IBTBTED Chapter 79

It’s Better to be the Empress Dowager

Chapter 79          Indulgent

Tang Shishi’s pupils were slightly enlarged. She instinctively wanted to refute, but after thinking for a long time, she could not find a reason.

Yes ah, the conferment edict and the book of records by the Imperial Court had been delivered. In terms of etiquette, Tang Shishi was exactly Jing Wangfei. As a Wangfei, it was natural to live with her husband.

Tang Shishi’s world outlook was once again shocked. It turned out that she became married from unmarried. She had to adapt not only to the changes in the title but also to changes in life.

She was no longer a single individual but permanently integrated with another person. No matter where she was, regardless of life or death, she would not be able to leave Zhao Chengjun in this life.

When Zhao Chengjun saw Tang Shishi in trance. He knew that she would not be able to adapt for a while, so he did not pressure her, but took her slowly into the room and said, “Just go with the flow. I think today is very suitable for moving. I’ll let the maids take your clothes to Yan’an courtyard. So, you don’t have to come back tonight.”

Tang Shishi was shocked again, “So fast?”

“It’s a matter of sooner or later.” Zhao Chengjun said casually, “I would have let you move to my place if it hadn’t been for the fear of damaging your reputation. Now that the edict has been delivered, no one in the world can gossip, and you also should return to your rightful place.”

Tang Shishi was slightly startled. When she was in the paddock, she also briefly shared a room with Zhao Chengjun. However, their tents were separated, and they were not living in the same place at that time. Now, she had to sleep in the same room as Zhao Chengjun.

Zhao Chengjun found that Tang Shishi’s back was tense and glanced at Tang Shishi to point out, “Are you scared now? Wasn’t you being very brave when you made plans before?”

Tang Shishi’s imposing manner gradually weakened. She was indeed ambitious and wanted to be Empress Dowager, but when things were really put in front of her, she realized that it was not that simple at all. Not to mention things that were far away, when she just thought of being in the same room with Zhao Chengjun, the ideal fire burning in her heart was like being pressed into ice water by one hand and was extinguished with a sound without a splash of water.

Zhao Chengjun chuckled lightly when he saw her expression as if there were mockery in his voice. Tang Shishi gritted her teeth and said with a nonchalant expression, “Then just move now. It’s not a big deal anyway.”

“Refreshing.” Zhao Chengjun promptly called Liu Ji to come in and told Tang Shishi, “Mark them out one by one the one you like and wait for them to move to Yan’an courtyard.”

Tang Shishi only tried her best to show her ability, and later she would never have the chance to step down. She pointed to the furniture, antiques, and soft couch just like being forced to do something beyond her ability. Finally, Liu Ji covered the mahogany chest, put a label on it, and smiled, “Wangfei, you can go to Yan’an courtyard with peace of mind. These things can’t be messed up since I’m here to keep an eye on them.”

Zhao Chengjun glanced at Tang Shishi leisurely, “Let’s go. It’s just in time for the evening meal, and the Yan’an courtyard has already prepared the meal.”

Tang Shishi frowned and vaguely felt something wrong. Before she had time to think about it, Zhao Chengjun put his arm around her shoulder, half coaxing and half coercing her away.

Zhao Chengjun took Tang Shishi to the Yan’an courtyard, the main courtyard. Tang Shishi walked out of the gate of the Jianjia Courtyard and looked back with a little melancholy. She knew that from this moment on, this small, narrow, but warm and exquisite courtyard had completely become a thing of the past.

Tang Shishi was not a nostalgic type of person. After she nearly fled from the move, she quickly put down her attachment and entered a new role. People had to look forward and it was useless to indulge in the past. Tang Shishi proactively adjusted her mind. When she crossed the threshold of Yan’an courtyard, she also adjusted her heart.

When the servants of Yan’an courtyard saw them, they knelt down one by one to pay respects, “Blessing Wangfei” and other voices were heard continuously. Tang Shishi’s swept through every plant, brick, and roof tile in the Yan’an courtyard, and felt a different kind of atmosphere.

She had been to Yan’an courtyard before, but at that time as a maid, she did not even have enough time to think about Zhao Chengjun and Zhao Zixun’s thought patterns all day long, how could she be in the mood to appreciate the furnishing of Yan’an courtyard. Now that she had changed her outlook, she discovered that Zhao Chengjun’s taste was quite good. Although there were only a few furnishings in the Yan’an courtyard, the finishing touches were just right.

The eunuch politely lifted the door curtain. Zhao Chengjun let Tang Shishi go first, and then he entered. As soon as Tang Shishi entered the door, Liu Ji immediately put a pillow and soft cushion on the seat and waited for Tang Shishi to take her seat.

“Wangfei, the evening meal is ready. Would you like to eat now or later?”

This was Yan’an courtyard, how could he ask her? Tang Shishi could not help but look at Zhao Chengjun. Zhao Chengjun looked at her with a gentle gaze and said, “You are the mistress. No matter how big or small the matter of the inner courtyard is, you will be the one in charge and you can arrange as you wish.”

Tang Shishi was relieved and tentatively exercised the mistress’s power, “Let’s go eat now.”


The maids came in with food boxes one after another and quietly put them on the square table. Tang Shishi had a bad appetite nowadays, so each meal was not big, and the table was full of all kinds of exquisite small dishes. Zhao Chengjun filled a bowl of bean soup for Tang Shishi. Tang Shishi took two sips, suddenly her complexion changed greatly, and put down the spoon on the table.

Zhao Chengjun’s expression sunk slightly. Although his face was as calm as before, his voice has become tense unconsciously, “What’s the matter?”

“I forgot to bring the fox.” Tang Shishi looked serious and said with a serious face, “It’s all because you left in a hurry. I forgot to bring Xiao Li’s bedding, as well as the pots and pans for eating.”

Zhao Chengjun’s eyebrows moved and pressed down again. He said as gently as possible, “During pregnancy, it’s best not to get close to you. Anyway, it is also wild and should be raised appropriately. During this time, I will send it to the village in the countryside. After you give birth to the child, we will take it back to the mansion.”

When Tang Shishi heard that he was going to send the fox away, she objected on the spot, “No! It is still small. How can it go outside?”

“It is already one year old. It should be hunting independently in the wild.” Zhao Chengjun’s tone was gentle, but his attitude was very firm. “If you spoil it, you will kill it. It also should train itself. Be good, after you gave birth to the child, we’ll take it back again.”

During this time, Tang Shishi had a peaceful and idle time and had nothing to do. Only Zhao Chengjun knew how much effort was spent on her seemingly ordinary porridge and meal. The Jing Wang mansion had already caused two chosen Wangfei to be killed. Zhao Chengjun was really scared and could not bear the price, especially this time.

He could not accept any accident that happened to Tang Shishi, neither she nor the child. Zhao Chengjun even had to make sure that the ingredients that entered the mansion came from his own people. How could he tolerate an uncontrolled wild animal in the mansion that might go crazy at any time?

Tang Shishi was emotionally unstable before, so Zhao Chengjun was afraid to excite her and did not let anyone send the fox away. Taking advantage of the move this time, Zhao Chengjun could finally pull out the thorn in his side. How could he let her continue to keep it?

When Tang Shishi heard Zhao Chengjun’s words, she knew that the fox would not come back. She also knew that it was good for the fox, but she could not accept it emotionally for the moment. Tang Shishi was depressed for a while and muttered, “Sounds good. After the child is born, be sure to pick it up.”

Zhao Chengjun responded, “Sure.”

With Zhao Chengjun’s personal promise, Tang Shishi reluctantly picked up her mood. However, she was still unhappy for the rest of the meal and did not want to eat anymore after a few bites.

Zhao Chengjun helplessly put down his bowl and chopsticks, and said with a slight sigh, “How old are you, still have a little temper? You are still pregnant with a child, eat properly.”

Tang Shishi leaned on one side and did not move. Zhao Chengjun picked up some dishes and fed her personally, but Tang Shishi only took two bites and already shook her head to refuse to eat.

Zhao Chengjun had no choice but to ask people to remove the things. Tang Shishi was surprised when she saw it, “Wangye, you haven’t eaten yet. How can this work?”

“If you knew this won’t work, then why do it to yourself?” Zhao Chengjun glanced at Tang Shishi with neither a light nor a heavy expression and said, “If you don’t want to eat, then forget it. The kitchen has been preparing food for you and has it again when you are hungry. You can spend some time here to digest food first. The servants are still moving things. You can go back and have a rest in a while.”

Tang Shishi was a little bit guilty. During this period when she was pregnant, her temper became even more arrogant and willful and would flare up if she did not like it. Zhao Chengjun had been enduring it and went with her to make naughtiness. Tang Shishi did not pay attention before and now, she found out that not only did she have a tough time these days, but Zhao Chengjun had also been tormented a lot.

Basically, Zhao Chengjun would go through with her what she was having. If she could not eat, then Zhao Chengjun also did not eat much.

Tang Shishi was ashamed, her eyes were whirling and fell on Zhao Chengjun. Zhao Chengjun spotted her peeking, tapped on her nose amusedly, and said, “Just say what you want. Don’t be sneaky.”

Tang Shishi smiled. She changed her posture leisurely while holding a fan in her hand to lean against the other side of the armrest and asked, “Wangye, am I very pretentious during this time?”

Zhao Chengjun looked at her with a little surprise, “You actually knew?”

Tang Shishi withdrew back her smile swiftly, angrily put down her fan, and asked, “Then you think I’m annoying?”

“How can that be?” Zhao Chengjun chuckled, picked up the fan, sort out the tassels on it, and gently put it back in Tang Shishi’s hand, “I never regret making choices. I probably owe you in my previous life. Therefore, I’m destined to take care of you and work hard in this life to repay the debts of my previous life.”

Tang Shishi raised her slender neck and condescendingly glanced to the side. She could not hold back the smiles in her eyes and opened the folding fan with a bang to cover the smile on her lips.

Liu Ji was very efficient in handling things, and after a while, Tang Shishi’s chests were moved in. Tang Shishi took her clothes and went to the clean room to take a bath. Zhao Chengjun took advantage of his free time and hurried to the study room to handle the pressing official duties of the daytime.

When Tang Shishi came out, she was stunned for a moment when she saw the unfamiliar furnishings, only then did she realize that she was in the Yan’an courtyard. Dujuan followed behind Tang Shishi and said, “Miss, is easy to catch a cold with wet hair. You should dry your hair.”

Tang Shishi nodded and sat in front of the mirror and let Dujuan wipe her hair. She looked at the person in the mirror carefully. Tang Shishi was checking carefully whether there was any hair in her eyebrows that were slightly hairy and suddenly saw Liu Ji coming in from the mirror. Liu Ji stopped behind the screen and saluted. He smiled and said, “Wangfei, all your things have been arranged.”

Tang Shishi understood that Liu Ji had something to say to her, so she waved her hand to Dujuan and said softly, “Give the thing to me and go outside to make a pot of hot tea.”

In the summer, there was no need to have hot tea, but Dujuan comprehended and quietly withdrew after putting down the dry handkerchief, “Yes. I will retire.”

Upon seeing this, Liu Ji stepped forward and said, “I will serve Wangfei to wipe your hair.”

“Thank you Gonggong. My hair is already dry, so don’t worry.” Tang Shishi put the handkerchief aside, took a rhino horn comb, and combed her long hair slowly, “Gonggong is looking for me. Is there anything important to say?”

“It’s nothing important.” Liu Ji stood behind Tang Shishi with his hands down and said softly, “I’ve been serving Wangye for many years. Now, I’ll stick my neck out to remind Wangfei to pay attention to several things. The first thing is that Wangye sleeps lightly. He wakes up with the slightest movement and it is difficult to fall asleep later. I courageously ask Wangfei to pay attention at night. If Wangye wakes up, don’t let Wangye endure, you must order the servant to prepare the calming tea.”

Tang Shishi’s face was slightly solemn, she understood that Liu Ji was reminding her. He had been serving Zhao Chengjun for many years and understood Zhao Chengjun better. Tang Shishi straightened her face and said solemnly, “Thank you, Liu Gonggong. I will be careful later.”

“Another thing is that Wangye is sensitive to noise, and he is prone to have a headache if it’s noisy. In addition, I also asked Wangfei to urge Wangye to eat. Wangye has developed rules in the Imperial Palace since childhood. He doesn’t eat anything at other times except three meals a day. Sometimes Wangye gets busy and misses his meal, and then he doesn’t want to eat anymore. If things go on like this, I’m afraid it’s bad for his health.”

Tang Shishi nodded, noted down one by one. She discovered that Zhao Chengjun had a lot of rules. He seemed to hate red tape and did not like setbacks and trouble, but in fact, he had always abided by the rules and was extremely self-disciplined.

Tang Shishi thought about herself for a while and thought that this was probably the reason why others could turn defeat into victory, and she could not. When Tang Shishi was in the paddock, she had seen Zhao Chengjun sleep lightly. At that time, the fox was still young, hungry at night, and screaming in the tent. Zhao Chengjun wanted to throw the fox out with a cold face. At that time, Tang Shishi disliked Zhao Chengjun’s iron-hearted. She did not expect that it was because he did not sleep well.

Tang Shishi was stunned to hear noises coming from the outside. It seemed Zhao Chengjun came back. When Zhao Chengjun entered the room, he saw Liu Ji standing in the inner room and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Liu Ji spent most of his life pondering Zhao Chengjun’s mind. When he saw Zhao Chengjun’s complexion, he knew that Wangye was not happy. Liu Ji was very accustomed to it and happened to finish explaining what should be explained. He arched his waist and said conveniently, “I have finished moving everything and come in to report to Wangfei. I will retreat at once.”

After Liu Ji finished speaking, he escaped quietly. Only Tang Shishi and Zhao Chengjun remained in the inner room. Tang Shishi was only wearing inner clothes, while Zhao Chengjun was neatly dressed and looked upright. She was a little embarrassed and stood up, “I’m being rude. I’ll change my clothes now.”

“It’s getting dark. Why do you need to change clothes?” Zhao Chengjun held Tang Shishi closer, touched Tang Shishi’s hair with his fingers, and frowned slightly, “Why is your hair wet?”

As the two stood closer, Zhao Chengjun’s sense of oppression was even heavier. Tang Shishi’s hair was now loose with only her inner clothes and still had moisture on her body. It was indeed an indescribable sense of threat to stand next to an adult man with broad shoulders and long legs.

Tang Shishi wanted to withdraw his hands, but Zhao Chengjun refused. He took her to sit on the arhat couch, took a dry handkerchief, and slowly dried Tang Shishi’s hair, “Dare to run around without drying your hair, are you not afraid of catching a cold?”

Tang Shishi silently gathered her collar and curled her lips, “Yes, I know. I can’t run around in the future, so as not to hurt Wangye’s child.”

Zhao Chengjun did not stop his movement as he raised his head to glance at Tang Shishi with a slight cold expression, “Little heartless, who am I saying this for?”

Tang Shishi sneered lightly and did not believe such words at all. He was so patient with her now was all for the child in her belly. When she was the only one, he was not this patient.

Thinking of this, Tang Shishi straightened up her waist more confidently and let the dignified Wangye wipe her hair. After a while, Tang Shishi was tired from sitting, so she simply leaned on Zhao Chengjun and enjoyed it with her eyes closed.

Zhao Chengjun wiped her hair with both his hands around Tang Shishi’s back. As long as he stretched his arms a little, he could hug Tang Shishi in his arms. Tang Shishi was still leaning on him now and Zhao Chengjun could feel her weak body which was completely different from him. His body became slightly tense, and his voice changed too, “Sit properly.”

Tang Shishi said “no” in her heart. She relied on Zhao Chengjun dared not stretch out his hand to pull her up and used Zhao Chengjun as a pillow without fear. Zhao Chengjun sighed secretly that he really owed her in his last life.

In other words, he was asking for trouble for himself. Furthermore, it was foreseeable that he would suffer at least for the next six months.

Tang Shishi did not know what Zhao Chengjun was thinking at all. She leaned for a while and suddenly said, “I’m hungry.”

Zhao Chengjun who was originally patient with her almost laughed angrily when he heard this, “I thought you wouldn’t be hungry. Now that you know you are hungry, why don’t you have a good meal just now?”

“Who let you provoke me just now?” Tang Shishi’s apricot eyes were round and looked at Zhao Chengjun righteously. The pregnant woman’s temper came and went without a trace, even her appetite was the same. After Tang Shishi finished speaking, she was so hungry that she could not bear it, “I want to eat something sour and spicy.”

What kind of strange taste is this? Zhao Chengjun said nothing, and immediately ordered the servants, “Call the kitchen to prepare food for Wangfei.”

The kitchen was tormented at night and hurriedly prepared “sour and spicy” food that would not stimulate Wangfei’s delicate stomach. After the dishes were served, Tang Shishi took a bite and it turned out to be very sour and spicy which particularly stimulated the palate.

Tang Shishi was about to continue eating but she suddenly had an idea and thought of Zhao Chengjun. Tang Shishi scooped a small spoonful of food from the bowl and gave it to Zhao Chengjun, “Wangye, you didn’t eat much at night. Eat a little now.”

Zhao Chengjun shook his head without thinking, “No need. Dinner should be light and now has also passed the evening mealtime.

Tang Shishi liked to force others. She put down her bowl and said proudly, “Wangye, if you don’t eat, then I won’t eat either.”

“Naughty.” Zhao Chengjun’s face sunk and berated softly, “You are a mother now, and you are still making fun of your body?”

Tang Shishi hummed softly, “Then see who is distressed.”

At last, Zhao Chengjun was really angry, and his expression changed to gloomy, “It seems that I have been too indulgent in you these days until you don’t know how high the sky is. You even dare to threaten me with such a thing. If you don’t eat, then don’t eat. I’d like to see how long you can go on like this.”

Zhao Chengjun was cold and did not speak. Tang Shishi also put down her bowl and chopsticks and turned around to go inside to comb her hair. The servants serving in the room were almost sweating and the atmosphere was so tense that no one dared to breathe loudly.

The servants looked at Zhao Chengjun quietly. They saw that Wangye’s face was getting colder and colder, and his breath was getting even more irritable. After a while, Wangye’s face was expressionless, and said in a cold voice, “Go out.”

The attendants did not dare to delay and immediately withdrew with their heads down. After everyone left, Zhao Chengjun rubbed his eyebrows vigorously, and said helplessly, “All right, come out to eat.”

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