looked towards the center of the stage. Immediately afterward, a burst of wind brought by the swift arrow brushed past her left ear, and the cold silver arrow went straight into the man’s thigh, splattering red blood. The man opened his mouth but could not make any sound.

Because he had lost his tongue long ago.

The stage was not far from them, and the smell of blood immediately wafted up to them.

“It’s crooked…” Huo Du glanced at the stage and shook his head regretfully.

Le Zhi covered her mouth and suppressed the rolling in her stomach. After the bloodbath scene a month ago, she thought she would be able to adapt, but she still felt nauseated by the smell of blood.

She turned her head, unwilling to look anymore.

“So hard to bear, ah.” Huo Du patted her back gently and shoved the crossbow into her palm, touching the dampness. He chuckled softly, “If you don’t want him to suffer, then give him a quick death.”

After he finished speaking, he moved his palm to the back of Le Zhi’s neck and caressed it gently to show encouragement.

The two were so close to each other that Le Zhi could not help shuddering, and the hand holding the crossbow trembled. Fortunately, a cold hand grabbed her in time and raised their hands together with the crossbow, “Don’t be afraid, it’s very fun.”

Le Zhi looked in the direction of the crossbow and saw Huo Du’s hand deflected. The arrow aimed at the man’s heart deflected to the left side.

Huo Du did it on purpose. He did not want that person to die quickly at all!

The man was dying, and there was no way he could survive. No matter how many arrows would be shot, he would die eventually. So, before the silver arrow was shot, Le Zhi quickly deflected her hand to the right!


The silver arrow pierced through the heart, killing him instantly.

This series of movements were too fast. Huo Du’s black eyes were obviously startled, and then he hooked his lips.

Careless, ah.

His Taizifei was really incredible.

After Huo Du withdrew his hand, Le Zhi loosened her hand that was holding the crossbow, and the crossbow fell to the ground, making a heavy thud sound. Le Zhi shivered and covered her heart with her hands while gasping for breath in horror.

Her heart seemed to be jumping out, and her head was buzzing. She really killed someone.

“Why are you so afraid?”

Huo Du’s tone was slightly cold. Instead, he was looking forward to her next reaction. Was it resentment or panic? Or was she holding back her anger aggrievedly?

It must be very interesting.

After a while, Le Zhi’s breathing gradually calmed down. Then, she turned to Huo Du, put her hands on his shoulders, and her pale snow cheeks leaned closer to him, “Your Highness, is this person a heinous villain?”

Hearing this, the calm peach blossom eyes could not help flashing a trace of surprise.

This was quite different from what he thought.

But in a flash, Huo Du’s eyes returned to calmness again. He smiled while shaking his head, “He is a good man, a good man with good conduct.”

Le Zhi was very close to him, so close that she did not miss his eyes. Just a moment was enough, she guessed it right. That man was definitely by no means a good person.

For a long time, neither of them spoke.

Huo Du could tell that she did not believe his words.

A smart woman is really no fun at all!

He impatiently pushed Le Zhi’s waist lightly to motion her to get up, “The play is over, go back.”

Le Zhi bowed and saluted. After responding softly, she walked away calmly.

After walking out of the building, Le Zhi saw Li Yao waiting outside the door. She closed the door of the attic properly to block the smell of blood inside. After taking a few steps outside, her footsteps became weak.

“Master!” Li Yao frowned and said, “This servant will help you go back to the room.”

There was heavy snow from the sky, and a thick layer of snow had accumulated on the ground.

Le Zhi walked very slowly. She could not get her strength up and her inner clothes had been soaked with sweat from earlier. She shivered coldly when the cold wind blew and half leaned on Li Yao, with a blank mind.

Huo Du leaned against the window edge of the building, and his black eyes darkened when looking down at this scene.

The little girl is still afraid, ah.

No matter how calm she pretended in front of him, her heart was still scared in the end. Was not the purpose of him to invite her to watch this play to make her afraid? But he was not as happy as expected.

“Your Highness, what should I do with this dead body?”

Huo Du glanced sideway at the rotten meat on the stage with disgust and said with a blank face, “Chop it up and throw it in the wild to feed the wolves.”

“Yes!” The servant bowed to accept the order.

“Wait a minute.” He suddenly changed his mind, “Burn to ashes and scatter it.”

Heinous villain?
Oh, does this beast deserve to be called a human?

Huo Du turned his head and shifted his gaze to the snow outside. That slender figure had been blocked by a large area of the plum trees and could no longer be seen. His eyes darkened suddenly, and no emotion could be seen in his eyes.

“Li Yao, prepare hot water. I want to take a bath.”

Li Yao nodded and hurried out of the bedroom to call someone to boil hot water.

Le Zhi felt that she had come to life the moment her whole body was immersed in the hot water. She said to Li Yao next to her, “You are also tired today, so go and rest for a while. You don’t need to call me for lunch or dinner.”

Li Yao looked worried and wanted to open her mouth to persuade but did not say anything in the end. Then, she nodded and left.

Le Zhi closed her eyes and held her breath, immersed her whole head in the water, and only raised her head out of the water when she had to breathe. She bathed for a long time until the water in the tub started to become cold, and only then did she finally finish her bathing.

Lying exhaustedly on the bed, Le Zhi wrapped herself tightly with a quilt. No matter how long she bathed, she still felt a faint smell of blood on her body.

After today’s experience, her head was in a mess, but the plan that rose in her heart became clearer and clearer. She needed to think about it, think about it carefully.

The more she thought about it, the more she could not help but get confused. While she was in between half-dreaming and half-awake, she seemed to see her imperial father, imperial mother, and imperial brother, who were still surrounding her with happy laughter.

Could it be that the destruction of the country Li was just a dream?

She opened her eyes suddenly and saw the strange bed curtain. She raised her hand to touch her cheek, and there was slight dampness on her face. When she looked outside the window, it was already dark outside and a soft knock came from the door.


It was Li Yao.

Le Zhi raised her hand to dry the tears on her face, “Come in.”

Li Yao entered the room and carefully closed the door. She walked to the front of the bed with a grave expression, bowed her body, and said, “Third Prince wants to see you.”

Le Zhi’s heart was slightly disheartened that Huo Xu was really impatient.

“There are people from Third Prince in the Taizi Mansion.” Li Yao said softly, “Master can go out through the east back gate. There will be no guards there.”

Le Zhi nodded, “I see. You go down first and don’t make others suspicious.”

Li Yao responded and left the bedroom quickly.

A red candle was lit on the table in the bedroom, and the wick of the candle was burning vigorously, making some crackling sounds. Le Zhi stared at the candlelight for a while and made a decision in her heart.

She changed her dress and walked out of the bedroom, but she did not walk in the direction of the east back gate. She stopped a maid at random and asked her where His Highness Taizi was at this moment.

She was going to find Huo Du.

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Du: Hee hee.

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