After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 53          Darkness

The warm sun rose, and the sun shone on Le Zhi, making her whole person sparkle.

Huo Du watched her expression seriously. He liked her like this the most, full of vigor and vitality. But when he thought that her vitality stemmed from being full of hatred, his heart sank again.

“Any idea yet?” he asked casually.

Le Zhi nodded and rolled her eyes slightly, “If Brother Fu Xian makes a lot of noise when he hijacks the carriage, it is impossible for Huo Xu not to notice it. He just wants you to make a mistake!”

After a pause, she cast her gaze on Huo Du’s face and asked with certainty, “Your Highness didn’t report Fu Xian’s identity to Emperor, right?”

Huo Du hummed unhurriedly.

Hearing this, a faint smile appeared on Le Zhi’s lips.

If it was just an ordinary bandit robber, Huo Du would handle it as he wished with his identity, and naturally, no one would intervene. But Fu Xian’s identity was special.

He was the nobleman of country Li who was on the wanted list.

The impact of country Qi’s extermination of country Li was quite large, and Emperor Qi was very cautious about the remaining imperial family and nobles of country Li. He had given order as early as a month ago that if the surviving family members of the country Li were caught, they must be brought before Emperor, and he would personally interrogate them.

Firstly, he wanted to win over the senior officials of the country Li to quell the anger of the neighboring countries. Secondly, he was also worried that the senior officials of the country of Li would gather together and form a counterattack.

Huo Changyun was cautious about them.

Therefore, as long as Huo Du did not report, it was equivalent to giving Huo Xu a chance to turn defeat into victory. If the surviving family members of the country Li were found in the Taizi Mansion, Huo Xu could make a big fuss regardless of life or death.

If the person was dead, he could spread the rumors that the heir to the throne of Qi abused and killed the people of the country Li to arouse public anger. If the person was still alive, he could say that Huo Du was hiding the surviving family members of the country Li, and harbored ill intentions. Huo Changyun was suspicious, so Huo Xu could take advantage of this.

However, Huo Xu was slow to take action.

Le Zhi knew that the failure of the last assassination and the recent bad luck made Huo Xu hesitate.

Are not uncertainty and indecisiveness Huo Xu’s biggest weaknesses?

If he was decisive enough, the day he attack the capital of the Li Kingdom, he should slaughter all the members of the Le clan.

Since he forced her to survive, Le Zhi must live up to his good intentions.


The breeze blew up Le Zhi’s loose hair, and the smile on her face gradually disappeared.

Huo Du stared at the corners of her cold lips, and unbearableness flashed through his heart. He was originally a person who liked to play with torture, but he asked unprecedentedly, “That bastard, why don’t you just kill him?”

Why bother to toss like this?

At first, he was a bystander, leisurely watching Le Zhi’s plan step by step. But now, as he watched her injured and concerned, the suffocation in his chest became worse.

Those deep in the quagmire of revenge know this feeling best. When the blood of the enemy was stained on the hands, the heart was full of joy. At the same time, one would become less and less aware of oneself.

With the disappearance of the enemy, there was also the former self. The person, as before, still had their own self.

Huo Du did not want Le Zhi to sink deeper and deeper, just because he knew that he was already trapped inside, he wanted to push her out.

With the light still on her, she should not sink into the darkness.

Therefore, Huo Du was willing to change his plan slightly and gave Huo Xu a straightforward death.


“No.” Le Zhi shook her head firmly, and she said coldly, “How can it be so cheap for him.”

The resentment in her chest pooled together, and she was overwhelmed. If Huo Du had said this earlier, she would have been very happy. At that time, she simply wanted Huo Xu to die.

But that day, after she personally killed Yang Heng, the joy in her imagination did not last long… especially every time she saw her sister, Le Zhi felt from the bottom of her heart that Yang Heng died too easily. Even Yang Heng made her feel that way, let alone Huo Xu.

What Huo Xu owed Great Li was more than just his life.

Death was the simplest thing. Le Zhi hoped that Huo Xu would lose the things he wanted most, power, the throne, and the woman he thought he loved. The taste of working in vain could make him completely collapse… only then he would be entitled to die.

There seemed to be a layer of mist in front of her eyes, and Le Zhi lowered her eyes to prevent Huo Du from seeing the wetness in her eyes.

The coldness emanating from Le Zhi’s heart made her tremble all over. She knew very well that she could not turn back. If someone told her a year ago that she would become like this one day, she would never have believed it. Not only her, but her imperial father, her imperial mother, and her imperial elder brother also would not believe it either.

Le Zhi, who used to be soft-hearted, warm, and did not care about anything, would become hard-hearted, cold, and vindictive now. A person who grew up surrounded by love since childhood could actually grow up like this.

Le Zhi suppressed the sourness in her eyes, and her heart was sad. She knew exactly why she had changed.

It was because of growing up in love and kindness that once these were destroyed, her heart distorted uncontrollably. The demon devoured the warmth around her, so she had to become fierce and vicious in order to fight the demon.

Even after winning, those loves would never come back. She also wanted to use the blood of the devil to pay homage to all this.

A smooth warmth suddenly came from the palm of her hand and made Le Zhi return to her senses abruptly. She hid the stern look in her eyes, showed an ordinary gentle smile, raised her eyes to look at Huo Du, and shook his hand as if she was coquettish.

“Got it.”

Knowing that he had promised her that he would cooperate with her, Le Zhi curled her lips, “Thank you.”

Then, she leaned toward Huo Du’s shoulder and deliberately rested her head on his shoulder to prevent him from seeing the emotion in her eyes. Her eyes darkened because she knew that the Le Zhi, who Huo Du liked, was disguised by her.

Maybe it could not be called a disguise, but except for the hot spring villa, what she showed in front of him was mostly the former self, gentle and obedient.

If Huo Du knew about the huge dark side she had hidden in her heart, and her ultimate plan and goal, most probably he would be shocked, maybe even kill her without trouble.

No matter what the road ahead was, they always stand on opposite ends.

A lunatic and a lunatic were not compatible after all.

Huo Du stared at Le Zhi’s side face for a long time. In all fairness, she concealed her expression and the emotions in her eyes very well. On the contrary, he could sense her struggle and pain through her heartbeat.

Because they were the same kind of people.

He sighed silently.

Never mind, if you insisted on stepping into the darkness, then I’ll let you be. Anyway, I’m here to protect you.

The Jingxian Wang Mansion.

Huo Xu was smashing things irritably in the study. He did not know what happened to him last night until he would do those things to Shen Qingyan. Although he did not like her, he was definitely not someone who treated women harshly.

It’s all Shen Huai’s fault!

Also, drunkenness delays things!

Otherwise, he would never have done such an outrageous thing.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door outside the study, and a sweet and gentle voice came, “Wangye.”

Just listening to the voice could make one’s body sensitive. Suppressing the throbbing in his heart, he coughed lightly, “Come in.”

Jiang Man pushed open the door, twisted her waist, and slowly entered the room. She put the tray in her hand on the desk and untied her cloak and put it aside. Then he walked to Huo Xu’s side and said, “I heard that Wangye hasn’t eaten breakfast yet, and already locked himself in the study. I was so worried.”

The rich fragrance wafted through the air, and Huo Xu’s heart fluttered slightly. He raised his arms around Jiang Man’s waist and let her sit on his lap.

“Wangye…” Jiang Man put her hand on his shoulder and pretended to push him away, but her body leaned closer to him.

Huo Xu could not help but started to get aroused. At Shen Qingyan’s place last night, although he tossed a little too much, he was not enjoying himself at all. How could a noblewoman like Shen Qingyan knew how to serve people?

She’s so not exciting at all!

Holding soft fragrance in his arms, Huo Xu’s hand on the soft waist gradually moved down, then his eyes darkened, and he took a deep breath. He leaned close to Jiang Man and nibbled at her earlobe, “Are you not wearing panties?”

He was answered by a low murmur.


Huo Xu carried her to the table eagerly, lifted her thin skirt, and was about to put his hand in when there was a knock on the door.

“Wangye, I have something urgent to report!”

“Get lost!” Huo Xu flushed as his desire could not be quenched.

“Wangye, it’s… a secret letter to you.”

In an instant, the dry heat on Huo Xu’s body was extinguished. He calmed down and carried Jiang Man off the table, “You go back first.”

But Jiang Man felt wronged, pulled her front lapel, and shook her head reluctantly.

“Go back!” Huo Xu raised his voice slightly.

Seeing this, Jiang Man had no choice but to bow and withdrew. When she opened the door and saw Qin Yu, she glared at him with a displeased look. Jiang Man knew who wrote that letter, and she knew who she substituted for.

She pretended to be obedient for so long, but she still could not shake that person’s position in Huo Xu’s heart.

She was not reconciled!

Gritting her teeth, Jiang Man tightened her cloak and walked out of the study.

After getting Le Zhi’s letter, Huo Xu hurriedly opened it. After reading the contents of the letter, he felt that most of the anger in his heart had receded.

“Qin Yu, pass my order to regroup the soldiers of the mansion!”

There was a happy smile on his lips, and tonight, he would definitely raise his head high.

Initially, he was worried that the embarrassment during the last meeting would make Zhizhi unhappy, but fortunately, she always had him in her heart.

However, in Great Qi, who else could she rely on besides him?

As matter of fact, in order to save Fu Xian, she had to ask him for help.

In fact, Huo Xu received the news yesterday, but because of Huo Du’s cunningness, he did not dare to act rashly. But with this letter from Zhizhi, he knew exactly where Huo Du imprisoned Fu Xian in the Taizi Mansion. This time, he would be able to hit it with one strike!

Rescuing Fu Xian was secondary, what he wanted was to get hold of evidence against Huo Du.

Huo Xu smiled and continued to look at the letter, looking at the familiar handwriting and thinking of that face that could make him flutter. His heart was full of excitement. He felt that Zhizhi would soon be able to return to his side.

At that time, he would definitely embrace her to sleep every night, very intimately and lovey-dovey. He vowed that he would never let go of her hand again, and never let her leave him again.

The author has something to say:
Zhizhi: Tweet, tweet, tweet. He won’t like the real me.
Du: I just like the way my wife plots to kill people. I like lunatics! A lunatic and a lunatic are the best matches in the world! My wife is the number one awesome in the universe!!!
Huo Xu: I and Zhizhi blablabla… (Imagine the future)
Du: Bastard! Nonsense! Just kill him!!!

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