After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 8             Tease

“No loss, ah.” Huo Du replied straightforwardly, “You are much prettier than Shen Qingyan.”

Le Zhi smiled and replied, “Your Highness looks even better.”

Huo Du stopped after hearing this. Le Zhi had no choice but to stop with him and looked at him puzzledly.

The moonlight brightly shone on their faces which made the cheeks of the two people as white as jade. Huo Du leaned against Le Zhi, borrowing her strength to raise his cane and tapped on his right leg gently, and scoffed, “It’s useless to look good. I’m just a lame man after all.”

Le Zhi smiled while supporting him, and let him lean on herself, “It’s nothing more than walking slower than others.”

Her eyes were sincere and gentle.

Huo Du suddenly felt irritable in his heart.

Without saying a word, he just pushed her away gently. After distancing himself from her, he continued to walk forward with a cane.

After arriving at the Eastern Palace, Huo Du went straight to the study and sat for a long time. It was not until late at night that he returned to the sleeping hall.

The person on the bed had already closed her eyes. Huo Du lay down on the outside and looked at her quietly. He saw her eyelashes flutter slightly, it was obvious that she was not asleep.

Huo Du did not say anything to expose her. Since she liked acting so much, he would invite her to see a good play tomorrow. Let’s see if she will continue to act.

He imagined in his mind the reaction she might have, and the corners of his mouth raised unconsciously.

Early the next morning.

Huo Du was no longer on the bed when Le Zhi woke up. She got up quickly as today was the first day of the New Year, and she needed to go to pay respects to Empress. She did not have time to think about where Huo Du had gone, so she hurriedly dressed and rushed to Yongning Palace.

“Pay respect to Imperial Mother.”

“Forego the formalities, have a seat.”

After being seated, Empress showed a gentle smile and introduced everyone to Le Zhi one by one.

Those present were mostly the imperial concubines from the harem, along with Shen Qingyan who had met at the palace banquet yesterday. At this time, she was sitting intimately beside Empress. On the other side of Empress sat a young woman who was looking at her with unfriendly eyes.

“This is Lin Yuxian, my little niece from my natal family.” Empress smiled and said, “Still don’t greet your imperial sister-in-law.”

Lin Yuxian’s appearance was different from Shen Qingyan’s gentleness. She had a domineering appearance which was a little similar to Empress. She pursed her lips and began to salute Le Zhi reluctantly, “Greetings Imperial Sister-in-law.”

Le Zhi smiled lightly, “Don’t be too polite.”

The Yongning Palace was full of joy. Le Zhi smiled and chatted with the people casually, and had some hot tea and snacks. Finally, Empress was a little tired, and everyone resigned one after another with tacit understanding.

Li Yao walked out of Yongning Palace with Le Zhi in her arms and only took a few steps when a clear voice came from behind.

“Imperial Sister-In-Law, please stay!”

Le Zhi turned around and saw Lin Yuxian walking quickly to her. She leaned over and saluted slightly before saying, “Imperial Sister-In-Law has just arrived in Great Qi, so there must be some things that are still unclear.”

“I’d like to hear it in detail.”      

“Then I’ll say it directly.” Lin Yuxian bit her lip, and her face turned a little red, “If it wasn’t for my uncle who insisted on bestowing the marriage, it should be me who married Brother Taizi now!”

Le Zhi was stunned for a moment, and then a slight smile appeared on her face.

I see. No wonder the little girl did not have a good face toward her.

“Although you are Taizifei now, Brother Taizi won’t like you! He will marry me sooner or later.”  

Looking at Lin Yuxian’s angry little face, Le Zhi nodded, “Sure, I understand.”

Lin Yuxian was dumbfounded when she looked at the back of Le Zhi’s indifferent departure. Isn’t she angry or worried at all? Does this mean that she has no intentions toward Brother Taizi?

If so, that will be great!

Back in the Eastern Palace, Huo Du still could not be seen. Instead, she saw An Xuan who was pale with a slightly morbid appearance.

“Pay respect to Taizifei.” An Xuan bowed and reported, “His Highness has returned to the Taizi Mansion. He told me to wait here for you to come back and take you to the Taizi Mansion.”

Le Zhi nodded and said yes.

An Xuan bowed again to express his thanks, “Thank you Taizifei for giving the medicine.”

“It’s just a small matter. Lord An doesn’t need to be too polite.”

The Taizi Mansion was not far from the palace, and it arrived quickly by carriage.

“Taizifei, His Highness invites you to enjoy a good play together.”

As soon as Le Zhi’s front foot entered the mansion, she was slightly stunned when she heard his words, and only then did she say, “Then ask Lord An to lead the way.”

An Xuan looked at Li Yao beside her but did not speak. Knowing what he meant, Le Zhi sent Li Yao away by asking her to go to the bedroom to clean up first.

Le Zhi was not in the mood to look at the scenery in the mansion along the way when she was following An Xuan toward the courtyard on the east side. She only thought about what Huo Du wanted her to see.

Unknowingly, An Xuan stopped in front of a building.

“I’ll only send you until here. His Highness has an order that Taizifei goes in alone.”

Le Zhi nodded, took a deep breath, and stepped into the attic. As soon as she entered the room, a familiar smell drifted into her nose. Although it was very light, it made her scalp numb in an instant.

It’s… the smell of blood.

It was a little dark in the building. Le Zhi suppressed the discomfort in her stomach and called softly, “Your Highness?”

“Come up.”

Huo Du’s voice came from the second floor. Le Zhi walked up the stairs step by step, and her hanging hands trembled slightly. At the same time, the smell of blood drifting into her nose became stronger and stronger.

The building was paved with mahogany, even the stairs. As Huo Du listened to the sound of footsteps stepping on the stairs getting closer and closer, the smile on his face became more and more intense.

Until a red figure came into view. It turned out that she was wearing a red dress today.

That’s just right.

Huo Du tapped the mahogany table with the knuckles of his index finger, and said lightly, “Come and sit here.”

After sitting firmly in the armchair beside the mahogany table, Le Zhi looked ahead. There was a half-height stage that was much smaller than an ordinary stage. There was also a mahogany stake on top.

But she did not believe that Huo Du had invited her to a play. On the contrary, a creepy feeling arose in her heart. This building and this stage were full of weirdness.

“Do you like sweet food?”

Le Zhi turned her head to see Huo Du was pouring hot tea for her and still with the familiar refreshing smell. She hummed absentmindedly.

Huo Du smiled and reached out his hand to take the small cup on the side. Then he opened the lid, and a thick honey sweetness wafted out. It was a cup of syrup. He frowned slightly, obviously disliking the sweet smell. However, he still patiently poured some syrup into the tea and mixed it with a small silver spoon before pushing it into Le Zhi’s hand.

“The wedding was in a hurry, and I didn’t prepare a decent gift for you.” Huo Du’s tone was indifferent, “After thinking about it, I would like to invite you to enjoy a good play together. This is loneliness‘s favorite pastime. Will Taizifei be willing to do me the honor?”

He asked an interrogative sentence, but his tone was somewhat indisputable. Le Zhi dared not say no. So, she nodded and said yes.

After speaking, a man covered in blood and disheveled hair was dragged onto the stage by his attendants and tied to the mahogany stake. Then the attendant presented a small and exquisite crossbow.

Huo Du looked at the slightly stunned person beside him, and said slowly, “You go first, or should I go first?”

Le Zhi raised her eyes in astonishment, unable to speak.

Go… go what?

“Sorry, I forgot that you don’t know how.”

After a pause, he persuaded again, “Then come here.”

Since he said so, Le Zhi had to comply.

“Sit down.”

Le Zhi stood in front of Huo Du with wide eyes as there was no chair beside him. Could it be that he wanted her to sit on his…

Huo Du sneered gently after seeing her stunned face, “Only my calf is disabled. You won’t make it worse by sitting on it.”

After he finished speaking, he was not in a hurry and looked at Le Zhi’s face calmly with a hint of teasing. Le Zhi had to brace herself and sit on his lap gently, not daring to put her body weight completely.

Seeing this, Huo Du raised his hand around her slender waist and slightly forced her to get closer to him.

Confusion, panic, embarrassment… All kinds of emotions appeared on Le Zhi’s face all at the same time, and all of them fell into Huo Du’s eyes. Even the palm of his hand that was placed around her slender waist lightly could feel the trembling of her body.

Oh, he thought she was so calm.

Only at this?
This hasn’t even started yet! And she already trembles like this?

The author has something to say:
Wake up, idiot! You scared your wife!

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