After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 18          Sincerity

Sometimes, Huo Du would feel the novelty.

This was a marriage bestowment that he did not care about and this person should not be remained up to now. However, she was sitting naturally in his arms now… flirting with him? Although she had a purpose, she still did it very seriously.

This was the most special part of Le Zhi. Smart but not self-righteous, arrogant but willing to go all out. Because of this, Huo Du wanted to know even more about what exactly she wanted to do. In other words, how far could she go now that she had nothing?

Therefore, he was willing to help her a little with his little remaining kindness. Was not this a lot more fun than teasing a cat?

Huo Du’s belt was tied in a complicated knot, and it took Le Zhi a while to untie it. Because of the anxiety in her heart, she did not notice a little sweat dripping from her forehead.

The belt fell, and the lapel loosened…

At this time, a cold white hand covered hers and restrained it gently. Le Zhi raised her eyes and met Huo Du’s eyes which seemed to be smiling yet not smiling.

“You want this loneliness to save Huo Xu’s spy?” Huo Du rubbed the back of her hand with his fingertips and sneered, “Does Taizifei think this loneliness is a fool?”

Le Zhi was slightly startled, and immediately shook her head, “Li Yao is not…”

Before she could finish speaking, Huo Du interrupted her, “Is her past true? Even if it’s exactly as she said, don’t you think this might be…”

Bitter meat trick*!” Le Zhi said anxiously, “I thought about it.”

(Bitter meat trick * – a tactic of deliberately injuring oneself to deceive the trust of others)

She was someone who climbed out of purgatory, so how could she not have thought about it? In case Li Yao used a bitter meat trick to deceive her sympathy and trust, and then it was better for her to work for Huo Xu.

But… what if Li Yao did not lie?

Would it be better to kill the wrong one than let it go?

Le Zhi could not do it. People who were born in troubled times were all unfortunate people. Le Zhi was unwilling to kill Li Yao’s opportunity to be good. Le Zhi turned her palm with her eyes lowered, and naturally put her slender fingers through Huo Du’s fingers, interlocking their ten fingers.

“I want to give Li Yao a chance, just like Your Highness is willing to give me a chance.” Le Zhi pursed her lips and shook his hand lightly, “I beg Your Highness for help.”

“All right.” Huo Du chuckled, “How do you want to solve it? Do you want to solve it completely or slowly?”

Le Zhi’s heart froze when she heard that. She understood what Huo Du meant. Slowly solved it was to hold Li Yao’s life firmly in her hands which were even more foolproof for her.

“Solve it completely.” Le Zhi raised her eyes with a firm expression. If she used poison to control and threaten her life, would not she become the second Huo Xu?

“Oh?” Huo Du became interested and asked, “No poison. What is Taizifei going to use in exchange for her loyalty?”

“Sincerity, use my sincerity.” Le Zhi blurted out without thinking.

She wanted to take a gamble and exchange sincerity with sincerity. Compared with coercion, she was more willing to believe that genuine willingness could be exchanged with sincerity.

Le Zhi’s cheek showed unprecedented seriousness.

Huo Du only found this childish and stubborn look ridiculous. A princess who was betrayed and her country was subjugated, could still believe that sincerity was useful up to now.


“This loneliness suggested that Taizifei read the book more often when you have nothing to do. There were many stories of treachery and revenge.” Huo Du’s tone was full of sarcasm.

Le Zhi did not care much, but instead leaned her head on Huo Du’s shoulder, and said tenderly, “If that’s the case, isn’t there still Your Highness? With Your Highness here, you can’t let others hurt me, right?”

As the day approached noon, the sun was making the body warmer and warmer. The cool breeze was blowing, and a few strands of Le Zhi’s hair blew to Huo Du’s neck. Her black hair touched slightly as if it was scratching at the tip of his heart.

Huo Du raised his hand to push Le Zhi’s head away, but the figure in his arms was sticking to him like a rogue. She even pressed her cheek against his neck and rubbed lightly.

Huo Du was amazed at Le Zhi’s level of roguery. He could not understand how this woman could change so quickly. In just a few days, she went from trembling with fear to clingy when she saw him. Although the acting was a bit over the top.

“If it hurts, let it hurt. It’s not difficult for this loneliness to marry another one.” After a long while, seeing that Le Zhi did not answer, Huo Du pushed her waist, “Get up, clingy spirit.”

Le Zhi finally straightened up, looking dissatisfied, and pouted, “Does Your Highness really not like me at all?”

Huo Du opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Le Zhi gently covered his mouth.

“No duplicity.” Le Zhi smiled while blinking as if there were bright stars in the foxy eyes.

Huo Du was amused. This little princess was simply better than her predecessors and was becoming more and more shameless. The palm on his lips was soft and warm, and Huo Du deliberately stretched out the tip of his tongue to touch it gently.

Le Zhi’s face froze as her little hand trembled slightly after feeling the numbness in her palm and she quickly retracted her hand.

Huo Du raised his eyebrows. Tsk, it doesn’t seem to be better than the predecessors.

Le Zhi was embarrassed and thought that she seemed to have gone too far, so she quickly stood up. But after sitting on his lap for too long, a tingling sensation spread from her calf as soon as her toes touched the ground. She could not stand at all, so she could only sit down on the stone bench with the support of the stone table beside her.

She lowered her head and her snowy cheeks blushed. She actually sat until she had pins and needles… This is too embarrassing!

Huo Du gathered up his loose lapel and fastened his belt after the weight was lifted from his leg. Then he lifted Le Zhi’s legs and put them on his knees, and slowly massaged her calf with his fingers.

Le Zhi stared at him in a daze and her eyes moved slightly. She found that his fingers were extremely beautiful with distinct and long joints. As he gently massaged her, the soreness and numbness gradually disappeared.

After a while, Huo Du put her legs down, and then tutted softly, “You’ve already become like this only sitting for a while. Do you still want to consummate here?”

“Ah?” Le Zhi returned to her senses, did not understand what he meant, and muttered to herself, “The consummation should be very fast…”

She did not understand.

Isn’t the consummation just all at once only? It shouldn’t take very long.

Hearing this, the corners of Huo Du’s lips twitched imperceptibly, and the faint smile on his face disappeared. His temples suddenly hurt, and some blood swelled up in his chest.


He really wanted her to experience it whether it was fast or not.

“Let’s go to the pharmacy.” His voice was cold, and then he pushed the wheelchair away after saying that.

Le Zhi was stunned for a moment before she quickly followed up.

Why is this man so moody? He was fine just now. Why is he angry again…

Li Yao’s eyes were red when she took the medicine bottle from Le Zhi and was speechless for a moment.

“Take the antidote and don’t be afraid in the future.”

Li Yao choked with emotions and said, “Thank you, Master…”

“There is no need to say thank you between you and me.” Le Zhi said while smiling.

What should she do next after the poison on her body had been detoxified? Li Yao did not know what Le Zhi’s plan was.

“If Huo Xu’s people come to you tomorrow, you can tell them. The plan went well and Taizi is poisoned now.”

Li Yao nodded in agreement.

“Also.” Le Zhi’s eyes darkened, “Li Yao, do you know the current situation of my sister?”

“I don’t know. The place where Master’s sister is locked up is heavily guarded and ordinary people are not allowed to enter.” Li Yao bit her lip and suddenly felt that she was useless as she could not help her master. “But Master can rest assured that this maid will go make some inquiries.”

“Great, be sure to pay attention to safety.”

Thinking that Li Yao had just taken the antidote and her body would definitely not feel better when detoxifying the poison, Le Zhi asked her to go back to her room and have a good rest.

Huo Du really kept his word and let the steward deliver five thousand taels after lunch.

Looking at the heavy silver tael, Le Zhi was in a dilemma. Although she wanted to do some business, she had no experience in doing business and knew nothing about business economics. She did not even know what a profitable business was nowadays.


Just as she was sighing, Jing Xin and Lin Yue entered the room with freshly cut fruits. Le Zhi suddenly had a flash of inspiration, “Lin Yue, have you ever been exposed to the purchases in the mansion?”

Lin Yue put down the fresh fruit cheerfully, nodded, and said, “I’ve been exposed to some, but most are some ingredients such as vegetables and fruits in the kitchen.”

After listening to her, Le Zhi had an idea, “You two will go stroll around the street in the afternoon to see which shops in town are doing good business recently, and then buy back all the good things from these shops.”

As a Taizifei, it was not good to go out and showed her face in the public casually. So, she had to let these two clever maids go for her.

After they went out, it did not take long for the maid outside the room to come in to report that An Xuan was outside and asked for an audience.

Le Zhi curved her lips, just as she expected. If it was about Jing Xin, An Xuan could not sit still.

“Greetings Taizifei.” An Xuan bowed and saluted, but his face was gloomy and frightening.

“Forego the formalities. Lord An is here, presumably there is something important?”

 “This servant will be bold…” An Xuan’s face was pale and his voice was dispirited. “I request Taizifei to let Jing Xin go and let her go back to work in the Eastern Palace.”

Le Zhi knew that the relationship between Jing Xin and An Xuan must not be simple. An Xuan cared about Jing Xin, but Jing Xin obviously did not know An Xuan. Le Zhi was still unclear about these twists and turns, but she understood what An Xuan was worried about.

“I know what Lord An is thinking. Lord don’t trust me. Are you afraid that I will use Jing Xin to threaten you?” Le Zhi said firmly, “But if Jing Xin stays in the Eastern Palace, can Lord protect her? What should you do if there are palace maids like Li Momo who get her involved in a dispute for nothing? Will you take the blame on her behalf again?”

Hearing this, An Xuan’s face became even more gloomy and speechless. His heart clenched into a ball. Could he… really could not protect Jing Xin?

“I’ll make a promise to Lord. I will never treat Jing Xin harshly when she works for me, let alone take advantage of her.” Le Zhi’s expression was earnest, and her tone was firm, “Even though she is a maid, as long as I am here for a day, I will definitely let her live with dignity.”

After a moment of silence, An Xuan’s eyes finally relaxed. He put his hands together, and bowed to Le Zhi solemnly, “Thank you very much, Taizifei.”

Only after An Xuan left for a long time did Le Zhi lean tiredly on the armchair. She was not completely selfless in making such a promise to An Xuan. Jing Xin was a simple girl. She could only live better with her protection. After some time, An Xuan would inevitably understand that leaving Jing Xin with her was the best choice.

And her promise had a precondition which was “as long as she’s here for a day.”

Yes, the future is unpredictable.

In case she encountered danger, An Xuan would definitely save her life because of this favor.

“Greetings Taizifei.” The maid’s greeting sound pulled Le Zhi’s thoughts back.

“His Highness Taizi has invited you to the Treasure Pavilion.”

“Treasure Pavilion?” Le Zhi wondered what Huo Du wanted to play again.

“The third prince will get married in a few days and His Highness invites you to choose a gift together!”

Oh, so that’s it. I almost forgot about this thing.

The author has something to say:
Du: An Xuan is so annoying. Why does she have to buy others’ favor? I can save my wife myself!!!
An Xuan: You two, husband and wife, don’t mess with me!!! (silent)

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