After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 43          Embarrassed

The cold wind picked up, and the sky darkened as if the snow was about to fall.

Lin Yuxian followed the attendant who led the way and walked in the direction of the main hall of the Taizi mansion. She tightened the light pink cotton cloak that was draped over her body and her heart as if there was a drum beating loudly. Obviously, when she was outside the mansion, she still had full courage in her heart, but as soon as she stepped into the mansion, her whole heart seemed to be stuck in her throat.

But no matter how nervous Lin Yuxian was, she was not timid. Since she had already come this far, she naturally would go all out. Besides, Brother Taizi did not want to see her just now, but did not he send someone to bring her in in the end?

This should be a good start.

Thinking of this, a very sweet smile appeared on her face, and she stepped into the main hall.

Huo Du was wearing a satin dress with a deep green lotus purple diamond pattern with landscape embroidery on the narrow sleeves, and the belt in the same color as the robe was buckled with white jade hooks.

The cold and white appearance of the banished immortal showed a cold and alienated expression.

Lin Yuxian was attentive and saluted respectfully, “I am Lin Yuxian, pay respect to Your Highness Taizi.”

Lin Yuxian had long been familiar with this common courtesy, but in front of Huo Du, she always felt that she had not done her best. She bit her lower lip, lifted her blushing cheeks, and carefully examined Huo Du’s eyes.

For a split second, she felt her heart skip a beat in her chest, and even her breathing stopped.

In the past, she could only look at him from a distance, but now, this was the closest distance between them. The clear face and seductive peach blossom eyes were clearly imprinted in Lin Yuxian’s stunned eyes. Without blinking, Lin Yuxian greedily hoped that she could keep looking at him. At this moment, she seemed to have become an insatiable cat.

Huo Du raised his eyes lazily, and Lin Yuxian felt his eyes at her. The eyes that could not see the emotion made her heart bitter, and she could not help pursing her lips tightly.

“I beg Your Highness to allow me to say a few heartfelt words, good or not?”

Huo Du did not answer, not even moving his eyes.

Lin Yuxian thought that he was staring at her, so she took a deep breath and said in one breath, “I… I have admired Your Highness for a long time, so I came here boldly today and want to ask why Your Highness refused the marriage bestowed by Emperor. If Your Highness is dissatisfied with Yuxian, Yuxian is willing to change, as long as Your Highness can give me a chance.”

When it came to feelings, Lin Yuxian’s voice trembled, and there was an unconcealable panic in her soft powerless tone and also… affections.

An Xuan, who was standing on the side, saw this scene of expressing heartfelt feelings and could not help but glance sideways at His Highness Taizi. He had been following His Highness for a long time, and he could naturally see what this expression meant. His Highness’s eyes seemed to fall on Lin Yuxian, but in fact, his mind had drifted away. His Highness might not have heard a word of Lin Yuxian’s heartfelt confession.

An Xuan was silent, lamenting for her in his heart.

Huo Du was indeed absent-minded. The sound of “Brother Taizi” that Le Zhi called when she leaned over to his ear just now tickled his heart. Even until now, he could not really calm down.

The last time he heard the unpleasant voice shouting these words outside the screen, Huo Du only felt chills and bored at that time. But when it was called out from Le Zhi’s mouth today, he was surprised to find out that…

The combination of the words Brother and Taizi could be so beautiful.

Brother Taizi.

It was much better than Brother Ah Xu.

A trace of heat evoked by Le Zhi’s final syllable seemed to gently caressed Huo Du’s ears, making the tips of his ears slightly hot.

“Cough, cough…” The person beside him deliberately coughed lightly, intending to remind Huo Du.

With his thoughts returned, Huo Du finally glanced at Lin Yuxian. He did not hear what she said just now, only vaguely seeing her lips open and close.

She’s too noisy.

Huo Du always remembered that the words that insulted Le Zhi last time also popped out of her mouth. A layer of frost gradually gathered in the black eyes.

Hu Duo tightened his brows, and his cold eyes were about to be stained with killing intent. However, his heart swayed, and he had to force himself to suppress the killing intent.

If I kill her, I won’t get any benefits.
This will not work.

He endured.

“You are Lin…” Huo Du opened his mouth only to spit out the Lin family name, but he could not remember her name.

Hearing Huo Du’s cold voice, Lin Yuxian was overjoyed, and said anxiously, “Brother Taizi… Your Highness, my name is Yuxian.”

“Lin Yuxian.” Huo Du sneered, and said slowly, “The daughter of Taiwei, Lin Qi?”

Lin Yuxian was shy and hummed softly.

“Frivolous behaviors, shallowness, and thought-provoking feelings. Is this the style of the noblewomen of Great Qi?”

His tone was still unwavering, but every word was tinged with a hint of mockery and… contempt. Lin Yuxian’s feet softened, and she fell straight to her knees on the ground.

Frivolous behaviors, shallowness, and thought-provoking feelings, just these few words were able to stab her heart.

She was badly hurt.

Lin Yuxian’s brain was in chaos. She hurriedly opened her mouth and wanted to explain, but her words were out of tune, “I, I… Your Highness, I…”

“This loneliness doesn’t want to see you again. If you see this loneliness in the future, it’s best to take a detour.” Huo Du picked up his cane and said while walking away. When he passed by Lin Yuxian, he glanced down at the ground covered by her knees and ordered with displeasure, “Let someone change the floor tiles in the main hall.”

An Xuan responded in a deep voice. He looked at the back of Huo Du’s departure and then turned to look at the desolate figure kneeling on the ground. He was a little curious, if Taizifei saw this scene in person, would she regret not letting His Highness kill Lin Yuxian?

After all, death was just a matter of one knife. And His Highness… was a heartbreaker!

Le Zhi sat on the stone chair, looking at the scald ointment in her hand. The dark brown medicine jar was slightly cold, spreading a hint of coldness to Le Zhi’s palm.

Her expression was solemn.

Although Huo Du chuckled lightly and hummed when he left, it could be considered as he agreed with her. But with Lin Yuxian’s temperament, if she got anxious and angered him, perhaps this vague promise would not work.

Suddenly, a familiar figure stepped into the courtyard.

Le Zhi got up eagerly and ran a few steps in the direction of Huo Du. Finally, standing in front of him, she opened her eyes wide and walked around him. Fortunately, there were no traces of bloodstain on his clothes.

Just after heaving a sigh of relief, Le Zhi’s heart moved. How could Huo Du kill someone with his own hands? He always watched from the sidelines.

Thinking of this, Le Zhi hurriedly leaned closer to him and sniffed lightly with the tip of her nose.

No bloody smell at all.

The corners of her lips curled up, and Le Zhi smiled reassuringly. She backed away, looked at Huo Du with a smile, and deliberately asked again, “Your Highness didn’t kill anyone, right?”

Huo Du snorted softly, walked around her to the side of the jade wheelchair, and sat down.

If she had something to ask for, she would call Brother Taizi softly and tenderly. After everything had been done, she addressed Your Highness straightforwardly.


When Huo Du made a displeased look before, Le Zhi’s heart trembled with fear. But now that she was used to it, she naturally was not afraid anymore.

She followed him slowly and sat down beside Huo Du. Without saying anything, she just gently pulled his scalded hand by boiling water in front of her.

Because it was not dealt with in time, the scalded red marks turned dark red as if they were engraved on the back of his hand.

Le Zhi’s heart tightened. Huo Du’s hands were so good-looking, and it would be bad to leave a burn mark. As the culprit, she guiltily took off the lid of the medicine jar and dipped some cold ointment on her fingertips. Just as she was about to apply to the back of Huo Du’s hand, An Xuan rush overhastily.

Even brought the cold wind together.

“Your Highness, there is an order from the palace. Your Majesty calls you to enter the palace immediately.”

Le Zhi’s heart which had just relaxed started to worry again. She knew that the matter of defying the imperial decree would not be turned over so easily. The ointment on her fingertips penetrated into her skin, and it was cool and refreshing. She looked at Huo Du at a loss.

Huo Du held her hand and said nothing. Then he just picked up the cane, stood up, and prepared to enter the palace.

“Apply… go after applying the ointment.” Le Zhi eagerly grabbed his sleeve, panicked in her tone.

But Huo Du took the medicine jar from her hand and threw it on the stone table. Then, he raised his injured palm and gently pressed the scalded red mark over Le Zhi’s lips.

The back of his hand moved slowly, smearing her warm breath along the line of her lips little by little.

Le Zhi was startled. She stared foolishly at the soft look in Huo Du’s eyes.

Does he even know what he’s doing?

“Tsk.” With a turn of his palm, Huo Du rubbed Le Zhi’s slightly hot snowy cheek with his fingertips and then smiled casually, “Worried about me?”


Le Zhi nodded heavily.

The world was unpredictable. She was someone who had personally experienced the sudden changes. She was afraid of the unexpected and afraid of the parting.

Emperor Qi had a ruthless temperament, and it could be seen that he did not care about Huo Du. Now that Huo Du openly defied the imperial decree, Huo Changyun hastily called him to enter the palace. Le Zhi was worried.

If something happened to Huo Du, her revenge plan would definitely be greatly affected. Maybe she had to go back to the old way of luring Huo Xu. But now, when she thought of Huo Xu’s face, she felt terribly disgusted.

Le Zhi could not help but think, could she really seduce Huo Xu with a calm expression?


“Then say something nice.”

With her thoughts gathered back, Le Zhi pursed her lips. She raised her hand around Huo Du’s neck, pressed her cheek to his face, and then said softly, “Brother Taizi, Brother Taizi, Brother Taizi…”

She knew exactly what Huo Du wanted to hear. Then, she just did as he wished.

Le Zhi had too many regrets hidden in her heart, the sudden death of her close relatives, her unfulfilled filial piety, the thoughtful words she did not have time to say to them, and many, many more.

If this was her last time with Huo Du, she hoped he would be a little happier.

But Le Zhi’s heart sank a little each time she called out.

Her heart was firmly grasped by an invisible force, and tears seemed to flow from the end of her eyes.

In a trance, Le Zhi heard a voice asking from the bottom of her heart.

“You are so scared, is it really just because of your revenge plan?”

A bitter smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“All right.” Huo Du raised his hand, put his palm on the back of Le Zhi’s neck, and caressed it gently. Not long after, he also leaned closer to her ear and whispered something.

Le Zhi stood there stupefied even though Huo Du had left for a while. But his words echoed in her mind repeatedly.

“Don’t call yet. Wait for me to come back, leave it for tonight… call me when we’re on the bed.”

… Lots of nonsense!

Le Zhi bit her lip, a hint of embarrassment mixed with worry.

She suddenly hoped that Huo Du’s punishment for defying the decree would be…

To, sew, his, mouth.

The author has something to say:
Zhi: I strongly suspect that this dead lame person’s leg was broken off by a riot! 
Du: Meow, meow, meow???

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