IBTBTED Chapter 96

It’s Better to be the Empress Dowager

Chapter 96          Self-Reliant

In early spring, Tang Shishi suddenly burst into a cold sweat. Tang Shishi also knew who put the jade hook, mostly this person belonged to Empress Dowager Yao.

Seeing Tang Shishi’s face was wrong, the wet nurse thought she had said something wrong, and she knelt on the ground and trembled, “Wangfei, what’s the matter? Is there a problem with this jade hook?”

Tang Shishi pinched her palm forcefully, forcing herself to come around. She pretended nothing had happened with a smile, and said, “It’s nothing, it’s me that careless. I put this gadget on my child. Since I was busy in the full moon banquet today, I forgot about it.”

After saying that, Tang Shishi said inadvertently, “It’s the easiest to forget something while taking care of a child. There is no need to tell other people about this matter, so as not to create other twists and turns. After this, you have to look at him attentively, and can’t let him have more or less in anything.”

The wet nurse was a woman with abundant breastmilk that was found among the common people. She was trembling with fear after entering the mansion. Now that she heard what Tang Shishi said, she did not dare to think more and was too busy to answer. Tang Shishi asked the wet nurse to bring a new swaddle, untied the baby’s clothes, and checked him inside and out. Fortunately, no other things were found this time, except for a jade hook hung on the baby, and there were no traces of red dots, bruises, or any other traces on the child’s body. Tang Shishi was relieved and asked the wet nurse to help to hold his hand to change Zhao Zigao into new clothes.

Although Tang Shishi’s movement had been lightened, Zhao Zigao was still woken up by the noise. He kicked his legs and cried with his eyes closed. Tang Shishi quickly leaned over and gently patted him, “Mother is here. Don’t cry, keep sleeping.”

He seemed to be able to recognize his mother’s smell. After sobbing for a while, his voice slowed down. Tang Shishi still patted him patiently and coaxed him to sleep softly.

Zhao Zigao’s crying gradually stopped with his mouth half-opened, and he fell asleep again. Tang Shishi sat for a long time. When she saw that he no longer moved, she motioned the wet nurse to come over and continued to look at him.

The wet nurse took over Tang Shishi’s place and gently fanned the child. Then Tang Shishi walked around the room and saw the flowers on the outside were cut here and there randomly. She asked, “What’s going on?”

The wet nurse looked up and said, “The people from the garden just came to trim the branches and leaves. They said that little Junwang is very delicate and tends to attract mosquitoes, so they cut all the flowers and plants outside.”

Tang Shishi gave a soft “Oh”, paused for a moment, and said, “They cut too rough. The shape looked like been bitten by a dog. How indecent it will be if seen by the guests? Tell the person who made the trimming that I call her over for questioning.”

The wet nurse thought for a while, and said, “A very capable old woman. Her family name seems to be Wu.”

Of course, Tang Shishi knew who she was. She asked the wet nurse to continue to watch the child and went to the back cover room by herself, and righteously called Granny Wu to come over for questioning.

Granny Wu came over as soon as possible. She lowered her eyes and knelt down to salute Tang Shishi, “Pay respects to Wangfei.”

“Don’t be restrained, I’m just asking some questions.” Tang Shishi told Granny Wu to get up, pretending to ask some questions about trimming flowers and plants, and Granny Wu answered them one by one. Tang Shishi said, “Gao’er live in this courtyard. There are more and more flying insects as the weather gets hotter and hotter. His skin is tender and can’t stand the bites of insects. Come with me and I will show you where to trim and where to keep.”

Granny Wu respectfully cupped her hands and said, “Yes.”

Tang Shishi stood up and the maids were going to accompany her, but Tang Shishi waved her hand and said, “I’m just pointing for a while in the courtyard, so there’s no need for so many people. Go ahead and watch over Gao’er.”

The maids did not think much, and answered simultaneously, “Yes.”

Tang Shishi took Granny Wu walking around the courtyard. After reaching a dark corner, Tang Shishi stopped, gestured to Granny Wu and pointed to the tree in front, and asked, “Granny Wu has worked so hard to lead me over. What’s the matter?”

Granny Wu lowered her head, she looked like she was being respectful from a distance while listening to instructions. The movement of her lips was not visible and said, “It’s really not easy to see Wangfei. I came here at the risk of my life to remind Wangfei.”

“Oh?” Tang Shishi calmly, “What are you trying to remind me of?”

“Remind Wangfei to be careful of her life and don’t follow in the footsteps of Madam Gouyi.”


“Someone suggested that Jing Wang keep his son and dispose of the mother.”

The atmosphere was suddenly silent. As if she had not noticed it, Granny Wu continued to say unhurriedly, “Wangfei has invested so much and has gone through so many hardships to give birth to a child. Your life will not be guaranteed in the case of keeping the son and disposing of the mother. It’s a pity that even the child has to call other people mother.”

Tang Shishi’s heart sank. Sure enough, it was exactly the same as she had guessed. Tang Shishi retracted her sleeves, as if looking at the surrounding flowers and plants, and asked, “This kind of thing is supposed to be confidential. How did Granny Wu learn about it?”

“This kind of thing is only confidential to Wangfei.” Granny Wu was not polite at all, like a mockery, “The officials in the front courtyard have already discussed it, only Wangfei did not know it.”

Tang Shishi’s heart sank again. Zhao Chengjun clearly said that the people in the front yard recognized her and supported her and her child very much. Could it be that Zhao Chengjun was lying to her?

This thought flashed through Tang Shishi’s mind. She did not show it and still said calmly, “It seems that my ears are closed, and my eyes are blocked. Who proposed it?”

Granny Wu seemed to smile, and pointed out, “Don’t know who the instigator is. However, Shizi was also there on the day when they proposed to follow the people of ancient times to keep the son and dispose of the mother.”

Tang Shishi clearly knew that Granny Wu was sowing discord, but she still could not help being angry. Zhao Zixun, it turned out to be him! He was indeed really a good person.

Tang Shishi knew that Granny Wu was waiting for her to lose her mind. If she really rushed to question Zhao Chengjun angrily, she would fall into the trap of Granny Wu and Empress Dowager Yao. Tang Shishi pinched her palms hard to maintain the clarity of her mind and asked, “I have been in the inner courtyard during this period, and I didn’t even know that so many things have happened outside. When did they propose this method?”

“Very early.” Granny Wu said, “Probably on the day Wangfei has just given birth. Jing Wang convened a meeting and discussed it with his subordinates for a long time. According to the informant, from that day onwards, Jing Wang and Shizi were planning on this matter.”

The day she just gave birth? Tang Shishi silently counted the time in her heart. It seemed that it was that evening Zhao Chengjun told her that the front courtyard was very grateful to her for her contribution, and their evaluation of her changed from bad to good. She was wondering why Zhao Chengjun brought up this incident suddenly, it turned out that the matter had just been discussed that day.

Granny Wu wanted to drive a wedge between Tang Shishi and Zhao Chengjun, but she did not know that this gave reassurance to Tang Shishi. Zhao Chengjun never hesitated when making a decision. If he really decided to keep his son and disposed of the mother, Tang Shishi would die of postpartum illness as early as the night he came back. She would never be eliminated again since she had her confinement in peace and completely recovered her body.

Zhao Chengjun was such a decisive person. He would not do such a waste of time thing.

It seemed that there were truths and false in Granny Wu’s words. The officials of the prince’s mansion proposed to kill her and keep her son, which was most likely to be true. Zhao Zixun took the lead which was most likely to be true also. However, Zhao Chengjun overruled it.

Tang Shishi was quietly relieved, and the string in her heart slowly relaxed. It turned out that what she had been afraid of hearing just now was not Zhao Zixun’s harming her, but Zhao Chengjun’s.

She did not know why, but as soon as she learned that Zhao Chengjun had overruled it, she was relieved at once and the shadow in her heart dissipated in an instant. Tang Shishi did not show it, but said to Granny Wu with a sad face, “Thank you Granny Wu for reminding me. I’ll be careful next time.”

Seeing Tang Shishi’s scared expression, she got her wish and smiled slightly, “Wangfei, don’t worry.  With me here, I will surely protect your life without a doubt. I have already laid out a trap in the front courtyard. Once Jing Wang and others plan to act, I will be the first to know about it. Wangfei, don’t have to worry.”

Tang Shishi nodded slightly and said sorrowfully, “Thank you for your trouble, Granny Wu. Now my life depends on Granny Wu. I ask Granny to keep a close watch on this. I thank Granny Wu here.”

Granny Wu waved her hand and said, “Wangfei, don’t talk about these disheartening words. The course on this matter is still undecided. You don’t have to be so pessimistic. Today is your son’s full moon banquet, and there are still people looking at you not far away. You have to be happier.”

Tang Shishi tried her best to bring out a smile, raised her voice slightly, and said, “Have you remembered all the places I just said?”

Tang Shishi had gotten the news she wanted, so there was no need to continue playing with Granny Wu. If she played too much, she would be bound to slip up at some point. If Granny Wu could be able to see through her play, then the gains were not worth the losses.

Granny Wu bowed her head and returned to her role in an instant. She said with servility, “I have noted it down.”

“Good, you can withdraw now. There are many guests today, be careful not to bump into the guests. You can come back to trim tomorrow.”

“Yes, I obey.”

Granny Wu left by retreating with her back first. Tang Shishi looked around in the courtyard and saw that no one was paying attention to them, so she slowly returned to the main room.

In the room, the maids and wet nurses were all around the child watching him carefully. When they saw Tang Shishi come in, they saluted together, “Wangfei.”

Tang Shishi nodded, “Get up, don’t wake up the child.”

The maids agreed and stood up quietly. Tang Shishi walked to the baby’s side, looked at Zhao Zigao’s rosy sleeping face, and smiled unconsciously.

No matter how much trouble there was, once she returned to her child’s side, it seemed that she had nothing to do with it. Tang Shishi asked the wet nurse, “Did he wake up halfway?”


Tang Shishi continued to exhort, “You watch him properly. It’s almost time for him to breastfeed. If he wakes up crying later, is mostly because he’s hungry. You can breastfeed as soon as possible, you know?”

The wet nurse nodded, “I understand.”

Tang Shishi explained a few more words and left with the maid. Seeing Tang Shishi walking in another direction, the maid asked strangely, “Wangfei, won’t you go back to the banquet hall?”

“It’s stuffy in the reception hall. I’ll walk around casually.” Tang Shishi was walking aimlessly in the mansion.  Now, her heart was a mess. If she went back to the reception hall like this, she would definitely be seen by those shrewd people. It was better to blow the wind outside and wait for the mood to completely calm down before going back.

Tang Shishi walked without a clue. She stopped suddenly when she saw an unexpected person.

Behind the rockery, among the leaves, Zhao Zixun could be vaguely seen standing with a person who looked like a scholar as if arguing about something.

Tang Shishi raised her eyebrows with interest. What were they discussing until got excited?

Behind the rockery, the scholar was persuading Zhao Zixun angrily, “Shizi, Wangye named this child “Gao”, which shows that he has high expectations for this son. Shizi, this development is not good, you have to prepare early.”

Zhao Zixun frowned and said, “Father talked to me in private. His love for Zhao Zigao is just like that for a younger child and will never affect the inheritance of the prince’s mansion. He personally promised that the position of Shizi is still mine.”

“Shizi!” The scholar was anxious and persuaded, “How can you believe those words said by the people in power? Now that the second gongzi is still young, Jing Wang naturally said this. When the second gongzi grows up in another 10 years, how can Jing Wang bypass his own son and pass the throne to Shizi who is not related by blood?”

When Zhao Zixun heard these words, he made a deep face, and asked coldly, “What should I do in your opinion?”

The scholar was an advisor recruited by Zhao Zixun, and he was tied to Zhao Zixun’s ship early. He guessed that Zhao Zixun would be unhappy when he heard these words, as honest advice sounded unpleasant like someone piercing through using these words. The scholar was about to say something, but his eyes suddenly widened, and immediately swallowed back his words, “Wangfei.”

Zhao Zixun turned around and saw Tang Shishi slowly walking over from the corridor, wearing an exquisite white coat and red dress with many maids. Tang Shishi smiled when she saw them, and said, “Shizi, why are you here?”

Zhao Zixun lowered his eyelids and saluted to Tang Shishi, “Pay respect to Wangfei. I drank too much and came here to sober up. I didn’t expect to disturb Wangfei’s peace. I am guilty.”

When the scholar saw this, he followed suit and saluted, “Pay respect to Jing Wangfei.”

Tang Shishi glanced over the scholar, and finally fell on Zhao Zixun who suddenly realized, “It turns out that Shizi is sobering up here. Shizi seems to have a low tolerance for alcohol, so I’ll let the maid prepare the sobering soup right away and bring it to Shizi.”

“I don’t dare to bother Wangfei.” Zhao Zixun lowered his head to decline, “I’ve almost sobered up from the alcohol and will be returning now. Thank you for your kindness, Wangfei. I dare not accept it.”

“How can this work? Alcohol is the most domineering thing. One often feels awake, but in fact, still drunk.” Tang Shishi said, moving her eyebrows gently and glancing sideways at Dujuan, “Dujuan, why don’t you go prepare the sobering soup quickly?”

Dujuan left after accepting the order by saluting. Seeing this, Zhao Zixun felt bad to refuse it and cupped both hands, “Thank you, Wangfei.”

Tang Shishi stood in the corridor with a smile, and said gently and slowly, “We are family, don’t worry.”

Since Tang Shishi became Wangfei, Zhao Zixun rarely spent time alone with Tang Shishi. At this moment, Zhao Chengjun was not there and only Tang Shishi was face to face with him. Zhao Zixun was a little uncomfortable and took the initiative to break the silence and asked, “Today is second… second brother’s full moon banquet. How is second brother?”

“He fell asleep. I sweated all over after carrying him, so I came out for a walk. I didn’t expect to meet Shizi here.”

Today, everyone was talking about Zhao Zigao and Zhao Zixun told others that it was nothing but, in fact, he felt very awkward talking about the child with Tang Shishi. She looked obviously about the same age as him, but she was his nominal mother. Moreover, the toothless child had become his younger brother.

This whole thing was very absurd.

The scholar was just yakking to Zhao Zixun about Tang Shishi. When he really saw the person, the scholar did not even dare to lift his head. He had long heard that Jing Wang’s Wangfei was very beautiful, but this was way too beautiful.

No wonder Jing Wang refused to kill her. Any man would not give up such beauty.

Fortunately, the awkward atmosphere did not last long as Dujuan came back with the sobering soup. Tang Shishi gestured to Dujuan to pass the food box to Zhao Zixun and said, “I still have to entertain guests up in front, so I won’t disturb Shizi. The sober soup should be drunk while it’s hot, and Shizi can help himself.”

After she finish speaking, she walked away with so many escorts, drifting away like a lucid dream, and soon she was out of sight. There was only a subtle fragrance left in the garden which seemed to exist but not to exist, seemed to be diffused but not diffused, which constantly reminded Zhao Zixun of what had just happened.

Zhao Zixun was holding the food box in his hand, not knowing if he was relieved or lost. The scholar was speechless, “Is this Jing Wang’s Wangfei? She’s too young. I can’t tell at all that she has just given birth to a child.”

“Yes ah.” Zhao Zixun lowered his head, quietly looking at the exquisite and elegant food box in his hand, “I can’t see it at all.”

Tang Shishi had been walking for a long time, and the expression on her face was still indifferent. Dujuan observed her words and expression and asked quietly, “Wangfei, are you unhappy?”

“No ah.” Tang Shishi smiled and said leisurely, “I’m the most warm-hearted and helpful. Why, am I not happy after helping Shizi?”

Dujuan thought of the same reason too. She felt that Tang Shishi’s mood was not quite right, but she could not see what was wrong. She simply put aside and said, “Wangfei helped Shizi, and Shizi and Shizifei will also respect Wangfei in return. In this way, the relationship between Wangfei and Shizi will become more and more harmonious. It’s good that our mansion is always in perfect harmony.”

Tang Shishi smiled and did not answer. How could they be possible in perfect harmony?

Zhao Zixun was just talking about her with the scholar and stopped right away when they saw her appear. His heart that wanted to kill her was still alive.

She admitted that after becoming Wangfei, she had always treated Zhao Zixun with courtesy and never slandered him in front of Zhao Chengjun. She wanted to make a good relationship with the male protagonist, and to be a nominal, leisurely and peaceful empress dowager in the future. Unexpectedly, the male protagonist was not willing to have two empress dowagers in the imperial palace.

Keeping the son and disposing of the mother. Oh, Zhao Zixun returned her favor in this way.

Tang Shishi did not know what luck she had bumped into today that she always ran into someone else’s conspiracy scene. When Tang Shishi returned to the reception hall, she did not want to draw everyone’s attention, so she walked through the side door without disturbing everyone. Unexpectedly, when she just entered the door, she happened to hear the Lu family’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law whispering to Lu Yufei.

Madam Lu asked, “Yufei, do you have any news?”

Tang Shishi stopped and immediately signaled to the maids behind her to be quiet. Tang Shishi did not hear Lu Yufei’s answer. However, she assumed Lu Yufei’s response was not optimistic. Madam Lu sighed and said, “Bodhisattva has also worshipped, and the medicine is also taken. Why can’t you conceive? You are pure filial piety and kind. Bodhisattva even grant her a son. Why not bless you?”

Needless to say, the “she” in Madam Lu’s words must be referring to Tang Shishi. After a moment of silence, the Lu family’s eldest daughter-in-law said, “Mom, don’t force Shizifei too much. Shizifei is still young. Maybe if you wait a while, there will be good news in her stomach.”

“Wait, wait. I can afford to wait but can Shizi afford to wait?” Madam Lu said angrily. “That person’s child is already full moon. I heard that Wangye often runs to the inner courtyard these days, and even holds the child with his own hands. It has only been a month, and Wangye pampered the mother and son like this. How can you have a foothold after waiting for a long time?”

The Lu family’s eldest daughter-in-law sighed after listening. She said to Lu Yufei, “Shizifei, you should hurry up and give birth to the eldest grandson. Only when you have a child, you can truly stand firm in the mansion. Additionally, another child is competing for the favor, you can’t let Wangye give all his favor to that side.”

Dujuan’s eyes widened with anger, wishing to stand up to argue with them. Tang Shishi gestured her hand to the maids, motioned them to be quiet, and follow her quietly.

Tang Shishi made a detour to the side door by going around the outside wall and entered the door again with great fanfare. This time a maid ran in to report her presence, Tang Shishi walked to the side hall and said with a smile, “Why did Madam Lu hide here? No wonder I have been looking for you in the reception hall for a long time, and haven’t seen Madam Lu.”

Seeing Tang Shishi, the womenfolk of the Lu family stood up one after another. Madam Lu hurried to the door to receive her while smiling and sat down with Tang Shishi, “I haven’t seen my daughter for a long time. I was afraid that she would do something wrong in the mansion, so I thought about finding a place with no one around and knocking some senses on her. Wangfei, have my daughter caused you any trouble these days?”

“What is Madam Lu talking about?” Tang Shishi gave Lu Yufei an askance smile, and Lu Yufei’s whole body was tense. Tang Shishi retracted her gaze, and said without hesitation, “Shizifei is knowledgeable, virtuous, and generous which has helped me a lot. How can she cause trouble for me?”

Both Madam Lu and Lu Yufei felt relieved. Tang Shishi was Lu Yufei’s mother-in-law or the legitimate mother-in-law who was separated by a generation. This was simply the most difficult kind of relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. If Tang Shishi said that Lu Yufei was not good, not only Lu Yufei, but even Madam Lu and the sister-in-law of the Lu family would have no face to go to the gate of the mansion again.

Madam Lu said, “Wangfei is benevolent and willing to tolerate her. My daughter is spoiled by her father at home and is reckless in doing things. I’m afraid she will do the same for her husband’s family. Fortunately, Wangfei is here and is willing to teach her well.”

Madam Lu was quite uncomfortable when she said these words to Tang Shishi. Tang Shishi was too young to be her daughter according to her age, but now Madam Lu wanted to compliment Tang Shishi in a kindly manner, just to make her daughter’s life easier in her husband’s family.

Madam Lu wanted to cry when she thought of this. A year ago, Tang Shishi was only a maid in the mansion. As a member of Shizifei’s family, Madam Lu was so grandiose every time she came to visit. Where did she pay attention to a little maid? Unexpectedly, now it was their turn to bow down to flatter Tang Shishi carefully.

Tang Shishi said with a smile, “Daughter-in-law is like my own half-daughter. So, Shizifei is the same as my own biological daughter and it’s my duty to teach her. Shizifei is clever and understood without much explanation. There’s nothing wrong with her, but…”

This sentence from Tang Shishi just raised the hearts of both Madam Lu and Lu Yufei. Lu Yufei’s complexion went pale. Madam Lu also smiled, and asked, “What’s wrong with her? Wangfei doesn’t have to worry about me. If she did something wrong, you should say it.”

“Maybe I’m too nitpicking.” Tang Shishi glanced at Lu Yufei with a smile, shook her head, and said, “It’s nothing. Madam Lu just pretends that you didn’t hear it.”

Who could pretend not to hear what Tang Shishi said? Madam Lu could not sit still. Lu Yufei quickly saluted and said respectfully, “I’m terrified. Wangfei, please don’t hesitate to give me advice.”

Everyone surrounded Tang Shishi to try their best to persuade her. Tang Shishi said slowly with condescending, “It’s not the fault of Shizifei if you talk about it carefully. In the past two years, Shizifei has tried her best in everything, but there is only one wrong thing, that is, there are no children.”

Lu Yufei was stunned. Tang Shishi sighed after speaking, and said, “Madam Lu, as you know, the most important thing in the imperial family is the heir. Shizi is nineteen this year, and there are no children under his knees. This age is a bit too old for the imperial family.”

Madam Lu and the Lu family’s daughter-in-law were both speechless that their own family daughter has no child. How could her mother and sister-in-law raise their heads in front of her husband’s family?

Madam Lu smiled embarrassedly, and asked in a little flattering manner, “Then, according to Wangfei, what should she do?”

“I don’t know what to do.” Tang Shishi covered her mouth with a fan and gave a soft smile, “I’m just a young new bride. Although I am their mother in terms of seniority, my qualifications are too low. How dare I manage the affairs of Shizi and Shizifei? Naturally, it depends on how Shizifei arranges these things.”

At this time, Tang Shishi saw that Lu Yufei still kept the half squat greeting position. She hurriedly said, “Shizifei, what are you doing? It’s all my fault. I was busy talking just now and didn’t even see you bowing. Shizifei, get up quickly!”

As soon as Tang Shishi finished speaking, the maid of Yan’an courtyard was half helping and half pulling Lu Yufei up. Lu Yufei’s face was already deathly pale. Madam Lu smiled awkwardly and said, “Wangfei’s words really make me feel ashamed. Lu Yufei is your younger generation, let alone things like heirs, even if you beat her and scolded her, I can only applaud you. How can I have an objection? Blame me, because I’m not thoughtful enough as a mother. She also has a few dowry maids who can be used to groom their faces and send them to serve Shizi. If they can give birth to an heir as soon as possible, that will be her merit.”

“Like this ah.” Tang Shishi held the fan and said slowly, “I remember there are four dowry maids around Shizifei. If they all groomed their faces, who will serve Shizifei?”

Madam Lu was stunned. In another word, Tang Shishi pinned on all the maids to groom their faces. Lu Yufei already had three concubines around her. If she added four more, how would she survive?

However, Madam Lu looked at Tang Shishi’s smiling face and dared not refuse it. She smiled reluctantly and said, “It doesn’t matter. There are many people to serve her. I have two surplus maids here, which are just in time to set aside for her.”

Tang Shishi’s eyes slowly swept over the maids behind Madam Lu. Their eyes were beautifully shaped with black and white sharply contrasted. At the moment, they looked at people with a smile that was almost electrifying.

The two maids could not breathe. Tang Shishi suddenly retrieved her eyes and nodded with a smile, “That’s good. Since Madam Lu has already made arrangements, it’s not convenient for me to intervene, then let’s do it that way.”

After Tang Shishi finished talking about concubine matters, the reception hall sent someone to look for her saying that the little Junwang woke up and cried for his mother. Tang Shishi went back to the rear courtyard to see her child. The Lu family sent Tang Shishi to the doorway and saw that she left with escorts surrounding her, like the stars surrounding the moon.

Lu Yufei asked in a faint voice, “Mother, did she hear something?”

“Don’t say anymore.” Madam Lu sighed, “We all underestimate her. This young and beautiful, sensible and magnificent, also gave birth to Jing Wang’s first son. I am afraid that she will be favored for a long time. Since you can’t beat her, you can only avoid her.”

Madam Lu found that they indeed had misjudged her. On the surface, Tang Shishi did not reveal her strengths openly, but her actions were extremely vicious. They just spoke ill of Tang Shishi, and shortly after that Tang Shishi came to pressure them. The intention of bashing was really too blunt.

She not only bashed Lu Yufei but also bashed the family behind Lu Yufei which made everyone lose their face. How could such a woman with a big bosom and no brain be an empty flower vase?

Madam Lu was careless. The Xi family had been famous for seven or eight years, but she was defeated by Tang Shishi and became a laughingstock. At that time, Madam Lu should understand.

Lu Yufei was at a loss for a while, and asked, “Those four maids, really want to…”

Lu Yufei understood when Madam Lu and the Lu family’s daughter-in-law did not speak. Madam Lu did not have the heart to look at her daughter again, and wiped her tears with her handkerchief, “Daughter, everyone has to go through similar things, you just endure with it for a while. Don’t worry, those maids’ deeds are all in my hand. After they give birth to a child, we will sell them right away and bring the child to your side for you to raise them. It can also be considered as you gave birth to them.”

Lu Yufei lowered her eyes and had nothing else to say.

Early the next morning, Tang Shishi and Zhao Zigao were basking in the sun. The maid stood beside Tang Shishi and said, “Shizifei is really virtuous. After the banquet yesterday, Shizifei called four dowry maids into the house. After some encouragement, she groomed all four maids’ faces at once. Everywhere is talking about this matter today.”

“Really?” Tang Shishi answered superficially and asked, “Then what did Shizi say?”

“Shizi didn’t accept it, rather advised Shizifei not to think too much. After that, he went to beauty Zhou’s room.”

Tang Shishi smiled gently. Sure enough, a passionate person was the ficklest. Since Zhao Zixun said this, how could Lu Yufei not think much? Even if Lu Yufei was unwilling to do so, now, she must send these four maids to Zhao Zixun.

Otherwise, Zhou Shunhua was more and more favored. How could Lu Yufei have a foothold? However, this was the purpose of Tang Shishi. She could not wait for Zhao Zixun’s rear courtyard to become chaotic. The more chaotic, the better.

Tang Shishi picked Zhao Zigao up and patiently teased him to smile. Zhao Zigao felt his mother was playing with him and grinned.

The maids cheered together, “Wangfei, little Junwang smiled!”

Tang Shishi could not help laughing too. Whenever she looked at Zhao Zigao, she felt very happy, as if everything in the world had nothing to do with her. Tang Shishi suddenly realized why she must please the male lead? When she became the empress dowager, why must she support other people’s sons?

Back then, Zhao Chengjun’s mother Imperial Concubine Guo Gonglie was so favored, but after Empress Dowager Yao came to power, she was immediately buried alive with the dead. If many years later, what would Tang Shishi do if Zhao Zixun follow the example of Empress Dowager Yao and buried her along with the dead?

No matter how good she treated him, he would never reciprocate back. So, it was better to fight to bring down the male lead and change her son to be the emperor instead of gambling on Zhao Zixun’s conscience.

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        ZCJ can only indulge TSS this far because he knows she is harmless towards his bigger matters. She is silly but she never do something stupid that is harmful towards the bigger picture.
        She is not the type who would confuse her husband to do something unreasonable that is bad for overall situation.
        Even when they were braving the snow…she never wanted to burden him but tried to be strong as far as she could.
        Lu yufe who thinks she is smart is the stupider one here cos she can’t even analyze and discern the situation well so that she makes dangerous mistake again n again out of arrogance.
        TSS maybe arrogant but she still know when to be humble and respect others…therefore she can survive even with so many spies of ED.
        She is far smarter than LYF cos she can see the personality of her husband and others well, therefore she is safe.
        Even with FQ she was actually always vigilant. The drug incident was just unavoidable since who would think that she drug her outside in a restaurant like that.

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