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Thank you all for your feedback, we really appreciate all of you who took the time to share your thoughts. I will keep the form up if you all have any more ideas or become kind/brave enough to share your thoughts 🙂

We heard your choice of Discord and Kofi… and we have opened a Kofi!!! We wanted to start with Kofi first to gauge your interest and provide a simple place for communication. In the future, we plan to keep our doors open and go with the flow, so please stay excited!

As we finish our second translation and begin the fourth – yes, I think we have made a decision for the new novel… we wish for your continued support on the website and our new Kofi!! Please check it out here –>

JustForFun Translations Kofi

Thank you amazing individuals,

The JustforFun Translation Team

4 thoughts on “Support Us on Kofi”

  1. Congratulations on finishing your second translation! And is it me, or does the background seem to be slightly darker? Tan? I like it.

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