After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

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Chapter 1             The Grand Wedding

The sky was slightly bright early in the morning.

It was the middle of winter, and the wind was cold. Even if the doors and windows of the guesthouse of the post station were tightly closed, the cold wind could still get in through the crack of the door.

Le Zhi pretended to sleep on the bed until the maid and ceremonial granny woke her up.

She was groomed and dressed up in an orderly manner. It did not take long before a delicate beautiful hibiscus face was printed in the bronze mirror. The most eye-catching thing was her charming fox eyes…

There was always a happy smile on the ceremonial granny’s face, while the maid, Li Yao, served her a bowl of pear soup.

Recently, it had been cold and dry, and Le Zhi’s throat was often dry and hoarse from coughing.

But today, she absolutely could not cough.

She sipped the pear soup bit by bit with her eyes lifted slightly while looking out of the window.

The warm sun gradually brightened, illuminating the yard. The handymen and servants in the post station all got up. There was the sound of light footsteps, and at the same time, some whispered discussions.

“Hey, do you think the princess in the room given to Taizi* will be…”

(Taizi* – Crown Prince)

“What nonsense! This time, in any case, the marriage was bestowed by His Majesty. No matter how you say it, she is Taizifei*, isn’t she?”

(Taizifei* – the wife of Crown Prince)

“Who knows? Who can guess that Highness Taizi’s behavior.”

“That’s true. Unlike the third prince, a modest gentleman and gentle as jade…”

The discussion faded away. Le Zhi’s face still had a faint smile, but a trace of disgust flashed through her drooping eyes.

A modest gentleman? Gentle as jade? Ah.

Suddenly, Li Yao strode towards her and said softly, “Miss, the third prince is here.”

Upon hearing this, Le Zhi was slightly startled. Although one month had passed, she was still a little unfamiliar with this title.

In the past sixteen years, she has long been used to being called “princess, little princess”…

But the country Li no longer exists.

No, she should not think about it anymore. She pulled her thoughts back forcefully.

Li Yao and ceremonial granny had quietly withdrawn from the room, and familiar footsteps sounded from behind her.

Today, he should accompany the Emperor and Empress of the country Qi to pray for the blessing at the Huguo Temple.

But Le Zhi knew that he would definitely come.

Suppressing the dampness in her eyes due to memories, Le Zhi turned around and showed her smile as usual.

A man wearing a dark green cotton cloak walked into the room from outside and also brought the cold winter wind into the room. The cold air invaded her nose and mouth, and Le Zhi’s throat felt pain. She could not help but frown slightly and lowered her head to cough a few times.

Seeing this, the man hurriedly closed the door and quickly walked towards her, “Are you all right, Zhizhi?”

Le Zhi looked up and the handsome face was close at hand. The facial features on this face, although it was impossible to say which one was unforgettable, if combined together, it was really unforgettable. She had seen each and every one of these facial features for twelve years.

“I’m all right.” Le Zhi smiled and called him, “Brother Ah Xu.”

A hint of surprise flashed across Huo Xu’s face. He had not listened to her call ‘brother’ for a long time. Today, it sounded like a lifetime ago. His heart was slightly stagnant, silent for a long time, and subconsciously asked, “Do you hate me?”

The corners of Le Zhi’s curled lips froze there. After a pause, she lowered her eyes slightly and replied softly, “I hated you.”

The slender black eyelashes covered her drooping eyes, and also covered the flash of light from the bottom of her eyes.

This answer was very clever. There was neither the falsehood of not hating nor the determination to hate. Hated, which meant she hated him once, but it has passed.

“Zhizhi…” There was a slight tremor in the gentle voice.

Le Zhi raised her eyes, and smiled while shaking her head at him, “But I have understood a lot in this month. Brother Ah Xu, although I still blame you, I can understand your difficulty.”

A warmth flowed through his heart, and Huo Xu’s eyes finally caught a smile. Apparently, Zhizhi was still the delicate Zhizhi. On the day that the country Li was destroyed, her scarlet eyes and the scene of screaming at him hoarsely seemed to be just a dream.

After twelve years of childhood sweethearts, the Emperor of the country Li recruited him as his son-in-law at the hairpin ceremony of Le Zhi… and today, he wanted to watch her getting married without any feeling.

The red dress stung Huo Xu’s eyes, and her beautiful face caused a shock in his heart. How he wanted to hug her in his arms, rub her into his bones, and love her well, just like in his dream countless times…

However, he could not.

The corner of his eyes caught a glimpse of Le Zhi’s empty right ear. Huo Xu slowly approached the dressing table and picked up the remaining red agate eardrop from the north sea on the table to wear for her. Then he squatted down in front of her with affectionate eyes, “Zhizhi, help me bring the Taizi down. You will be my only Empress in the future.”

Le Zhi saw his hidden ambition and determination to win from the bottom of his affectionate eyes. And she, to be precise, was her face that everyone admired and was a pawn in his hand that used to clear the road.

She smiled and answered him softly, “Yes.”

After saying that, she saw Huo Xu’s face rise with joy. Then he got up and opened his arms to her as if to come over to hug her…

Her stomach suddenly rolled up. Disgusting.

Fortunately, someone outside knocked on the door softly, “Your Highness, if you don’t leave now, His Majesty and Empress would be suspicious.”

Huo Xu’s face sank instantly and put down his arms reluctantly. Today, he sneaked out of the Huguo Temple in order to see her. At this time, he could not delay anymore.

“Then I’ll leave first.” His face looked worried. “Protect yourself. Hou Du, he… is a vicious wolf.”

Le Zhi was stunned for a moment, then nodded in response.

Holding the round fan, Le Zhi slowly walked out of the room with ceremonial granny and Li Yao’s help.

The warm sun was shining brightly, illuminating the round fan in front of her. Le Zhi looked at a pair of flying lovebirds embroidered with gold thread on the fan without any expression. It could be seen that the embroiderer’s embroidery was excellent, and the lingering feelings between the pair of lovebirds were fully revealed on the fan. Le Zhi seemed to have just reacted.

Getting married.

Today is her grand wedding day. But why there is no joy at all?

“Miss, watch your steps.”

Li Yao’s reminder pulled her thoughts back. Le Zhi saw through the fan the golden-red pheasant sedan chair and the majestic imperial wedding procession.

The Empress of the country Qi specially chose to go to Huguo Temple to pray for blessings on the day of Taizi’s wedding. Was not she meant to tell the civil and military officials and common people of the Manchu Dynasty clearly how Taizi was not valued?

She had been in the country Qi for more than one month and Le Zhi knew very little about this Taizi. She knew nothing about him except when she heard the servants talk about his right leg disability and his eccentric temperament. In addition, she knew nothing at all besides Huo Xu’s repeated grave warning.

She even dared not ask around. A subjugated princess could not exceed the rules, she just needed to comply obediently.

Sitting on the pheasant sedan chair, the procession moved forward slowly.

The post station was outside the capital city, and it took a long time to enter the city gate. Magnificent bead curtains were hanging down on both sides of the pheasant sedan chair. Le Zhi glanced faintly at the people standing on both sides watching the excitement one after another.

They had different expressions on their faces, including mocking, laughing, and even also pity… It was just that there was no festive color at all.

This was very different from when Huo Xu returned in victory a month ago.

At that time, she was sitting in the last carriage, covered with blood. The continuous cheers of congratulations on the triumphant return of the third prince from outside made her eyes red.

The curtain of the carriage swayed with the carriage, and she looked out. The people made no secret of the joy on their faces and the pride that overflowed from their eyes. That was the pride of the victorious country.

Le Zhi withdrew her eyes, and her face became paler.

Finally, the pheasant sedan chair passed through the main street, entered the palace, and finally stopped in front of the hall of worship.

Le Zhi held Li Yao’s arm to get down from the pheasant sedan chair.

At this time, a good-looking guard approached at a fast pace, stopped at a distance from her, and saluted respectfully, “I am An Xuan. Pay respect to Taizifei. His Highness Taizi’s leg is inconvenient, so he sent me to pass on a message to you that he won’t come to perform the ceremony.”

It was a great humiliation for ordinary women that the groom did not appear on the wedding day. After hearing what was said, Li Yao on the side could not help frowning her eyebrows.

However, Le Zhi was calm and said softly, “Sure, it doesn’t matter.”

Such a reaction made An Xuan dumbfounded, but after only a short while, he recovered his indifference, nodded, and left after saluting.

Humiliation? Maybe it was aother womenfor another women. But Le Zhi did not feel it, because she had already suffered the greatest humiliation.

It was better if Taizi did not come. Otherwise, it would be bad if something went wrong due to her nervousness.

Le Zhi breathed a sigh of relief and walked to the platform step by step until she stood at the top. She turned and looked down at the hundreds of civil and military officials below, listened to them as they worshipped without expressions, and then they all expressed congratulations.

She completed the conferment ceremony alone without Emperor, Empress and Taizi.

In the bridal room of the Eastern Palace, the red candles flickered, and the room filled with fragrance.

Sitting on the bridal bed, Le Zhi listened carefully to the noise coming from the wedding banquet outside with empty eyes.

She told Li Yao to retreat.

Although Li Yao had taken care of her carefully and thoughtfully this month, after all, she was the person Huo Xu sent to take care of her. How could she dare to believe her?

She was the only one in the huge sleeping hall, quiet and lonely.

Le Zhi did not know how long it has been, and finally, a subtle sound came from the outside. She quickly picked up the round fan that was placed beside her, covering her face.

Until she heard the sound of the door closing, her calm heart got nervous again. Because she knew that Huo Du had come in.

The hand holding the round fan trembled unconsciously…

“Aren’t you tired from holding it?” A clear cold voice was accompanied by a chuckle.

Since he said so, Le Zhi slowly put down the round fan. She lowered her eyes but did not dare to look at him directly, just raised her eyes slightly.

He was actually standing?

Le Zhi was dumb. She thought his leg disability must be very serious, and he should be in a wheelchair…

But he only leaned on a beautiful white jade cane with his right hand. His body was a little tilted and the back of his hand at the top of the cane was white and flawless against the bright red wedding dress, which was not inferior to the white jade.

“Come and sit down.”

Le Zhi’s heart trembled slightly. She slowly got up and went to sit down at the wedding table, never dared to look up at him from beginning to end. Until a distinct bony hand passed a cup of red bean soup in front of her.

After a moment of shock, she reached out to take it. She raised her eyes while thanking him, and finally saw his appearance clearly.

Le Zhi had made mental preparation earlier. Judging by the appearance of Emperor Qi and Huo Xu alone, Huo Du must not be ugly. But she never thought that he would actually had such a banished immortal look like the depiction by a painter.

Did not seem like a mortal person.

His nose was tall and straight, and his thin lips were slightly pursed up. The most unforgettable thing was his peach blossom eyes that seemed to be drunk but not drunk…

On the wedding night, there was no alcohol smell on his body, only a faint refreshing fragrance, which Le Zhi had never smelled before.

Maybe she had gazed at him for a long time. Le Zhi found that Huo Du was also looking at her with a faint smile on his lips. She quickly lowered her head, picked up a silver spoon, and drank the red bean soup. But her eyes were still raised from time to time to look at him secretly…

Huo Du’s table manners were excellent, and his movement was also composed. Soon, he put down the silver spoon.

Le Zhi’s heart was tense and did not have much appetite, so she also put down the spoon.

What to do next?

Nuptial wine toasting? Intimacy?

But Huo Du did not seem to mean that. He just walked to the bathroom with a cane.

After a while, he put on his bright red bedclothes and walked out without even giving her a look, and went straight to the bridal bed.

Le Zhi was stunned, so she had to go to the bathroom too, change her heavy wedding dress, and then simply freshen up. She felt strange that in such a big Eastern Palace, His Highness Taizi did not even have a maid or eunuch who serve close by. Could it be that he did not like to be served?

When she came out, she saw Huo Du leaning on the bridal bed with a book in his hand, looking at it attentively.

On the night of the bridal chamber, he… actually reading a book?

Le Zhi was puzzled.

Her mind recalled what she had learned in the past three days. The palace specially sent an old momo* to teach her etiquette for the Taizi’s wedding. In addition to the imperial etiquette of Great Qi, the momo also told her all the things that she should be paying attention to on the night of the bridal chamber in detail. For example, how to please your husband, how to let your husband do whatever he wants…

(momo* – elderly lady or wet nurse)

Thinking of this, her eyes were a little sore and her cheeks began to burn.

However, she could not shrink back. Nowadays, dignity was too extravagant for her. She slowly approached him, trying her best to pull out a beautiful smile.

After a long time, Huo Du seemed to think of her. He raised his eyes to her and reached out to point his finger to a distance.

Le Zhi looked along the line of sight, which was the direction of the warm room…

Is he going to let her sleep in the warm room?

Le Zhi heaved a sigh of relief, nodded, turned, and walked towards the warm room.

The moment she turned around, the person behind her pursed his lips, and a sneer appeared on his face while a very thin silver needle was loosely held between his fingers. He stared at Le Zhi’s footsteps and counted silently, “One step, two steps…”

When the third steps were about to be counted, his fingers were also tightened…

However, Le Zhi stopped. She only walked two steps forward, then turned and walked back again.

Standing in front of Huo Du again, looking at his expressionless face. Le Zhi smiled lightly, and a pair of foxy eyes seemed to be able to speak.

Huo Du smiled softly, “Want to sleep with me?”

Le Zhi was stunned. His tone was casual, and he did not even call himself “loneliness*“. She nodded meekly and made a soft hum.

(loneliness* – self-proclaimed name of ancient princes)

Then Huo Du spread both his hands toward her, revealing the white palms.

Le Zhi took a deep breath, lowered her eyes, and placed her slightly trembling hands on his palms, her palms that were sweating slightly touched a cold…

“But it will hurt.”

The clear cold voice came into her ears. The teachings of the old momo and the vivid pictures in those picture books poured into her mind. Then her hands were clenched tightly. Le Zhi’s heart trembled instantly, and her little face was as pale as the moon.

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