After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 77          Protected

Bursts of heat rose from the porridge shed, and the aroma of rice permeated the surroundings.

Chu Yan led the crowd to stand in front of the shed, contemplating intently. The cold wind was gusty, wrapped in the faint warm rice aroma. No matter how spineless a person was, it was difficult to fight against nature. The hungry feeling made them restless endlessly.

Finally, they waited for the person they wanted to see.

“Some people really think of this place as a place to hang out.” Chu Yan sneered, his eyes swept across Huo Du’s right leg, and then looked behind him. A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, “You don’t even bring a soldier with you, are you not afraid that I will kill you?”

Le Zhi’s eyes instantly turned cold.

But Huo Du did not mind at all. He smiled contemptuously, looked at Chu Yan, and asked, “With just you?”

Their expressions were very similar, and their similar tone made Le Zhi sigh in her heart.

As the saying goes, a nephew is like an uncle, which was indeed true.

Chu Yan was stunned for a moment, obviously not expecting this to be the first sentence Huo Du said to him.

But soon, he came back to his senses and said, “As expected of Huo Changyun’s son, with good schemes and good tactics.”

After a pause, he chuckled again, “Do you think that if you kill Wu Zhiyuan and do this, you can buy people’s hearts for Huo Changyun?”

Hearing this, the people around were all fired up.

“That’s it! Stop being hypocritical!”

“Save it, don’t do this same old stuff. Do you really think we are so easy to deceive!”

“And set up a porridge shed, who knows if there is any poison in this porridge!”


The more they talked, the more exaggerating they were. Le Zhi’s hand on Huo Du’s arm suddenly tightened, and the fabric on his sleeve was also wrinkled by her.

“Poisonous?” Le Zhi sneered, and then said to the servant in the shed, “Bring me a bowl.”

The servant accepted the order and served the hot porridge. Le Zhi reached out and took it, not caring whether it was hot or not, and sent it directly to her lips and drank it up.


She put the empty bowl down heavily, and when the bottom of the bowl collided with the wooden table, it made a dull sound.

Huo Du had been looking at her all the time and when she went to pick up the porridge bowl, he wanted to stop her, but he did not in the end. Perhaps the porridge was a little hot, her cherry lips seemed to be burned and slightly swollen. While her soft white snowy cheeks were also tinged with a thin layer of red at this time.

Not knowing if it was due to the burn or anger.

His arm was firmly grasped by her, and he could feel her tension. His heart trembled violently, and the strange sweetness and bitterness intertwined, a feeling that he had never felt before surged in his heart.

So, is this what it feels like to be protected?

Without too many words, she used practical actions to erase those unwarranted slanders and accusations against him in front of everyone.

Because of Le Zhi’s actions, everyone shut up.

…the atmosphere seemed to be frozen.

At this time, a man with bright eyes in the crowd raised his voice maliciously and said loudly, “I know who you are. Aren’t you the princess who lost her country?”

Le Zhi’s breathing froze, and her red face was instantly bloodless.

After the country Li was wiped out, Emperor Qi bestowed her a marriage and married the little princess of the subjugated country to the Taizi, to block everyone’s mouths.

This was no secret.

Speaking of which, these people shared the same affliction with Le Zhi. The people around the man could not bear seeing this, so they all went to pull him and said softly, “Don’t say it anymore.”

But the man turned a deaf ear. He narrowed his eyes, and smiled more wantonly, “It’s really strange. Huo Changyun wiped out Great Li and slaughtered the people, and now you are here to speak for his son.”

“Hahaha, it’s so amusing! Princess, if the emperor of country Li knew, how would he feel when he saw you today?” The man became more and more excited as he talked and even laughed out loud, “No, no, you shouldn’t be called a princess anymore. Should you change your name to Taizifei?”

There was a lot of sarcasm and disdain in the words.

The blood on Le Zhi’s body did not seem to be flowing anymore. She clenched the hand hanging by her side tightly, letting her nails dig deep into her palm. But she did not feel the slightest pain.

Chu Yan watched all this in silence. He glanced at that man and frowned in displeasure.

The man looked at Le Zhi’s expression with satisfaction, and the joy of success suddenly rose. He opened his mouth and was about to continue to turn his words into sharp blades, but suddenly his eyes widened, and his mouth stayed wide open in place.

Then he watched the empty bowl on the wooden table soar into the air, shattered into pieces, and flew towards him abruptly!

No one reacted.

Until all the shards pierced into his chest, arms, legs, and… throat. His body fell straight back without any more breath.

Chu Yan immediately looked at Huo Du in astonishment and saw the madness overflowing in his eyes. After a while, everyone came back to their senses. Although the man was just blabbing, he was killed because of this.

They guessed it right, Huo Changyun’s son was also a lunatic!

“Brothers, let’s go together to kill him and kill her!” Not knowing who had shouted this loudly.

The pain of being wiped out, the despair of being bullied, and the resentment of being humiliated all erupted at this moment. Everyone clenched the long swords and short knives in their hands and shouted as they stepped forward, “Kill him, kill him! Revenge, revenge!”


Chu Yan suddenly spoke up and interrupted them. Although the anger in everyone’s hearts was hard to dispel, they still obeyed Chu Yan’s order and stepped back.

Huo Du narrowed his cold eyes and glanced at everyone in front of him.

He paid the debt for that weak person, the evil seed, the lunatic… No matter how much verbal abuse they hurled at him, he could still take it.

He admitted it.

However, Le Zhi could not, no matter what, not a single word could be imposed on her.

Not allowed. He would not allow it.

“The porridge shed, and the rest of the disaster relief food are up to youshi (5 pm – 7 pm) today.” Huo Du looked sideways and instructed An Xuan.

In short, if there was still no one to appreciate the kindness when it reached youshi, he would not bother to be a good person anymore.

He had never been patient. He was used to being a villain, so he was not used to being a good person even occasionally.

Still, want him to beg them? Were they dreaming?

Love to live but did want to live.

“Huo Du!” Chu Yan looked at his departing back and called out to him. Seeing that Huo Du stopped, but did not look back, he said, “Have you ever heard of raising a tiger is a disaster? Although you helped us today, we will not let you go when we meet tomorrow.”


Huo Du threw down two words lightly, then held the cold hand and raised his legs to leave.

After he left, everyone finally relaxed and walked towards the porridge shed.

The long-term hunger and cold had made them lose most of their strength. They could not help it, even if it was humiliation, they had to endure it in order to survive.

Back at the mansion, both of them lost their appetite and went straight back to the bedroom. Le Zhi supported Huo Du and let him sit on the soft chair.

“I’m going to ask Jing Xin to make a pot of hot tea.”

But as soon as she turned around, her wrist was grasped and pulled into his arms.

Huo Du held her waist firmly, and in the next moment, he leaned over to kiss her. Unlike other previous kisses, Le Zhi could feel that there was some hidden fear in the strong and domineering kiss.

Soon, she could no longer think anymore. She was dragged by him and indulged in a stormy kiss with him. His warm lips kissed her repeatedly, tossing and turning.

When the kiss was over, Le Zhi panted slightly, and her cherry lips became even more swollen.

Huo Du stared at her in his arms and raised his hand to caress her cheek. Then he leaned closer to her and kissed the end of her eyes, the tip of her nose, and her cheek. Finally, he kissed her lips gently, from side to side.

Again and again, he tasted a little and stopped, not tiring at all.

Gradually, Le Zhi’s pale cheeks were tinged with red again, and she reached out and pushed him embarrassedly, “Don’t, don’t kiss…”

The tips of her ears were burning red.

Huo Du naturally stopped, but the tenderness in his eyes could not melt away.

As long as she was by his side, she would always be criticized. He could kill those who blabber, but he could not let the secret verbal abuse and slander disappear.

He always felt like he had no choice. But he thought about it carefully, was it not the same for Le Zhi? When she came to Great Qi and married him, she also did not have a choice.

Le Zhi looked at the eyes in front of her, only to see him dim little by little. A strange feeling arose in her heart. She always felt that something was wrong with Huo Du today, but she could not think of a reason.

“Knock, knock.”

When someone knocked on the door, Le Zhi got up and withdrew from the warm embrace to open the door.

“Master, here is your letter.”

Le Zhi took the letter and nodded toward Lin Yue. Lin Yue quietly exited and closed the door.

After being separated for a few days, her sister’s letter finally arrived. She hurriedly opened it, unfolded the letter, and read the contents carefully.

Looking at it, water mist seemed to be rising in front of her eyes, Le Zhi blinked and shed tears. The letter was wet with a few drops of clear tears, and a few words were blurred.

“Yu’er, Yu’er is still alive.” She muttered to herself, crying tears of joy.

Le Jin mentioned in the letter that she and Fu Xian found traces of her sister-in-law and Yu’er in a small border town in the country Ning. But her sister-in-law seemed to be avoiding them on purpose and was always unwilling to meet them. Once, Le Jin was about to walk in front of her, but she picked up Yu’er, turned around, and ran away.

What is this?

Le Jin could not figure it out, so she sent a letter to Le Zhi to ask for some advice. The two were separated for a few days, and Le Jin still did not know that she had come to Shengyang City.

Shengyang City, located on the westernmost side of Great Qi, was not far from the small border town of country Ning mentioned by her sister in the letter.

Le Zhi’s eyes moved slightly, looked at the letter again, and then raised her eyes to look at Huo Du. She walked up to him and said softly, “Your Highness, I, I…”

She wanted to go there in person to figure out the matter. But now in Shengyang City, Chu Yan and his people were staring at them and were ready to declare war on them at any time. Leaving at this time…

But Yu’er, and her imperial brother’s entrustment…

Le Zhi pursed her lips and told Huo Du what was in the letter. Then, she said, “Your Highness, I want to go to Huaxi City.”

Huo Du stared at her knitted brows, and then looked down, watching her clutching the letter in one hand, and the other hand hanging down with slightly mottled bloodstains on the palm of her hand.

He knew that she did it herself.


Huo Du lowered his eyes silently and smiled suddenly.

This time, he must let her choose.

The author has something to say:
One after another… So how many times did you kiss??!  (Dog)

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