IBTBTED Chapter 141

It’s Better to be the Empress Dowager

Chapter 141       Extra: Previous Life 4

After lying down for a while, Tang Shishi changed her posture and continued to sigh about her life, “It’s the thirteenth year of Jiankang now. I remember that little bitch Tang Yanyan snatched my snow willow hairpin and then deliberately stomped it in front of me. I hate that I can’t get out now. Otherwise, I’ll definitely teach her how to respect her elder sister and be a down-to-earth person.”

Tang Shishi suddenly realized that she accidentally said Tang Yanyan’s name. She hurriedly turned back and saw Zhao Chengjun still reading with his head down, as if he had not heard it. Tang Shishi was relieved, turned around, and pinched the hazelnuts while scolding concubine Su and Tang Yanyan in her heart.

Zhao Chengjun remembered that name. A woman’s maiden name was a bit difficult to find, but for the imperial family, no trouble could not be overcome. As long as he had the intention, it was only a matter of time for him to find Tang Yanyan and follow the vines to track her down.

The only issue was whether she was worth his time.

Tang Shishi thought of being left out in the cold when she was a child. The more she thought about it, the sadder she became. According to the time, she was only six years old in this life and still had to suffer from grievances. Tang Shishi suddenly turned gloomy and did not speak all afternoon.

When Tang Shishi thought of her mother, she felt depressed and went to sleep as soon as it was dark. As she lay on the couch, barely closed her eyes and felt that there seemed to be something under the pillow.

Tang Shishi got up, lifted the pillow, and saw a box. After opening, there was a sparkling and swaying snow willow velvet flowers hairpin inside.

Tang Shishi was stunned for a long time. She suddenly ran up and floated to Zhao Chengjun at lightning speed, “Wangye, are you giving this to me?”


“Thank you, Wangye!”

Zhao Chengjun had no expression on his face. Tang Shishi did not care either and looked at the snow willow velvet flowers hairpin happily. Snow willows hairpin was a seasonal hairpin during the Lantern Festival. When children put on the jade snow willow hairpin, they looked adorable. If Tang Shishi wore it again at the moment, it would be a little out of fashion. However, it still did not prevent her from loving the velvet flower. After looking at it happily for a while, Tang Shishi suddenly remembered something and sighed, “It seems that this is the second thing Wangye gave me. The luminous pearls bracelet that you gave was broken and can’t be found again. I actually like it very much.”

Zhao Chengjun had warned himself to study well and not get distracted. But hearing her talk about the luminous pearls bracelet, Zhao Chengjun paused and could not help raise his head, “Luminous pearls?”

“Yes ah,” Tang Shishi said with nostalgia in her eyes and reached out her hand to gesture to Zhao Chengjun. “It’s this shape. The pearls are about this big. It’s a beautiful bracelet, but it’s a pity that it broke.”

It was really a pity for Tang Shishi, the loose luminous pearls were picked up by the eunuch and later handed over to Zhao Zixun. With Zhao Zixun’s fickle temperament, it would not be long before these luminous pearls would be re-mounted and bestowed to another favored imperial concubine. That string of pearls had been with Tang Shishi for so long but did not expect that even it would not have a good ending.

When Tang Shishi was in the Qianqing Palace, she heard Zhao Zixun say bitterly that she wore the thing that Jing Wang gave her until she died, and according to his meaning, Jing Wang seemed to pay special attention to her. In fact, Tang Shishi really did not think in this direction. Who was Jing Wang and who was she? She did not even dare to look directly at Jing Wang. How could she dare to have other thoughts?

Besides, she was Zhao Zixun’s concubine. So, it was impossible between Jing Wang from the beginning. Jing Wang’s so-called special attention to her was mostly Zhao Zixun’s suspicious mind.

Tang Shishi’s tone was full of regret, but Zhao Chengjun was silent for a long time after he heard it.

Luminous pearls, luminous pearls.

Returning the double pearls with tears in his eyes, regretting not meeting before she got married.

If he really gave it to her in her previous life, then she was already married when he liked her?

Zhao Chengjun felt cold for some reason. Was that the reason she was killed very early?

Zhao Chengjun lower his eyes and stared at the book in front of him, could not read a word for a long time. His fingers clenched unconsciously. It turned out that this was the case in her previous life.

Sure enough, he owed her.

Tang Shishi could not leave the Imperial Palace, and she did not know anyone in the palace. She could only stay with Zhao Chengjun. Relying on Zhao Chengjun’s ignorance of the future, she made up nonsense without blinking her eyes and used “you owe me” as an excuse to keep asking for things. Zhao Chengjun ignored her at first. Unknown to when it started, whenever she mentioned this matter, Zhao Chengjun would silently agree to her request. Later, Zhao Chengjun would realize all her wishes without having Tang Shishi say them.

Tang Shishi found it strange secretly. Had Jing Wang changed his nature? Not to mention in the previous life, just the young man’s version in front of her, when Tang Shishi first saw him, he was as cold as a rock, and would not take care of Tang Shishi at all.

Could it be that the young man has grown up, gradually understood human affairs, and knew how to have tenderness towards women?

Tang Shishi saw that Zhao Chengjun’s expression was very strange. Zhao Chengjun, at the end of his patience, put down the book and said in a cold voice, “If you have anything, say it. Don’t be sneaky.”

Tang Shishi blinked. She suddenly leaned forward on the desk and leaned closer to look at Zhao Chengjun. Zhao Chengjun was uncomfortable with her action and moved back quietly.

Zhao Chengjun’s expression was still calm and remained firm, “What are you looking at?”

Tang Shishi smiled ambiguously, lowered her voice, and asked, “Wangye, you are already thirteen this year, right?”

When she heard her mention his age, Zhao Chengjun was very hesitant. He did not respond, but asked, “Why do you ask this for?”

“Never mind. It’s nothing more than just caring about Wangye’s lifelong affairs.” Tang Shishi smiled inexplicably, looked at Zhao Chengjun with the expression of “I understand” in her eyes, and said, “It is human nature for a young man to admire a pretty young lady. This time is better for Wangye to marry the young lady of the Xi family as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary troubles and delay your old age.”

Zhao Chengjun did not look very good just now and became completely cold now. He turned around to ignore Tang Shishi and looked at the book in his hand coldly. Tang Shishi did not understand the reason as he was fine when they were talking earlier but he became angry suddenly, “Why are you unhappy again? I’m reminding you with good intentions. Why do you return to me a sullen look?”

Zhao Chengjun’s reply was to stand up and leave without looking back.

Tang Shishi and Zhao Chengjun were still in harmony before. Since this conversation, the two have entered a period of inexplicable awkwardness. Tang Shishi felt that Zhao Chengjun was baffling. He ignored her and she did not care about him!

Wanted to make Tang Shishi admit defeat, in his dream!

Tang Shishi unilaterally decided that she and Zhao Chengjun had a fight. She wanted to show Zhao Chengjun some anger! But soon, she did not have the mood to get angry with Zhao Chengjun.

Because she found that her body was getting weaker and lighter, and her time to rest and sleep was getting longer and longer. At first, she just slept at night but afterward, she would fall asleep somehow during the day too.

This situation intensified. Sometimes Tang Shishi felt that she just closed her eyes for a while but when she opened her eyes again, five or six days had passed. And within a few hours of waking up, she would be sleepy again.

Once, Tang Shishi had a grudge against Zhao Chengjun. It seemed that she had just taken a nap and changed place when she woke up. Tang Shishi moved a bit and outside heard the movement. Zhao Chengjun came in very fast and said, “You’re awake.”

Tang Shishi looked at Zhao Chengjun’s clothes and said in surprise, “It’s summer already?”

“Yes.” Zhao Chengjun looked at her with some unspeakable emotions in his eyes, “You slept for a month.”

“One month…” Tang Shishi was surprised. She stood up and looked out of the window. Sure enough, the outside world was lush with greens.

“I actually slept for so long.” Tang Shishi murmured and asked, “When is it now?”

“The sixth month.”

Tang Shishi was silent. After a while, she smiled hard and said, “I like the sixth month the best. It’s good to wake up in summer.”

Zhao Chengjun did not smile. He still looked at her silently, his gaze made Tang Shishi unable to look at him directly.

Tang Shishi pretended to be relaxed and said, “Wangye, I have a feeling that I’m going to reincarnate. I’m already dead originally. I should be satisfied to stay in the human world for so long. It’s a pity that I could not see my mother again.”

This time, Zhao Chengjun suddenly asked, “Where is your home?”

Tang Shishi lowered her eyes. After a while, she smiled and said, “Wangye, thank you for your kindness. My hometown is far from Jinling, and I can’t leave the Imperial Palace. I’m destined to not see my mother in this life. I was unwilling to turn around when I entered the palace at that time. I think this is my retribution.”

Zhao Chengjun stared at her closely and said with determination, “Where is your home, where are your parents? Since you can’t leave the Imperial Palace, I can bring them in.”

Tang Shishi shook her head. She suddenly covered her eyes. Only when her hand touched her face did she realize that she was already a phantom. She did not even have a body, so how could there be tears?

It turned out that being a ghost did not even have the power to shed tears. No matter how sorrowful or sad she was, her eyes were dry.

Zhao Chengjun saw her cover her face with her hands and raised his hand instinctively, but when he touched her void sleeve, he put it down reluctantly. The two were somewhat silent. After a while, Zhao Chengjun said, “Don’t worry. There must be a way.”

Tang Shishi did not hold any hope in her heart, but she nodded and reluctantly smiled, “Alright.”

Zhao Chengjun was about to say something when a eunuch’s hurried footsteps suddenly came from outside. Tang Shishi and Zhao Chengjun kept silent together. The eunuch stopped outside the palace hall, and said impatiently, “Your Highness, His Majesty is not feeling well. Guifei Niangniang wants Your Highness to go to Zhongcui Palace immediately.”

Zhao Chengjun’s face became solemn. When Tang Shishi heard this, she hurriedly lowered her voice and said, “Your Highness, go quickly. I am in good spirits now and will not fall asleep for a while. I’ll be here waiting for you to come back.”

Zhao Chengjun was worried about Tang Shishi. However, since Imperial Concubine Mother sent someone to say this, it could be seen that there was really something urgent. Zhao Chengjun could only explain to Tang Shishi in a hurry, “You can wait for me with ease. Don’t move around. I’ll be back soon.”


Zhao Chengjun went out without changing his clothes. Tang Shishi sat on her most commonly used couch. Initially, there was nothing here. Later, Zhao Chengjun set up a beauty couch, put a screen, and also added a table for snacks for her. Although Tang Shishi could not eat anything, because of her living habits, she still liked to fiddle with food when lying down.

Tang Shishi looked around and found that compared to the first time, Chonghua Palace had changed a lot. He had always been cold toward her, apparently completely indifferent, but he accommodated her silently.

Tang Shishi suddenly felt regretful that she was going to fade away, and Zhao Chengjun would marry, have children, and make achievements. His legend had just begun. It could be assumed that he would forget her very soon, right?

This was a very normal thing. Tang Shishi did not expect to have a place in Jing Wang’s heart. It was just that when she thought about it, she was a little uneasy.

Tang Shishi thought for a while and felt sleepy again. She tried her best to make herself awake, but to no avail, she quickly plunged into darkness.

In her sleep, Tang Shishi felt that her body was getting lighter and lighter as if there was gravity pulling her back to where she should be. Tang Shishi exhausted all her strength to resist that gravitational force. She kept struggling and wanted to wake up again.

What did she want to do when she woke up? Tang Shishi did not know. She just felt that if she faded away like this, she would be extremely unwilling.

She was more unwilling than dispersing souls that were unable to reincarnate.

Tang Shishi took a lot of effort to wake up. She suddenly opened her eyes and found that the main palace hall was extremely cold. The Chonghua palace, once quiet but noble, was now empty and quiet, making people panic. In a trance, Tang Shishi saw that this place overlapped with the cold palace before her death. Tang Shishi did not dare to imagine what had happened, so she stumbled and ran out of the room shouting, “Wangye, Wangye?”

After Tang Shishi ran out, she discovered that it was snowing, and white flags were hanging everywhere in the Imperial Palace, revealing a silent and solemn coldness. Tang Shishi’s heart sank quickly. Had someone died? Who was it?

How long had she slept?

Tang Shishi did not dare to delay any longer. She already felt that she could not last long. Instead of running outward, she turned around and returned to the palace hall to look for him, room by room in the Chonghua Palace, “Wangye?”

Zhao Chengjun was lying in the inner room with his eyes closed. He was suffering from a high fever and delirious. In his dream, one moment was the death of his Emperor Father and the other was the body of his Imperial Concubine Mother hanging from the beam, swaying back and forth. Zhao Chengjun often could not distinguish whether he was dead or alive.

In the chaotic dream, there was suddenly a voice cut through the darkness and stumbled through, “Wangye?”

Zhao Chengjun had good hearing and basically never forgets what he heard. Even though he was sick, he could recognize this voice right away.

It was her!

Zhao Chengjun tried his best to open his eyes. He wanted to sit up but he had exhausted all his strength, and just moved his fingers weakly. Fortunately, Tang Shishi found him. She saw Zhao Chengjun lying on the bed alone without anyone taking care of him. She immediately rushed over rashly, “Wangye, what’s the matter with you?”

Tang Shishi could see something wrong with Zhao Chengjun. She wanted to feel the temperature of his forehead. Her hand was only half stretched out but was held by Zhao Chengjun. Tang Shishi’s hand was almost faded out of sight and Zhao Chengjun held her void hand. He did not know whether he was dreaming or actually seeing her.

“You’re awake.”

Tang Shishi’s eyes suddenly became sour, but no matter how uncomfortable she was, no tears could fall from her eyes. Tang Shishi tried to control her voice and said, “I’m sorry, Wangye. I came late. I didn’t know so many things had happened during this time…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Zhao Chengjun held back his cough, his voice was low and hoarse, and every word seemed to exhaust his energy. Zhao Chengjun looked at her deeply, as if to carve her into his eyes, “I’m back. It doesn’t matter. I’ll be able to find you soon…”

“Don’t!” Tang Shishi suddenly got excited and widened her eyes. Her eyes were clearly extremely miserable, but she could not shed a single tear, “I don’t want you to come to look for me. I want you to live well. You are still young, and many things are waiting for you to do later. Remember, don’t adopt a child, be careful of Empress Dowager, and must avoid the hidden arrow when fighting in a battle…”

While Tang Shishi talking, her body turned into nothingness and was about to fade away completely into the air. Zhao Chengjun tried hard to hold her hand, but this time, he only felt a wisp of cool air passing through his palm, his fingers touched his palm, and there was nothing in his hands.

Zhao Chengjun was so anxious that his throat suddenly filled with a bloody taste. He suppressed his cough and asked in a hoarse voice, “Who are you, where is your home?”

Tang Shishi looked at Zhao Chengjun for the last time, and smiled softly on her lips, “My name is Tang Shishi. I live in…”

Later, the voice turned into a wisp of wind and dissipated in the air before she finished.

Zhao Chengjun tried his best to grab her, but his hand passed through the air and left him only the empty Chonghua Palace, and a fragrance that seemed to be there and yet not.

She was gone.

Zhao Chengjun was also exhausted, fell on the pillow, and fainted completely.

Tang Shishi suddenly frowned in her sleep. She was short of breath and whispered “Wangye” in her mouth. She shuddered suddenly and suddenly sat up from the bed.

Tang Shishi gasped for air deeply and was stunned for a long time. She saw the familiar furnishings. She slowly raised her hand and saw a tender fair hand that obviously belonged to a child.

She did not die, nor did reincarnate.

She returned to the Tang family and went back to when she was six years old.

When the wet nurse on the outside heard the movement, knocked on the door to ask, “Eldest Miss, are you dreaming?”

Tang Shishi was startled and did not speak for a long time. The wet nurse did not hear any sound, and opened the door to check, and found Tang Shishi sitting motionless on the bed as if her soul had been sucked away.

The wet nurse was frightened, hurriedly ran over to hug Tang Shishi, and could not help crying out, “Eldest Miss, what’s the matter with you? Don’t scare me!”

Tang Shishi was shaken by the wet nurse, and her eyes slowly returned to focus. Tears suddenly fell from her eyes when she looked at the long-lost wet nurse who had become younger again.

It turned out that everything was just a big dream. Now that she woke up from the dream, she was still the eldest young lady of the Tang family.

Jing Wang, Shizi, Imperial Palace, and Empress Dowager Yao were all dreams.

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