After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 20          Set a Trap

Late at night, the love between the couple was hot.

Huo Xu did not know what was wrong with him. His mother had clearly told him that he was not allowed to indulge in his desire for women too much because of the imminent wedding. However, he always found it difficult to restrain himself whenever he entered this room.

The softness in his arms exuded bursts of fragrance which made his heart itch.

“Knock, knock…”

The knock on the door interrupted Huo Xu’s fanciful thoughts. He got down from his bed irritably and walked to the door.

“What’s the matter?”

When the door opened, the residual smell of the love-making session in the room wafted out. The dark guard could not help frowning, and reported in a deep voice, “Your Highness, Li Yao sent news that Taizifei has succeeded, and now Taizi is highly poisoned.”

Huo Xu was stunned for a moment and then burst out laughing.

“Hahaha! Indeed Heaven is helping me!”

After laughing ridiculously, his face sank again. Huo Du had a weird temperament. Since things went so smoothly, Le Zhi must have spent a lot of effort on it. Perhaps… Huo Du had already got her.

The anger in his chest ignited, and Huo Xu clenched his fists. He could hardly wait!

Since Huo Du had already been poisoned, why should he wait until the poison breakout? He could not stand that Le Zhi had to lie on Huo Du’s bed in the last few days with him… with him…

He forbade it!

“Let Li Yao tell Zhizhi that no matter what method is used, she must bring Huo Du to the back garden at haishi (9 pm – 11 pm) tomorrow night.” Huo Xu ordered in a deep voice.


Returning to the warm bed, the delicate person burrowed straight into his arms. Huo Xu smiled that his Zhizhi would be able to snuggle up in his arms like this soon.

As for Shen Qingyan, he still had to marry her. The power of the Prime Minister must belong to him.  As well as Zhizhi, he would use all his love to heal the pain in her heart and make her forget everything about Great Li.

As for this counterfeit person in the arms, he would still keep her. Although this little girl had no personality, she was very obedient, unlike Zhizhi who occasionally played with her temperament. Just… continued to keep her like this.

As long as Huo Du died, he would be unhindered.

The Taizi Mansion.

Le Zhi fell into a nightmare. She knew she was in a dream, but she could not wake up.

In the dream, her imperial father, her imperial mother, and her imperial elder brother all frowned tightly and no longer had the smiling expression as before. Her imperial father kept sighing, and his face was full of disappointment.

“Zhizhi, your sister is suffering. Why haven’t you rescued her yet?”

As soon as the scene changed, her imperial brother appeared beside her. He held her wrist tightly with bloodshot eyes, and asked in a trembling voice, “Sister, have you found your imperial sister-in-law and Yu’er? Are they… all right?”

Le Zhi’s eyes were red. She was so ashamed that she could not speak. She was so useless.

Huo Du was originally a light sleeper, and the person beside him woke him up with a low whimper. He got up and looked at Le Zhi. He saw that her long black eyelashes were trembling, the hair on her temples was wet with sweat, and beads of sweat were flowing down from her cheeks to her snow-white neck. At the same time, her hands were holding the brocade quilt firmly and kept murmuring in her mouth.

Huo Du had to lean closer before he could hear it clearly. She said “I’m sorry”… One after another without stopping.

After a long while, Le Zhi finally broke free from the dream. She opened her eyes and got up, her eyes were sour, and her heart was suffocating that she could not breathe.

“Did you have a nightmare?”

She turned her head abruptly and found that Huo Du was leaning on the embroidered pillow and looking at her with faint eyes. Le Zhi lowered her eyes and said softly, “I’m sorry to wake up Your Highness.”

Huo Du ignored her, just lifted the thick bed curtain, and took a clean snow handkerchief from the headboard. Then he used the handkerchief to carefully wipe the sweat off Le Zhi’s forehead and neck. Le Zhi was still thinking about her close relatives in the dream, and thus did not notice Huo Du’s gentle movements which were out of the ordinary.

The sky outside was starting to get bright, and the light came in through the window.

Although Le Zhi could not sleep anymore, she continued to lie down. She could not calm her mind and her eyes were sour. But Huo Du was still on the side, so she had to bite her lip.

Can’t cry. Can’t cry in front of him and annoy him.

At this moment, Huo Du raised his hand to lower the bed curtain, leaving only a small gap and letting only a trace of light in.

Le Zhi did not understand his meaning and raised her head to look at him. Unfortunately, it was too dark inside the bed to see it clearly.

“Cry if you want to cry.”

The tip of Le Zhi’s nose felt sour after hearing this. Perhaps the absence of light in the bed could cover up her embarrassment, she finally stopped holding back and let her tears flow down. At first, she just cried softly. Gradually, she let go of her voice and began to sob loudly. Tears ran down her cheeks, and she raised her hand to wipe the tears that ran down her cheeks indiscriminately.

Huo Du who was leaning to the side kept watching her crying. He suddenly discovered that Le Zhi, who had shed her disguise, should look like this.

A sweet sixteen girl would cry and be sad. If Great Li did not lose, she should still be the little princess who was loved by thousands of people. Carefree and without worries.

With a sigh, he reached out his hand to pull up the brocade quilt on Le Zhi and wrapped her up. Then he wiped the tears off her face with her sleeves. After finishing all this, Huo Du was a little surprised at his behavior. He mocked himself with a chuckle.

Tsk. Indeed, lust makes one’s mind confused.
However, so what?

When Le Zhi was awakened by Li Yao, her head was still groggy. After the big crying in the early morning, she fell asleep again in a daze. Le Zhi knew that if it were not for something important, Li Yao would never call her. She pressed her sore eyes with her fingers and asked after she got up, “What’s the matter?”

Li Yao replied in a low voice with a solemn expression, “Master, this maid told Three Prince about the poisoning of Taizi as you instructed. Third Prince asked someone to deliver a message, asking you to make sure to bring Taizi to the back garden at haishi (9 pm – 11 pm) tonight.” After a pause, she continued again, “Third Prince should be going to attack Taizi.”

Le Zhi smiled after hearing this. Just as expected, based on her understanding of Huo Xu, he would definitely be impatient.

“Master…” Li Yao frowned and said in a puzzled tone, “Do you really want to help Third Prince get rid of Taizi?”

Li Yao did not understand, Master clearly hated Huo Xu, so why did she help him?

“His Highness Taizi is not poisoned.”

“Ah?” Li Yao was puzzled, “Is Master…?”

“This is a trap I set for Huo Xu.” Le Zhi chuckled lightly. This trap was not only set up for Huo Xu.

Li Yao suddenly asked, “Do you need this maid to do anything?”

“No, you just need to tell Huo Xu’s people that I will act according to his plan.”

Looking at the back of Li Yao’s departure, the smile on Le Zhi’s face gradually faded.

This trap was also her test for Li Yao. If she had pretended before, then she would definitely tell Huo Xu her plan. In this case, she would use Huo Xu’s hand to get rid of her. Now that she had set up the trap, she had to prepare a perfect way out.

Li Yao’s loyalty or betrayal, life or death, only depended on how she chose it.

As for Huo Du… Le Zhi was puzzled. His tenderness in the early morning did not seem to be pretending. But his temperament was eccentric and moody, which made it really hard to guess.

Huo Du did not care much about anything. But what if she could win his love? If she could enter his heart, would the road ahead be much easier?

In that case, could she weave a web of love so that he could not let her go? Only in this way she could live. Her plan for tonight was not a fake trap for Huo Xu, and to test Li Yao conveniently which was true. But her ultimate goal…

It was Huo Du.

Le Zhi closed her eyes. She wanted to see if she had a little weight in Huo Du’s heart now.

The author has something to say:
Huo Xu: I lose myself in fantasy, and am unable to restrain myself.
Du & Zhi: Daydreaming.

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