After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 2             Same Bed

It was late at night, and there was a muffled low cry from the sleeping hall, accompanied by the slightest forbearance. While the servants waiting outside the hall did not even lift their eyelids. Who would dare to say more about His Highness Taizi’s affair?

Le Zhi lay on the outside of the bridal bed, letting tears flow from the end of her red eyes, but did not raise her hand to wipe them. To be specific, she could not raise her hand.

She finally realized what Huo Du meant by “it will hurt”. But it was different from what she expected.

He just clenched her hand and made a sudden effort to twist her arm.

It hurts, it hurts too much.

She did not want to cry, but it was so painful that she could not hold back her tears and burst out.

And the culprit was lying on the side of the bed at the moment, lying on his side with his back facing her.

After a long time, neither of them spoke.

Le Zhi thought Huo Du was asleep, but she could not fall asleep. Her dislocated arm was so painful, and she did not even have a quilt on her body.

The bridal bed was very large, and the folded bridal quilt was neatly placed on the innermost side of the bridal bed. After twisting her arms, Huo Du pulled the bridal quilt and put it on himself, but he did not leave a trace of kindness to cover her with one.

Kindness? Will he have this thing?

Le Zhi turned sideways to look at the back of his head with bitter eyes.

“Can’t sleep?”

Le Zhi trembled with surprise and wondered if this person also has eyes on the back of his head.

Perhaps he did not hear her answer, and Huo Du spoke again in a lazy tone, “If you’re not used to it, go to sleep in the warm room.”

The bed curtain swayed slightly after Le Zhi lay on the bed. Huo Du gently waved his hand, and the bed’s two curtains fell and closed, but there was still a gap in the middle.

The red candle outside had not burned out yet. On the wedding night, the red candle would not go out and would burn till dawn.

The candlelight penetrated into the bed along with the slightly moving bed curtains, changing the brightness and darkness of the bed inside.

Le Zhi carefully studied the meaning of Huo Du’s words, but still could not guess his intention.

It was just that it would be really silly to go to sleep in the warm room after having her arms twisted.

She stopped thinking or responding, but slowly moved her body to the inside of the bed. For every inch of movement, the numbness from the twisted bone increased by an inch. Until she gently pressed her face on Huo Du’s back, separated by a thin layer of bedclothes.

This action seemed to tell him silently that she was not going to the warm room, and she wanted to sleep with him.

“Le Zhi.”

This was the first time he called her name in a faint tone, but Le Zhi’s heartbeat was like drumming after being called.

“Don’t cause trouble.”

Le Zhi froze for a moment. With such a clear tone, it seemed as if he was accusing her of doing something that offended him.

She pursed her lips, moved her slightly hot snow cheek away, and was afraid that Huo Du would drive her away again, so she whispered softly, “I’ll sleep here…”

She did not know whether it was an illusion, Le Zhi vaguely heard an inaudible chuckle.

Then, she saw Huo Du who was facing the outer side turn around. She was so frightened that she quickly closed her eyes. Just now she dared to make such a bold move partly because Huo Du’s back was facing her… But that did not mean she was not afraid of him.

The fear of her arm being twisted was still there and Le Zhi was extremely afraid in her heart, so where did she dare to look at him, face to face?

As for why she insisted on sleeping with him, it was because she also had a plan in her heart. And whether the plan was feasible, she has not yet figured out at this moment.

Although she closed her eyes tightly, Le Zhi could still feel Huo Du’s scorching gaze, so her black eyelashes could not help but tremble, but after a while, her long eyelashes stopped trembling.

Because Huo Du tapped her sleeping point.

He lifted his palm slightly, and the bed’s two curtains were swept away by his internal force. A large amount of candlelight penetrated into the red tent, making the snowy cheeks of Le Zhi extraordinarily bright.

Huo Du’s eyes twitched slightly.

She was indeed a rare beauty in the world. Unfortunately, she was Huo Xu’s person.

He hooked his lips and put his palm on Le Zhi’s snowy neck. As long as he exerted a little force, she would never wake up again. His cold fingers bent slowly, but Huo Du suddenly stopped.

If I twist your neck, your head will be crooked. The death of beauty can’t be too ugly.

He frowned slightly as if he was thinking seriously about a way to die that would have it both ways.

Suddenly a meow sounded.

A snow-white fluff skillfully jumped onto the bridal bed, but its right hind leg seemed to be limping and almost fell off before it could stand firmly on the bed.

Huo Du’s indifferent dark eyes flashed panic. He quickly reached out his hand to carry the snow-white fluff over. The snow-white fluff was frightened, its hair stood up, and cried out “meow, meow” several times.

“How dare you get angry when you are not careful yourself?” Huo Du poked its head lightly and reprimanded softly.

The snow-white fluff finally raised its head, revealing its round and innocent cat eyes. This was a snow-white Persian cat.

Huo Du looked at it for a moment and suddenly realized. He lowered his eyes and sighed, “Sorry, I said before it’s your toy. Life and death are naturally up to you.”

After he finished speaking, he put the snow-white fluff to Le Zhi’s side, and then carefully observed its reaction.

He saw the little fluffy first look at Le Zhi’s face with some curiosity, then leaned against her arm and rubbed its face. Seeing that the sleeping person did not respond, it yawned and leaned lazily on her shoulder.

Seeing this, Huo Du’s face could not help showing a trace of surprise.

This little thing had never been closed to strangers, but at this moment it was obediently sleeping peacefully next to Le Zhi.

He stretched out his fingertips to tap the little fluffy’s head and scoffed lightly, “A worthless little lame.”

After a long time, he whispered, “Fine.”

In the middle of the winter night, there was no warmth in the sleeping hall. The chilliness was piercing to the bone, yet there was no heater in the sleeping hall.

The sleeping snow fluffy suddenly trembled. Huo Du easily took a wedding quilt from the side of the bed to cover it. The wedding quilt was very big, only a small corner of the quilt was needed to cover it, and the rest would naturally fall on Le Zhi’s body.

During these days in the country Qi, Le Zhi could not sleep peacefully every night. As soon as she closed her eyes, those bloody and terrifying images would overwhelmingly appear before her eyes.

She could not sleep and she was more afraid of falling asleep. But this time, Le Zhi slept deeply and long and had no dreams all night.

The sky was bright, the warm sun was hanging high, and the bright sunlight came in from the window outside and gently stroked Le Zhi’s closed eyelids. Her eyelids trembled slightly, and she gradually opened her eyes… with a dazed expression.

Suddenly, there seemed to be a furry touch coming from the neck. Le Zhi turned her head and saw a snow-white fluff rubbing her neck.

Seeing her wake up, snow fluffy stopped and looked at her with wide eyes.

Le Zhi blinked and could not help but smile, and raised her hand to rub its small head, “Where did you come from?”


Snow fluffy rubbed its head against Le Zhi’s palm, then jumped out of the bed and limped away.

“What?” Le Zhi got up, the smile on her face froze, and she whispered softly, “Is your leg hurt…”

After a moment of daze, Le Zhi seemed to recall something and suddenly raised her arm one by one.

When did her arm become better?

Le Zhi’s train of thoughts gradually returned and looked at the spacious and unfamiliar sleeping hall. The most conspicuous pair of red candles on the wedding table had already burned out. The sun outside the window was getting brighter, but there was not even a single sound outside the hall.

She turned and looked inside the bed.

Huo Du was still there. He leaned on the soft pillow and still held the book from last night in his hand.

Le Zhi looked at his right leg unconsciously and bit her lip secretly. She woke up so late. Huo Du had inconvenient legs and feet and also slept on the inside. He could not get out of bed at all, right?

With such a fierce temper, unexpectedly he did not push her off the bed directly.

She hurriedly got off the bed. Le Zhi put her hand out and said sincerely, “Sorry, I have kept Your Highness waiting for a long time.”

Hearing this, Huo Du raised his eyelids, put the book down with a weary expression, glanced at the palm of her hand, and laughed, “What? Does Taizifei thinks that this lame person can’t get off the bed by himself?”

A cold sweat broke out on Le Zhi’s forehead in a split second as she was afraid to touch his taboo. She even forgot to take back her hand for a moment.

But the next moment, Huo Du put his hand lightly on her forearm, and said, “I really cannot.”

Her souls returned to their places. Le Zhi helped him get off the bed and handed him the white jade cane.

With the cane as support, Huo Du stood up and thanked Le Zhi with a very gentle smile. Then he walked towards the bathroom.

When he came out, he had already changed into a moon-white satin robe, and the hibiscus flower on the cuffs was embroidered extremely delicately, which showed his long stature even more.

It was not until he walked out of the sleeping hall that Le Zhi finally felt relieved. She spread out her already slightly sweaty palms.

After a while, Li Yao came in to serve her to freshen up and change clothes. When Li Yao tied her hair into a bun, her stomach made a sound.

Since yesterday, Le Zhi has only drunk some pear soup and red bean soup.

“Master must be hungry.” After Li Yao helped her to wear the headpiece properly, she leaned forward to help her to get up, “This slave will take you to the dining hall immediately.”

In a small courtyard of the west of Eastern Palace, several palace servants gathered around.

There was laughter one after another, and in the middle was an elderly palace momo. Her face was covered with traces of years of trial and error. She held a cup of tea in her hand, her expression was cold, and she did not speak… Until a childish palace maid walked swiftly from the distance.

“Jing Xin, how’s it going?” The palace momo opened her mouth, with an imposing manner in her voice.

The palace maid who was being called Jing Xin had flushed cheeks and was panting. She lowered her head and said, “Look, see clearly…”

Her breath had not been steady yet, and her voice was like the whining sound of mosquitoes.

“Then say it quickly!” A maid in a pale-yellow palace dress next to her raised her hand to pinch Jing Xin’s arm and said in a stern voice.

She pinched very hard, and Jing Xin’s eyes turned red. She trembled and replied, “The snow handkerchief… The snow handkerchief is as white as new.”

“Hahaha!” The palace maid laughed, and then immediately released the hand that was pinching Jing Xin’s arm. Jing Xin hurriedly stepped back two steps away from her.

“Momo, I said that the princess is unlikely to be successful! You see, His Highness Taizi is reluctant to touch her!”

“That’s right! Momo, I think she just has the name only and won’t affect your status.”

The palace maids were all talking at once and full of flattery.

Hearing this, the palace momo took a sip of tea with a contemptuous smile on her face, “It seems that I’ve been worrying too much.” After a pause, she deliberately sighed again, “I’m old and useless, so easy to worry…”

Seeing this, several palace maids understood it tacitly and continued to make every effort to please each other.

The palace momo smiled with satisfaction, and gradually let go of the big stone in her heart.

She had been in the palace for decades and had been serving as a momo who was in charge of the household affairs in the Eastern Palace for more than ten years. This work was really a pleasant job. Taizi lived in the Taizi Mansion outside the palace for a long time and rarely came to the Eastern Palace.

In the Eastern Palace, she was practically the one who had the final say.

So, after hearing that His Majesty bestowed the marriage to Taizi, she panicked. After Taizifei entered the Eastern Palace, she might live here for a long time after the grand wedding. If this was the case, then the power of managing the household affairs of the Eastern Palace must be handed over to Taizifei.

She used to enjoy the benefits of power, but now she had to hand it over. How could she be willing!

Fortunately, that Taizifei was not of noble status, but a princess of a subjugated country, and her natal family has no power to rely on, so she was not much better than them. Whether the women in this palace were respected or not depended largely on the power of her natal family.

Having said that, however, after she still sent someone to inquire about her, she learned that the princess of country Li looked like a fairy… she was once again distraught.

If His Highness Taizi took a fancy to her, it would be different. Even if her natal family had nothing to rely on, the Taizi could be her support. And she was just a slave, how could she compare to her?

However, the snow handkerchief was as white as new. On the wedding night, Taizi was not willing to touch her. How disgusting should it be?

Her heart finally settled down steadily.

“Momo, momo.” A palace maid said with a smirk, “Then what shall we do next?”

“Where is Taizifei now?” She looked at Jing Xin again.

Jing Xin, who had been drooping her head all the time, raised her eyes slightly, “When I was there just now, Taizifei was still getting ready. Probably she’s going to the dining hall now.”

“Well, we should naturally prepare a sumptuous breakfast for Taizifei!”

Several palace maids were stunned for a moment before they reacted. Immediately, they covered their mouths and snickered. It seemed that Momo was planning to establish her power in front of this newly arrived Taizifei.

The author has something to say:
Du: A worthless little lame.
Snow fluffy: Meow, meow? Who will be more worthless in the future, old lame person? (noble face)

PS: Little snow fluffy has a name, although it is not so proper… emmm.
PPS: The lame person regretted twisting his wife’s arms!!! (There is no next time, he will be a dog to his wife this time!)

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