IBTBTED Chapter 86

It’s Better to be the Empress Dowager

Chapter 86          Return to the Imperial Palace

Tang Shishi’s stomach had been faintly uncomfortable, but when she was forced to take a concubine later, she was so angry that she suddenly went blank and fainted.

Before Tang Shishi fainted, she vaguely heard that Dujuan was busy asking someone to invite Jing Wang but a familiar cynical remark came from the side, “Since Wangfei fainted, we should quickly call the imperial physician and invite Wangye to do what?”

“Wangfei is ill. How can you not inform Wangye of such a serious matter?”

“Ignorant maid. Wangye is so busy with official duties. How can you disturb Wangye with this little sesame seed matter? It’s useless for you to go, Wangye won’t come back. If you do this, you’ll only make trouble for your master. If you have this time, you’d better call her the imperial physician.”

“Don’t quarrel any more. Someone, take my waist token and invite the imperial physician over.”

Tang Shishi’s last impression stayed on Lu Yufei’s voice. It seemed that Lu Yufei sent someone to find the imperial physician. Tang Shishi was put on a soft pillow. Her consciousness fluctuated, but she could not wake up. She felt the noise in her ears all the time and someone kept walking near her ears which was very annoying. Finally, all the voices suddenly stopped, and a steady and powerful sound of footsteps came straight toward her.

After Tang Shishi fainted, the beauties made unnecessary rackets and could not make up their minds for a long time. Some advocate pinching people, some advocate not acting rashly, and others advocate feeding calming tea to Tang Shishi while waiting for the imperial physician to arrive. They could not reach an agreement, but none of them wanted to go to find Zhao Chengjun.

Jing Wang was usually busy during the day. How could he care about this trivial matter? While they were arguing, suddenly there came a sonorous and powerful sound of footsteps outside, quickly approaching the main room. They were shocked. When they turned around, they saw Zhao Chengjun striding through the corridor with a calm face.

The beauties froze for a moment and promptly saluted to give their greetings. However, Zhao Chengjun did not look at them and quickly walked past them as if there were no such people at all.

The beauties kept their bowing actions in scattered order, not to mention to let Jing Wang notice their graceful posture, but they did not even finish their greetings. Jing Wang indeed came back. As soon as he entered the door, he went straight to the inner room and simply ignored the others.

The women were surprised. At this time, the talented people behind Jing Wang followed. Liu Ji came in panting and said while gasping for air, “All of you get up quickly. Wangye is in a bad mood. You don’t want to make trouble here.”

There was more than that. Behind Liu Ji, Zhao Zixun, and Feng Momo also entered the door right after. Lu Yufei was shocked to see Zhao Zixun, “Shizi, why are you here?”

When Zhao Zixun saw Lu Yufei there, he subconsciously wanted to frown. He noticed Zhou Shunhua who was not far away, so he reluctantly put up with her, and asked, “I heard that Wangfei fainted. What’s the matter?”

“I also don’t know.” Lu Yufei expressed her meritorious deeds, “But I already invited the imperial physician and will be here soon.”

At the end of Lu Yufei’s speech, her tone could not help but become softer as she felt that this was like an excuse. In fact, it could not be blamed on Lu Yufei. Lu Yufei did call the imperial physician immediately, but who knew that Jing Wang actually came faster than the imperial physician?

Not sure if anyone had sent a message. Finally, the imperial physician came. When he entered the door, he was out of breath. He panted and said, “Pay respect to Wangye and Shizi.”

“Don’t waste time.” Zhao Chengjun with a cold face said in a solemn voice before the imperial physician finished the salutation, “Let’s check her pulse first.”

“I obey.”

The imperial physician came forward tremblingly and touched Tang Shishi’s wrist to check for a while. At first, he wanted to let go but as soon as he looked up and saw Zhao Chengjun’s complexion, he stopped abruptly and made more examination for a while. After making sure that there was no mistake, he carefully took back his handkerchief and said, “Wangye, looks like Wangfei’s pregnancy is not so stable. Since she was frightened and caught a cold at the beginning, even if she was well-rested afterward, she is still much weaker than a normal pregnant woman. Wangfei is already weak coupled with an anxiety attack, she lost her blood for a while and fainted.”

Anxiety attack? Zhao Chengjun’s eyes quietly swept across the room. The back of the person who was seen chilled and could not help but held their breaths and bow their head. Zhao Chengjun held back for the time being, and asked, “How to treat?”

“Now, Wangfei will wake up after resting for a while. However, in the future, if you want to put an end to this situation, she has to be supplemented with medication and recuperate slowly.”

Zhao Chengjun waved to ask Liu Ji to take the doctor to prescribe the medicine, “Just do as you say. The medicine is prescribed according to the best, no need to worry about the price.”

The imperial physician responded and follow Liu Ji out. After listening to the whole audience, Feng Momo glanced at Tang Shishi lying in bed and then looked at all the imperial court beauties with their heads down. She asked calmly, “What’s the matter? She was perfectly alright. Why did Wangfei faint?”

While Feng Momo was talking, Tang Shishi woke up. She frowned gently and moved her eyelashes subtly, but Zhao Chengjun noticed it instantly. He took her hand and asked softly, “Tang Shishi, it’s me. How are you?”

Tang Shishi struggled to break free from the darkness. When she opened her eyes and saw the person in front of her, she was stunned for a long time before reacting, “Wangye?”

“It’s me.”

Tang Shishi burst into tears soon after, and she threw herself at Zhao Chengjun while sobbing. Zhao Chengjun hurriedly held her, feeling terribly distressed, “What’s the matter?”

All the people standing behind were shocked. What did they see? As soon as Wangfei woke up, she wept endlessly and threw herself into Jing Wang’s arms, and Wangye still hugged her? In broad daylight with everyone in full view, how could they do such an unruly thing?

One who wanted to marry a wife would marry a virtuous wife. In public, even holding hands were rude, let alone hugging. Tang Shishi was originally a beauty trap sent from the imperial palace. So, it was understandable that she would bewitch the master without ethics, but why did Jing Wang follow along?

When Tang Shishi first saw Zhao Chengjun, she felt so wronged that she rashly threw herself into Zhao Chengjun’s arms, but after she cried for a while, she reacted rationally and found that it was inappropriate to do so.

It was not that the two of them were getting along in private. Moreover, there were still many people standing outside.

After Tang Shishi realized this, her whole body became so stiff that she could not cry anymore. Zhao Chengjun noticed it, and he gently helped Tang Shishi to sit down. He asked while wiping her tears, “What’s the matter? Who made you angry?”

Tang Shishi’s eyelashes were still wet with tears and her eyes were moist and bright, just like black jade. Tang Shishi quickly swept Lu Yufei and others, lowered her eyelashes, and said, “It’s nothing. I can’t control my emotions. It doesn’t concern others.”

Zhao Chengjun turned around to follow Tang Shishi’s sight, and it landed on Lu Yufei. Lu Yufei’s hair suddenly stood up. Zhao Chengjun turned back and still spoke to Tang Shishi in a warm voice, “You are pregnant and emotionally fragile. It’s normal to be easily happy and easily sad. The people who disturb your mood are wrong. What did they say to you?”

Based on Zhao Chengjun’s experience, how could he not see that it was this group of women who said something to Tang Shishi which made Tang Shishi dizzy as a result? Zhao Chengjun asked her gently, but Tang Shishi hesitated.

If it was something else, Tang Shishi would have revealed it happily, but Lu Yufei and other beauties were talking about accepting concubines.

In private, she could pester Zhao Chengjun by acting coquettishly, using both threats and inducements so that Zhao Chengjun would not take a concubine. But what could she do in front of everyone?

She could not intercede, and Zhao Chengjun also had to take into consideration of his reputation. There was almost no doubt about taking concubines. Because originally, this was a normal and legal thing.

Tang Shishi’s eyelashes trembled rapidly and did not dare to answer for a while. Tang Shishi was stuck here. Lu Yufei perceived this as an opportunity and took the initiative to stand up to speak, “Wangye, Wangfei has just woken up and hasn’t regained her mood. It’s not suitable to recall what happened just now. I’m willing to reply on behalf of Wangfei.”

Zhao Zixun frowned, thinking that Lu Yufei was simply too stupid until out of reach, unsure what to call her. Why did she get involved in Zhao Chengjun’s family affairs?

Zhao Chengjun glanced at Lu Yufei lightly and said, “Speak.”

After Zhao Chengjun said these words, he felt that Tang Shishi clenched his clothes and strengthen her shoulders. She did not realize these movements herself, but her physical reaction could not deceive people.

She was afraid. What was she afraid of?

Lu Yufei got the consent of Jing Wang, and her confidence suddenly increased, thinking that the winning ticket was in hand, “Beauty Li felt sorry for Wangfei’s hardship during pregnancy. She suggested to Wangfei to accept a few people by her side. The first is to take care of Wangfei, and the second is to share the internal affairs with Wangfei. Wangfei was about to reply, but suddenly fainted.”

Beauty Li was one of the beauties who was questioning Tang Shishi intensely. When everyone heard that it was such a reason, they were relieved and showed their approval on their faces.

Even Feng Momo did not look different when she heard this. Tang Shishi was pregnant and could no longer attend to Zhao Chengjun’s needs, so she was bound to find a woman to compensate Jing Wang. This was not uncommon in the imperial family. It was the same when the princess was pregnant, she also needed to find two maids to attend to her husband’s needs during her pregnancy.

Tang Shishi noticed the invisible attitude of everyone, and the despair in her heart was even worse. She had no say in such matters, and she could not even express her dissatisfaction. Tang Shishi’s mood slipped to the bottom. She thought that it was better to take the initiative than to be passive. Instead of waiting for someone to stuff her with some difficult ones, it was better to take the initiative to choose.

When Tang Shishi was about to speak, Zhao Chengjun took one step ahead and said, “It turned out to be this. Wangfei asked me about these things privately, but it was me who don’t like trouble and did not let her make trouble. Since I had no intention of getting married, I married Wangfei to take care of the imperial family’s internal affairs. At this point, Wangfei has been doing an excellent job, no other women are needed. You don’t have to ask about this kind of thing again.”

Tang Shishi was stunned, raised her head in disbelief, and stared at Zhao Chengjun in a daze. Zhao Chengjun’s expression was still very calm, and his tone was the same as saying “what to eat at noon today”. He did not know how amazing his words were at all.

Tang Shishi did not understand why Zhao Chengjun said this and took the blame on himself. But in any case, it was a good thing. Tang Shishi quickly said, “Wangye is saying that as a wife, I should put Wangye first in everything. Since Wangye refused to take a concubine, although I felt it was inappropriate, there was no reason to refute it. Feng Momo, do you think so?”

Feng Momo was also fooled by this trick, and she could not grasp what Zhao Chengjun wanted to do for a moment. When there were only a few of them before, Zhao Chengjun also showed extraordinary favor to Tang Shishi and even said that they would have children in the future but that was in private after all. Now in front of everyone, Zhao Chengjun still doted on Tang Shishi so much that he even followed Tang Shishi in not accepting concubines.

Of course, Feng Momo did not believe in Tang Shishi’s rhetoric. It was all nonsense that Jing Wang was unwilling to let Tang Shishi from accepting concubines. Not to mention that no man in the world did not want to take concubines, only Tang Shishi could say that. Was Tang Shishi such a virtuous and reasonable person?

Totally impossible. Therefore, there could only be one explanation, and that was, that Zhao Chengjun was biased in favoring Tang Shishi. Most likely it was Tang Shishi who made a scene in private and did not allow Zhao Chengjun to take a concubine. Zhao Chengjun was reluctant to refuse her, so he let her have her way.

Mother Feng was very surprised. Zhao Chengjun spoiled Tang Shishi too much that Feng Momo thought it was bogus and Zhao Chengjun was acting purposely. Feng Momo thought about the identity of Tang Shishi and understood instantly.

It was a good move. Empress Dowager sent a beauty to Zhao Chengjun and wanted to use the beauty trap to overthrow Zhao Chengjun. Zhao Chengjun pretended to be in the middle of the trap and then numbed Empress Dowager Yao with the hands of Tang Shishi. This Highness Jing Wang as expected deeply scheming.

Feng Momo’s mind turned a hundred times, and there was no leakage on the surface. Tang Shishi was still waiting for Feng Momo to reply. Feng Momo did not lose Tang Shishi’s reputation and said with a smile, “Wangfei meant that after a woman married should comply with her husband. Wangfei should naturally follow Jing Wang’s arrangement.”

Tang Shishi felt relieved. Feng Momo represented Empress Dowager. Now that Zhao Chengjun and Empress Dowager agree with Tang Shishi in order, to refute Tang Shishi was to refute Jing Wang and Empress Dowager. Then, see who could use the concubine’s affairs as a raft.

Lu Yufei was stunned. She took the risk of being the first to come forward, hoping to weaken Tang Shishi’s status and muddy the water in the mansion. Unexpectedly, Zhao Chengjun did not agree to take a concubine but instead excused Tang Shishi. Contrary to expectation, Tang Shishi was pushed into an invincible position in this way.

For a while everyone was dumbfounded, not knowing what to say. After Zhao Chengjun appeased Tang Shishi, he felt that Tang Shishi’s shoulders slowly relaxed and he said unhurriedly, “After talking about Wangfei’s matter, it’s time to talk about all of you. Who said these things in front of Wangfei just now which cause Wangfei to be angry?”

Several beauties were taken aback and straightway knelt down, “Wangye, please calm down. It’s me but I was doing it out of kindness. This is all for the sake of the mansion…”

“Jing Wang’s mansion doesn’t need your kindness.” Zhao Chengjun said coldly, “Since you are so warmhearted, it’s a waste to stay in Jing Wang’s mansion. You’d better go back to Jinling. There are many people in the imperial palace who is more suitable for you.”

These beauties were so shocked that even Tang Shishi’s eyes widened in awe. Tang Shishi thought that Zhao Chengjun would not pay attention to these women. Because of Feng Momo and Empress Dowager Yao’s honor, Tang Shishi could not punish them severely. In the end, she most likely turned a blind eye to them. Unexpectedly, Zhao Chengjun personally disposed of these beauties and even want to send them back to Jinling.

These beauties were shocked and frightened, not caring about their good-looking manners, and quickly kowtowed on the ground, “Wangye, forgive us. We were wrong, and we will never dare anymore. Wangye, we were rude and made Wangfei angry, but other than this, we did not make any big mistakes. If Wangye sends us back to Jinling, what face do we have to meet Empress Dowager Niangniang? Please think twice.”

“It’s a big mistake for you to make her unhappy.” Zhao Chengjun’s attitude was still resolute. Several exquisite women knelt down in front of him to plead for mercy, but his heart was like iron and did not move. “Feng Momo, I can’t accept these women. It just happens that Momo is leaving soon. So, it’s better to take them on the road together and may as well have a company on the road.”

Feng Momo was calm on the surface, but she quickly analyzed it internally. What exactly did Zhao Chengjun want to do? Should she accept these women or not?

Feng Momo ignored the pleaders on the ground, and her eyes fell on Tang Shishi calmly. Tang Shishi’s eyes were weak and innocent and looked at Feng Momo quietly. After looking at her for a while, Feng Momo thought that she would have to give up her pawns to protect the rook. Tang Shishi had been pushed to this position. Whether Zhao Chengjun was true or false, they must protect Tang Shishi. Otherwise, all the efforts in the past four years would be wasted.

Feng Momo did not believe that Tang Shishi such a charming beauty by Jing Wang’s side every day would not move him. As long as Jing Wang slackened for a moment, they would have a chance.

Feng Momo made a decision and said, “Since Jing Wang has ordered, it will be impolite for me to refuse.”

The beauties lost their strength in an instant and looked up at Feng Momo in disbelief. A beautiful woman cried like raindrops on a pear blossom, “Momo, you taught us and brought us out with your own hands. We entered and left the imperial palace together with Tang Shishi. Even if we are not as pleasant as Tang Shishi, we have been having a lot of joy with you over the years. Does Momo only care about her, regardless of our life or death?”

Feng Momo hesitated, but when she looked up, she saw Tang Shishi leaning on the bed delicately, quietly, and beautifully. She suddenly strengthened her determination, “Audacious. You can’t call Wangfei by name. Since you don’t know the etiquette, how are you going to stay in the mansion to serve Wangye and Wangfei? Your Highness, please calm down. I will take them back to Jinling so that they can be disciplined. Wangfei, you can recuperate with ease, only when you take care of your body can Empress Dowager be relieved.”

Tang Shishi smiled lightly. She had won in an all-around. Zhao Chengjun chose her, and even Feng Momo also chose to defend her.

These people thought that they could force her to accept concubines together, but they did not get any good outcome, and everyone lost. Wanted to follow her example? Haha, returned to the imperial palace and slowly explained to Empress Dowager.

Tang Shishi’s heart was incredibly happy, and her eyes brightened instantly. This was undoubtedly a loud slap in their face, slapping these beauties, slapping Lu Yufei, and also slapping all the maids in the mansion who wanted to climb the bed.

This was the end for those who fight against her. Even those who provoke from behind the scenes would not end well.

Zhou Shunhua looked at the fellow beauties who were crying and noisy on the ground, could not accept the reality at all, and lowered her head deeper. Some of them did not take part in intimidating Tang Shishi, but what was the use? These beauties were sent from the imperial court, except Tang Shishi and the few who followed Zhao Zixun, everyone else had to get out of there.

This was the struggle of the rear courtyard. It was either a victory or a defeat. There was no middle ground at all.

Ren Yujun and Ji Xinxian looked at those people with sadness in their eyes. Things in the world were so unfair. Feng Qian was beaten to death for offending Tang Shishi. After Feng Momo arrived, she never asked a word. Now, just because these women obstructed Tang Shishi’s eyes, they were going to be sent back to Jinling facelessly. When these beauties who were sent out as gifts were returned again, would there be any good ending waiting for them?

But what could be done? Jing Wang favored Tang Shishi, and even Feng Momo and Empress Dowager Yao favored her. She was obviously ordinary, good for nothing but her face.

Heaven really had no eyes.

Lu Yufei was completely shocked and was gobsmacked for a long time. She thought that Tang Shishi was superficial and relied on her stomach to climb up. Her sister-in-law of the Lu family also despised Tang Shishi and felt that Wangfei was not valued. As a result, she was extremely favored, not only did Jing Wang favor her, but also the imperial court which had no bottom line in indulging her.

Jing Wang and the imperial court were clearly on the opposite side. Tang Shishi was a real talent who could let the two sides who were sworn enemies doted on her together.

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