TIGR Chapter 9

The Imperial Guard’s Revenge

Chapter 9 A Question

Lu Heng’s eyes were sincere and enthusiastic, and Wang Yanqing subconsciously wanted to agree with him, as if she was entranced. She paused before asking: “What do you want me to do?”

Lu Heng smiled and affectionately enclosed Wang Yanqing’s hand to comfort her: “Don’t be nervous. I just want you to help me watch a few people to find out if they are lying. If I want to overturn the case decided by Commander Chen Du, I must have full confidence. Do you want to follow me to Baoding and personally visit the Liang family house?”

This time, Wang Yanqing was really surprised. She only lost her memory, she didn’t become a fool, of course, she realized that Lu Heng was guiding her. She thought that Lu Heng wanted to take advantage of her abilities to do something, but she did not expect it to only be for this case.

Wang Yanqing looked Lu Heng directly in the eye and said honestly: “I thought you wouldn’t care about such trivial things.”

Lu Heng was a commander of the third rank, and he was a well-known figure in the capital. An ordinary woman’s adultery case would never have been handed over to him. This case was not convicted nor tried by him. He had no need to disobey his superiors for such a small person.

Wang Yanqing’s eyes were bright and clear and she held his gaze to the end. Lu Heng looked into her eyes and realized that she had probably misunderstood something. Lu Heng said with a smile: “I’m not as noble as you think. I’ve always been too lazy to deal with things that have nothing to do with me. It was just by chance that I saw the obvious flaws in this case. To let this fool follow through would be an embarrassment to the Imperial Guards, so I thought about it for a couple more days. Qing Qing, as expected, you are very smart. Since you have seen through my intentions, let me ask you, are you willing?”

Wang Yanqing faintly sighed and spoke: “You are my Second Brother, no matter what your purpose is in helping Liang’s daughter overturn the case, your willingness to take the task is already enough. Just as you let me speak freely in your presence, you don’t have to explain your intentions to me. I trust you.”

“Why?” Lu Heng tightened his eyebrows, concealing the question in his eyes, and he looked at her deeply, “Just because I am your Second Brother?”

“Since I choose to trust you, I am accepting all of you.” As Wang Yanqing spoke, she blinked slowly and smiled, “You were the one who brought me home.”

When Wang Yanqing saw him, she knew that this man was wicked and unscrupulous. He would never give kindness in vain. If he gave one piece, he would take back three. Including tonight when he suddenly talked to her about the Liang family’s case, he surely had other reasons. However, Wang Yanqing was perfectly happy to be the knife in his hand.

This is someone she couldn’t forget when she lost her memory. How could she refuse him?

Wang Yanqing didn’t want the atmosphere to be too heavy, and deliberately joked to brighten the atmosphere, but Lu Heng just smiled and didn’t seem to be pleased. Lu Heng sneered coldly in his heart. He shouldn’t have asked that question. Wang Yanqing said that he believed him, who did not want to have everything stay in an illusion of blooming flowers and deep affection? Why did he insist on asking, it would only crush his spirits.

Lu Heng didn’t let his bad mood affect his expression. He smiled and continued: “It would be great if you are willing to help. When your injury is better, I will arrange the procedures and take you to Baoding to see what the Liang family is doing. However, we shouldn’t speak out until we get the evidence. We will have to change our identities and go out of the city as a pair of ordinary brother and sister. Qing Qing, you may be wronged and put into trouble.”

Wang Yanqing shook her head: “It’s okay. Second Brother, your career is the most important thing. What does it matter if I face a couple of hardships.”

The more she spoke in this manner, the less comfortable Lu Heng felt. All her tenderness, consideration, and sincere trust was based on the fact that he was her adopted brother. The person she was now looking at was actually another man.

Lu Heng pulled the corner of his lip back into a smile and affectionately stroked her head: “Okay. However, I must inform the palace that I will be leaving the capital. Recuperate at home first, don’t worry about traveling. I will arrange everything and send someone to pick you up when we leave.”

Wang Yanqing did not have any objections and responded with a nod.

Lu Heng said that he was not in a hurry, but the next day after the court dispersed, he went straight to the emperor. The Imperial Guards could directly face the emperor, so when the palace eunuch saw that it was Lu Heng, he did not dare stop him and bowed flatteringly: “Greetings Master Lu, are you here to report something to the emperor?”

“Yes.” Lu Heng smiled and nodded, “Please excuse the inconvenience, I must state my report.”

The eunuch did not dare speak and went inside to deliver the message. Not a moment later, the emperor’s right-hand Assistant Zhang personally came out to welcome him: “Master Lu, please enter.”

After Lu Heng and Assistant Zhang greeted each other, they steadily walked toward the Imperial Hall. In the Qianqing Palace, the emperor was meditating on the couch, and Lu Heng paid his respect to the emperor: “Your Imperial Majesty, may you live long.”

The emperor responded while maintaining his meditative position. Lu Heng examined the emperor’s face and said: “Your Imperial Majesty, you are looking fine today, with a rosy complexion and steady breath. It seems that the elixir is doing well.”

The emperor’s expression had remained indifferent, but when he heard this, a smile finally appeared on his face, and he said quite complacently: “You can see it too? After taking it, I felt much lighter, and my heart palpitations are not as bad as before when I get up early. This method of sacrifice mentioned by Master Shao is certainly useful.”

After Lu Heng accompanied the emperor for a discussion, the emperor said he was happy and asked: “For what matter did you come?”

Lu Heng said: “Your Imperial Majesty, I received a case a few days ago. I pondered it for a long time and feel that there is some point of doubt. I want to personally go to Beijing to check out the situation.”

The emperor and Lu Heng had known each other for more than ten years, and they both spoke very casually. The emperor asked: “What case?”

Lu Heng ran the emperor completely through the case of Liang Wei’s wife reporting the eldest daughter for adultery. Lastly, Lu Heng said: “For a 16-year-old girl to commit adultery during the mourning period is really against common logic. Even if this was true, passionate love is also a natural behavior, the crime is not death. To sentence Liang’s daughter to death is too harsh.”

The emperor came to the capital at the age of fourteen to ascend the throne and in the beginning, he might not have been able to adapt to the conditions. The emperor had been ill for many years and had almost passed several times. During that time, the palace felt that the emperor would not live to twenty. Later, Daoist priests entered Beijing and slowly nursed the emperor’s body. Only then did he gradually recover. Even so, the emperor was panting and coughing, his body was still weak and sickly, and he was no match for Lu Heng’s heavenly and energetic body.

The imperial doctor couldn’t cure him for such a long time, but the Daoist priests were able to. They saved the emperor’s life, and under the care of the Daoist priests, the emperor’s health was getting better and better. Therefore, the emperor did not believe in imperial physicians or Buddhas, he just believed in the principles of wisdom and followed them

Daoism was not self-restraining like Buddhism and paid attention to generosity, morality, and harmony between yin and yang. The emperor had a second thought and felt that this was right. When a girl is of age, it is natural for feelings of love to emerge. How can it be worth shouting and killing? The emperor nodded and said: “Since you feel doubt, then go and check it out.”

Lu Heng lowered his head in response, and a dark light quickly flashed across his eyes. He did not mention a word about Chen Yin, but he had already reported a complaint. The emperor was smart, and later he would definitely investigate what had happened with this case. Naturally, he would become aware that Chen Yin had made the ruling on this case. Even if Lu Heng avoided Chen Yin and did not report his thoughts to the emperor, the emperor could guess.

This was why Lu Heng and the emperor got along. When dealing with clever people, never try to manipulate them. Lu Heng laid out his thoughts to the emperor and the emperor saw through them. In that case, he was willing to tolerate it.

Frankly, it was also human nature to constantly strive to make progress. The emperor could accept these desires that instinctually came from human nature. What he really couldn’t accept was deception.

Lu Heng’s goal was accomplished, and he was about to ask for his leave when he suddenly heard the emperor ask: “How is the investigation of Zhang Yong and Xiao Jing going?”

Lu Heng felt a slight chill in his heart and said: “I am investigating.”

The emperor nodded without further comment as if he just asked casually. But Lu Heng knew that the emperor was impatient.

In half a month, at the latest, the emperor would get results.

After paying his respect, Lu Heng exited the palace. He walked the Qianqing Gate and his pace gradually accelerated. While walking alongside the left gate, he ran head-on, right into another person.

The eyes of the two crossed each other, and they both felt unlucky. Very quickly, Lu Heng adopted his usual thin smile and addressed: “Marquis of Zhenyuan.”

Fu Tingzhou faced Lu Heng and nodded. He grit his teeth while smiling carefully: “Director Lu.”

Now that Lu Heng led the post of commander, people inside and outside the capital called him “Commander Lu.” Obviously, Fu Tingzhou was not one of those who gave face.

When Lu Heng heard Fu Tingzhou’s form of address, he did not get angry, instead, his smile grew wider. Lu Heng gave Fu Tingzhou a once over and glanced at his arm with an unclear meaning: “I have things to do in Fusi Nanzhen, I’ll go first, and I’ll chat with the Marquis of Zhenyuan later.”

Fu Tingzhou stared at him with ice-cold eyes of hatred. Lu Heng felt absolutely no pressure under his gaze. He nodded to Fu Tingzhou with a smile and actually really wanted to leave. Lu Heng took two steps and Fu Tingzhou lost his last straw. He turned around and said: “Master Lu.”

Lu Heng stopped, did not turn around, and calmly spoke: “Marquis of Zhenyuan, you flatter me with this term. Master. I do not understand, is there anything else, Marquis of Zhenyuan?”

“Recently I received some excellent wine. I wanted to invite Master Lu to taste them. It’s a pity that we can’t follow through. Master Lu, what have you been busy with recently?”

Lu Heng smiled and turned to look at the person behind him. The luxurious and ice-cold sunlight of the Forbidden City shone in his eyes, and his amber eyes became more and more liquid, the waves were tossing, making it impossible to see his true expression.

Lu Heng held a perfect smile and said: “The Zhenyuan of Marquis should know what I have been up to.”

Fu Tingzhou clenched his fists, and the blue veins on his forearms suddenly tightened. He was provoking him. He was so arrogant that he challenged Fu Tingzhou to his face.

Fu Tingzhou over-exerted himself and the injury on his arm began to hurt. Fu Tingzhou’s face was as cold as iron, and his voice held his restrained anger: “Director Lu, it’s best to stop while you are ahead, don’t suffer on account of your own meddling.”

Lu Heng looked at Fu Tingzhou and laughed. He looked up at the distant and indifferent sky, then tilted his head and looked at Fu Tingzhou calmly, with just the right amount of doubt and innocence in his tone: “I have been ordered to investigate Zhang Yong and Xiao Jing in the case of bribery. It seems that the Marquis of Zhenyuan resents this, could it be that you have something with Zhang Yong and Xiao Jing?”

Fu Tingzhou pursed his thin lips tightly, and the veins on his neck stretched out. Lu Heng taunted his opponent and was feeling really good. He didn’t think it was enough, so before leaving, he said sincerely: “I heard that you, the Zhenyuan Marquis, and the Yongping Marquis’ third Miss are going to have good news soon. Lu hereby congratulates the Zhenyuan Marquis for getting what you wanted, an auspicious woman. It’s a pity that I have been unable to leave Fusi recently. It seems that this Lu, unfortunately, will not be able to enjoy the fine wine of the Zhenyuan Marquis. When the Marquis of Zhenyuan gets married, I will certainly come by for a drink.”

After Lu Heng finished speaking, he nodded to Fu Tingzhou, turned around, and left. Fu Tingzhou stood in the solemn and cold alley of the Forbidden City, watching Lu Heng walk away. The four-clawed flying fish on his body was reflected in the sun and pierced the watching eyes.

Fu Tingzhou’s fist clenched tighter and tighter until the veins on the back of his hand appeared. Fu Tingzhou knew that Qing Qing must have been taken away by Lu Heng. For the past two days, he had been waiting for Lu Heng to use her and make conditions, but Lu Heng was calm as usual making no moves. In the end, Fu Tingzhou couldn’t stay patient and ran to find Lu Heng. In the end, Lu Heng actually pretended to be innocent.

Fu Tingzhou was unscrupulously angry with Lu Heng, but he was more worried about Wang Yanqing. She was a girl and fell into the hands of someone like Lu Heng. Fu Tingzhou felt frightened every time the hourglass was reported to him. Fu Tingzhou took a deep breath, and the dry and cold air of Beijing City poured into his lungs, scraping his life like a knife. He looked up at the rolling hills of the green vermilion and his heart seemed to be missing a piece, slowly leaking air.

Qing Qing, where are you?

After Lu Heng came out of the palace, there was an inexplicable smile stuck on his face. He greeted the emperor and was ready to set off to Baoding to investigate the case. Lu Heng was an Imperial Guard, and it was easy to set up a fake identity for himself. He quickly took care of everything and took Wang Yanqing out of Beijing one morning to the Baoding Mansion.

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