IBTBTED Chapter 55

It’s Better to be the Empress Dowager

Chapter 55          Favorite

Tang Shishi was stunned, her eyes widened suddenly. What did Zhao Chengjun say?

Everyone present was also stunned. Madam Xi asked when to marry a Wangfei, she was just trying her luck and did not expect to get an answer at all. No one would have thought that Zhao Chengjun actually responded, he even acted as if he was taking things seriously, and said quickly.

Did he already have a choice of person?

A smile of joy suddenly appeared on Xi Yunchu’s face. Tang Shishi looked at Zhao Chengjun and then Lu Yufei again, she understood clearly and lowered her eyes.

Unlike the woman on the scene, Zhao Zixun was simply shocked. He spent the longest time in the Jing Wang mansion and knew Zhao Chengjun best. It was always the women’s wishful thinking to think that no matter what Zhao Chengjun said, he always wanted to marry a Wangfei deep down in his heart. However, Zhao Zixun knew that Zhao Chengjun’s heart was like a rock and could not be turned.

He said he did not like it, which really had no room for negotiation. Otherwise, he would not go as far as to adopt other people’s children early.

Over the years, Zhao Zixun had seen very clearly that Zhao Chengjun was not interested in children. He had higher ambitions and further goals. Therefore, the idea of an ordinary man rushing to marry a wife and had children was very unattractive to Zhao Chengjun. Zhao Zixun always thought that Zhao Chengjun would not marry a wife, not at least until Zhao Chengjun’s ambitions were realized. He would not allow anything to distract his time and energy.

A wife and children were obviously one of them.

Zhao Zixun did not think that a person would change their way of thinking and plans in a short time. In the past two decades, no one could shake Zhao Chengjun’s viewpoint. Why did Zhao Chengjun change his viewpoint in just one year? Who in the world had this ability?

Zhao Zixun thought about it for a long time, but he still thought it was impossible. Could it be that Zhao Chengjun said it was just to show to the Xi family? However, as Zhao Chengjun, if he had no intention, why should he worry about others?

Zhao Zixun could not understand. All the people in the room were shocked by this surprising turn of events and were not able to recover yet. Plus, Zhao Chengjun had no meaning to explain. He nodded faintly to Madam Xi and said, “Madam Xi stay, and I’ll take my leave. Madam Xi, please recuperate at ease.”

With that, he strode into the biting cold wind. Tang Shishi regained her senses, saluted Zhao Zixun and Lu Yufei in a hurry, and immediately chased after him.

After Zhao Chengjun left, Zhao Zixun, as an outside male could not continue to stay. He sat down for a while and then took an opportunity to leave.

After the men were gone, there were only a few womenfolk left in the room. Lu Yufei was finally able to speak freely. She looked at Xi Yunchu and deliberately teased her, “Madam Xi is so lucky. Both daughters were born with the fate of wealth and honor. Sister Chu, you have to take care of me more in the future.”

Xi Yunchu had been in a daze and lost in thoughts since just now. When she heard Lu Yufei’s words, she recovered, and her cheeks flushed suddenly, “Shizifei’s words are unreasonable. You are Shizifei. You are the only one who takes care of others. Who else can take care of you in Xiping province?”

Lu Yufei said with a smile, “I don’t have to ask if it’s an ordinary young lady, but I have to be careful when curry favor if it’s my elder.”

Lu Yufei was Shizifei and had no need to look at anyone’s face in the Northwest. The ones she should be calling as elders were only Empress Dowager Yao in Jinling, and the future Wangfei of Jing Wang. Jing Wang was stationed in the Northwest and would not enter the capital casually. Although Empress Dowager Yao was Lu Yufei’s nominal mother-in-law, in reality, she could not hinder Lu Yufei’s affairs.

What Lu Yufei said was obviously Jing Wangfei.

The maids and the old women in the room laughed when they heard it. Madam Xi shook her handkerchief while smiling but did not comment. Xi Yunchu blushed to see the joking eyes from the crowd, resentfully turned her back, and said in anger, “Shizifei is so unreasonable and making fun of me again. You can go curry favor your elder. Why do you have to ridicule me?”

Lu Yufei knew that Xi Yunchu had a big temper, and she could be as mean as a knife to others. If others dared to speak about her, she would be angry and become hostile toward them. Lu Yufei did not dare to overly make fun of her and knew when to stop, “I’m just planning for the future. My father has always been tired of others urging him to get married. He has repeatedly said that he has no intention of marrying a wife. He has been fine before. When he came to the mountain villa this time, he suddenly let his mouth loose. I don’t know whether it’s the feng shui of this mountain villa that was good or the people inside. My father came here today and saw a few people, and suddenly changed his intention.”

The maids laughed even harder, and the young stewardess next to Madam Xi joked, “The second young lady of our family has grown up. She is beautiful and smart. Who doesn’t like her? Even I, not to mention a man, can’t wait to hold the second young lady in the palm of my hand after looking at her.”

Xi Yunchu was shamelessly teased. She stood up, stomp her feet, and said, “You’re talking nonsense. I won’t go crazy with you.”

After Xi Yunchu finished speaking, she threw off her handkerchief, covered her face, and ran away. She opened the door curtain and ran out. The people behind laughed even harder, and Madam Xi shouted, “Get dressed, and don’t catch a cold!”

Xi Yunchu dropped the curtain and left, not knowing if she heard her mother’s words. Madam Xi sighed again and again, “Caihuan, go quickly and follow her. Don’t let her freeze.”

The older maid, Caihuan responded and hurried out with a cloak. Madam Xi sighed and said, “I don’t know what I owed her in the past life. She came to collect debts from me in this life. Thinking about it, she’s extremely self-willed, and it’s really troublesome.”

Lu Yufei said with a smile, “Madam, don’t be trouble. You don’t know how many people envy your good life outside. You have this pair of beautiful sisters that really have entered the blessing nest. The eldest young lady was dignified and beautiful and was betrothed as a Wangfei to the imperial family. Unfortunately, her body was weak, and died early. But now, it seems that the second young lady is surpassing her older sister. She is more outstanding in appearance and demeanor and has a stronger body than the eldest young lady. Perhaps she is even more fortunate than her older sister.”

Speaking of Xi Yunwan, Madam Xi sighed faintly and said, “Sister Chu resemble her sister since she was a child. When Sister Wan was established as a Wangfei, she wanted to learn from her older sister even more. It’s a pity that Sister Wan left early. I didn’t get to see both sisters getting married, and I regretted every time I think about it.”

Lu Yufei thought that if Xi Yunwan had not died, what would happen to Xi Yunchu now? However, in a mother’s eyes, no matter what, their daughter was the best. Lu Yufei did not say much, and responded with a smile, “The eldest young lady knows even after her death and will definitely be happy that the second young lady is getting married. Madam, just relax your heart. After the second young lady gets married, you will still enjoy endless blessings.”

Madam Xi was actually quite proud of herself even though her mouth was complaining. How proud she was to have both daughters favored by Jing Wang. She was originally infected with the cold and was depressed. Now that she found out the good news, Madam Xi’s depression was wiped away, and her body was much better.

When Lu Yufei saw the triumphant expressions of the Xi family’s masters and servants, she felt a little sour and displeased. She flattered Xi Yunchu out of courtesy, but the Xi family really accepted it as if the Jing Wang mansion begged them. This was ridiculous. What was the family status of the Jing Wang mansion and what was the family status of the Xi family? If it were not for the fact that the two families had been betrothed many years ago, who would know the Xi family now?

But who made Jing Wang favor the second young lady in their family? Lu Yufei could only admit it at this moment no matter how unhappy she was now. For a daughter-in-law, her livelihood depended on her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law firmly controlled the life and death of her daughter-in-law, both in etiquette and in reality. Xi Yunchu would most likely be her future mother-in-law and Lu Yufei did not dare to offend her.

Lu Yufei would even have to greet the Xi family members with a smiling face. Lu Yufei had a smile on her face, but she sighed quietly in her heart. Xi Yunchu did not have a fair and reasonable temperament. Later, she would not lack in suffering living under her hands. However, in any case, the Jing Wang mansion was about to usher in a legitimate Wangfei. As long as Lu Yufei flattered her legitimate mother-in-law and let Wangfei stand in front of everything, then Madam Xu and the Xu family meant nothing to her.

Lu Yufei was slightly determined. On the whole, it was still a good thing.

After Tang Shishi came out, she hesitated for a long time and asked in a low voice, “Wangye, are you really planning to marry a Wangfei?”

“En.” Zhao Chengjun replied. He glanced back at Tang Shishi, and asked with an ambiguous tone, “What’s the matter? You don’t want to?”

“No, how can this little girl dare?” Tang Shishi was taken aback and declined instantly. He must be joking. How could she dare to accept this kind of accusation? If she answered positively, would not Xi Yunchu skin her alive when she entered the door?

This sentence was really not a joke with Xi Yunchu’s temperament. Zhao Chengjun saw that she denied it hurriedly as if afraid of being misunderstood. His fairly good mood became gloomy again.

Zhao Chengjun calmly said in a casual tone, “If you have any opinions, you can raise them now. Jing Wangfei wants to get along with the people in the mansion for a long time. If you have anything to say, it’s better to say it ahead of time.”

Tang Shishi just smiled when she heard this. Jing Wang said it did not matter and could give her opinion at will. This type of nonsense could only listen casually. If she really raised it up, then she would be done for.

This stinky man held a strong grudge against her.

However, it would not work if she did not answer when Jing Wang had spoken. Tang Shishi thought for a moment and carefully looked for a point of view that would not really offend others while sharing her opinion, “It’s a happy event for the whole mansion that Wangye marries his Wangfei. It’s just that the Liuyun courtyard is a little bit troublesome.  The new Wangfei is not allowed to misunderstand when she comes. Anyway, Wangfei is Wangye’s favorite woman. She must be knowledgeable, intelligent, and generous, and will not be jealous like an ordinary woman, regardless of right or wrong.”

Tang Shishi said these words to give Zhao Chengjun a forewarning. She already had a premonition that after Xi Yunchu entered the door, with the enthusiasm of the second young lady of the Xi family, several court ladies would definitely be tormented miserably. Tang Shishi spoke her words first now. If she was really unfortunate, she could still plead with Zhao Chengjun at least.

Zhao Chengjun could not help but laugh when he heard it. He shot a glanced at Tang Shishi with a smile and said, “Then you will be disappointed. She is neither smart nor generous, especially likes to make her decisions and suppress her own enemy. She has none of the virtues you mentioned, but you are right in a way that she is indeed my favorite person.”

Tang Shishi could not even hold her smile. Heaven ah, this was too scary. Zhao Chengjun’s heart was already biased like this when the Wangfei had not even entered the door yet. Once they got married, Zhao Chengjun would always have a beautiful lady coaxing and spoiling him by his side, would not he be more biased?

Tang Shishi felt that her future was dark. She had to find a way to speed up the pace. If she continued to serve Zhao Chengjun and waited for Xi Yunchu to become the Wangfei, she would be the first to be operated by her.

However, Zhao Chengjun’s understanding of Xi Yunchu was very clear. She was neither smart nor generous. She was also pretentious in eliminating her enemy. Tang Shishi could not help but ridicule. As long as the woman was young and beautiful, all the shortcomings could be ignored, what was going on with these men? When would they be more mature to see the innate character through their superficial appearance, and discover beauty with excellent behavior and looks like Tang Shishi?

Tang Shishi rolled her eyes inwardly, but she still had to respond superficially, “Wangye is too serious. Your requirement for Wangfei is too high and think that she is neither smart nor generous. In fact, Wangfei has done a good job.”

After Tang Shishi finished talking superficially, she found that Zhao Chengjun began to laugh again. He clenched his fist to cover his mouth. He looked like he endured the laughter with a lot of difficulties. His eyes were shining like stars.

Tang Shishi was furious all over by his laughter. She looked at Zhao Chengjun, her tone was already very unhappy, “Wangye, I praise the future Wangfei. What are you laughing at?”

He glimpsed at Tang Shishi with a smile on his face, and then withdrew his gaze, smiling without saying a word. Zhao Chengjun’s eyes were black and shiny. A glimpse just now looked like naturally unrestraint, and dazzling, somewhat quite attractive.

This was the first time Tang Shishi had seen the beauty of a man. She had seen many handsome men along the way, such as Qi Jingsheng, Zhao Zixun, and Zhao Chengjun. However, they were all just beautiful skins, and not many people could make Tang Shishi feel the handsomeness dynamics.

Even Tang Shishi once thought that Zhao Chengjun was blinded by this type of beautiful skin. Look at his terrible temper, his temperament of holding grudges, and the means of playing dirty with a superficial smile. At least half of his failure to marry a wife was due to his own reason.

Tang Shishi was dumbfounded. Zhao Chengjun knocked on her head and said, “Don’t daydream. There are so many people watching. You should restrain yourself.”

Tang Shishi was pulled back to her senses by the pain on her forehead. After she regained her senses, she was furious, “Who said I looked at you? Only others look at me, when will I look at others? Pooh! You as a grown man, are so narcissistic.”

The smile on Zhao Chengjun’s face did not change, but his eyes were obviously sunk. He smiled and said calmly, “Well, I misunderstood you. I originally was worried about your accommodation at night, but now it seems that you can definitely solve it by yourself.”

Tang Shishi was stunned, “What?”

She came with Zhao Chengjun, and Zhao Chengjun arranged the accommodation. Could it be that he did not care about her?

Zhao Chengjun said, “It’s improper for men and women to touch each other. So, it’s not good for you to stay too close to me. It just so happens that you and sister Zhou Shunhua have a deep relationship. Tonight, you can spend the night with her.”

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