IBTBTED Chapter 26

It’s Better to be the Empress Dowager

Chapter 26          Fox

Tang Shishi was stunned when she heard that, and then she pointed to herself incredulously, “I go?”

Zhao Chengjun nodded lightly, as expected, Tang Shishi was confused for a while, “Wangye, I’m a woman.”

Zhao Chengjun looked at her with an expression of an idiot, “I know.”

“She’s a woman, too!” Tang Shishi could not help raising her voice. People on both sides looked at them. Tang Shishi realized that she was too excited and quickly lowered her voice. “Wangye, it’s more fun for a young man to send a little pet to Princess, but I’m a woman. What will happen if I send it?”

Zhao Chengjun looked ahead, “Didn’t you say it yourself what should you do to make up for it? She will be back soon. Anyway, someone will need to go. You figure it out.”

Tang Shishi was dejected for a long time and could not think of any words to refute. Zhao Zixun came over and asked, “Father, the young fox is not energetic. Do you still want to keep it?”

Zhao Chengjun glanced at Tang Shishi faintly, “Give it to her.”

Zhao Zixun was a little surprised. He quickly looked at Tang Shishi, then retracted his gaze, and told his subordinates, “Give it to Miss Tang.”

The guard returned with an iron cage containing the young fox with a mix of red and white colors. The pup was about three or four months old and had grown the appearance and hair of a fox, but its limbs had not yet fully developed. It could not stand still, and now shrank in a corner of the cage, struggling to support its body with its eyes widened, and it kept snarling its teeth at the people around it.

Initially, Tang Shishi did not want to touch the furry animal, but her heart softened when she saw the little fox. The fox had a round head and round eyes. The limbs had not yet been fully developed, and the face was covered with dark-gray hair. It was clearly vigilant, but when it tilted its head to look at people, Tang Shishi instantly felt softened.

It was alright, Tang Shishi thought, it was just a young, weak, and unfortunate little fox whom Zhao Chengjun had chosen. She would hug it for a while and would give it to Narentuoya right away.

“It’s good.” Tang Shishi nodded, and reach out stiffly, “Give it to me.”

The fox was wary by nature. This little fox was especially afraid of people and refused to get close to people. Tang Shishi stretched out her hand, but the little fox shrank to the corner of the iron cage, refusing to contact Tang Shishi. The guard had no choice but to force it out.

Tang Shishi saw it and said hurriedly, “Don’t use force. I’m not in a hurry. Let it come out slowly.”

Zhao Chengjun was hunting during the day. At that moment, he looked at the little fox as if he was looking at the prey. He grew up in the court and instinctively disliked the smell of animals, but at this moment, watching Tang Shishi cautiously coax the fox, and slowly pick it up the fox. Unexpectedly, he saw some lovely side of her.

The fox had round eyes and a round and fluffy face. Tang Shishi’s side face was exquisitely carved, and her eyes were also furry. When the two faces were put together, it was surprisingly good-looking.

Zhao Chengjun and Zhao Zixun stood quietly, watching Tang Shishi took a lot of effort, and finally hugged the fox. The fox nestled in the arms of Tang Shishi, and Tang Shishi felt distressed and asked, “It’s so small, where has its mother gone?”

Zhao Chengjun stood on the side, watched, and unhurriedly said, “Probably dead.”

Tang Shishi looked up in shock. Zhao Chengjun came into contact with her sight, “I thought you still remembered that this trip was for hunting.”

Tang Shishi looked at this person and could not really say anything. At this time, Zhao Chengjun raised his eyes, his gaze towards the back, Tang Shishi followed his gaze and found that it was Narentuoya who had come.

Zhao Chengjun stood aside silently with no intention to speak. Tang Shishi felt the silent urge of Jing Wang, bit the bullet, and stepped towards Narentuoya, “Princess, stay.”

Narentuoya turned around and saw the fox in Tang Shishi’s arms, completely shocked, “What is this?”

“A fox.” Following the lines given by Jing Wang, Tang Shishi said every word, “Heard that Princess loves this kind of plaything. So happened to encounter one during hunting today. Giving it to Princess.”

Tang Shishi felt that something was wrong after reciting it. Was not this the line of Shizi? Did she really not take the wrong plot?

Tang Shishi felt awkward all over, but Narentuoya did not pay attention to her. She was busy looking at the little fox in Tang Shishi’s arms and she liked it very much. The fox was afraid of strangers and kept shrinking into Tang Shishi’s arms, Narentuoya leaned closer and tried to touch the fox’s chin.

“So lovely.” Narentuoya said, happily waving to Anji Timur, “Father Khan, come and see the fox!”

Zhao Chengjun stood on the spot with both hands behind his back and said to Zhao Zixun leisurely, “No wonder the beauty trap has been used repeatedly. It really works.”

Zhao Zixun was helpless, “Father.”

“Let’s go, Anji Timur is here.” Zhao Chengjun said, “After all, she is his favorite little daughter. It’s most useful to talk now.”

Narentuoya showed obvious affection for the little fox, Tang Shishi breathed a sigh of relief and handed the fox to Narentuoya. When the little fox was sent away, it looked back at Tang Shishi eagerly. Tang Shishi was not willing to give it up, but her desire to survive immediately overwhelmed her softheartedness. If she dared to obstruct Jing Wang’s plan, Jing Wang could send her to see Yama tonight.

Narentuoya kept yelling while holding the fox, seeing her happily made him feel happier than when he finished his hunt. Zhao Chengjun had already brought Zhao Zixun over, and Tang Shishi tactfully withdrew in time.

As she was leaving, the little fox stared at Tang Shishi with its grape-like eyes and gave a weak cry. Tang Shishi was heartless, turned around, and walked away.

Today was the first day of the hunt, and people who were counting their trophies could be seen everywhere. This kind of occasion had nothing to do with Tang Shishi. She walked around and was bored, so she planned to go back to stay in the tent.

As soon as Tang Shishi walked halfway, a guard suddenly caught up behind her and shouted, “Miss Tang, please hold on.”

When Tang Shishi turned around, the guard clasped his fists, “Miss Tang, Wangye has ordered this subordinate to take you back.”

Tang Shishi frowned, “What’s the matter?”

“This subordinate doesn’t know.” The guard said respectfully, “Miss Tang, please.”

Tang Shishi knew something had changed when she reached the place where she originally came from and found that the fox had moved into the hands of a guard. Many people surrounded Narentuoya. Narentuoya was sneezing. Her wrist and neck were red and swollen. She did not know if she was scratched or had a rash.

Tang Shishi asked, “What’s wrong?”

Narentuoya covered her nose, “It seems that I can’t touch the fox’s fur. I feel uncomfortable when I get close to it.”

Tang Shishi knew that some people were really sensitive to cat hair or dog fur and could not raise furry animals. It seemed that Narentuoya was one of them. Tang Shishi looked at Zhao Chengjun quietly and asked him what to do silently. Zhao Chengjun’s expression was as cold as jade and said slowly, “It’s me who is not thoughtful enough. Since Princess can’t smell the fox’s fur, then just let it go.”

“How can it work?” Narentuoya sneezed and said, “No. It is tainted with the smell of humans on its body. Even if it goes back to the cave now, its mother won’t recognize it. It’s so small that it can’t hunt by itself. If release it now, isn’t it just sending it to death?”

Zhao Chengjun patiently asked, “What does the princess plan to do?”

Narentuoya covered her nose and said vaguely, “Wasnt Tang Shishi raising it earlier, just let Tang Shishi continue to raise it. I can’t touch the fox’s fur, but I really like this fox. Just let her raise it, so I can watch it.”

Tang Shishi opened her mouth and was about to refuse, but she heard Zhao Chengjun say, “Princess’s method is not bad. Of course, it still has to depend on your wishes since you’ll have to raise it.”

Tang Shishi quietly closed her mouth. He had spoken, what else could Tang Shishi say? She could only smile and gritted her teeth, “Yes, I will.”

Narentuoya cheered happily, “That’s great! You must take good care of it. I’ll come and see it tomorrow.”

Tang Shishi took the fox senselessly, and when she heard Narentuoya’s words, she had to smile, “Great.”

Tang Shishi hugged the fox, and Narentuoya stood far away and teased the fox. Anji Timur and Zhao Chengjun stood on the other side. He looked at the scene with sentiment and said to Zhao Chengjun, “Thank you, Jing Wang. Jing Wang is selfless. You were ruthless to my little girl a few days ago. I thought Wangye didn’t like my little girl.”

Zhao Chengjun smiled faintly and did not answer. In fact, Anji Timur’s feeling was right that Zhao Chengjun really did not like Narentuoya.

If Anji Timur knew Zhao Chengjun’s original plan, Zhao Chengjun was afraid that he would never stand here calmly and talk to him at this moment.

Anji Timur was deeply moved and sighed, “Her mother died of dystocia when she gave birth to her. I pity her, plus this is my youngest child, so I can’t help but spoil her. She has had no playmates since she was a child, her birth mother died early, and her temperament was gradually spoiled. In fact, she was not bad at heart. I have lived to this age, and have seen everything that I should have seen, and there is nothing to be afraid of, except that I worry about her. Children are all debts, especially daughters. I don’t know if Jing Wang can understand this feeling.”

Zhao Chengjun nodded, “I feel the same.”

In fact, he could not understand it at all.

After Anji Timur confided to Zhao Chengjun, he suddenly straightened his face, “This time, I would like to thank Jing Wang and especially ask your people to solve Naya. I, Anji Timur, remember this friendship in my heart.”

Zhao Chengjun said with a smile, “It’s no bother. Zhongshun Wang doesn’t have to treat me as a stranger.”

Although Zhao Chengjun was smiling, his eyes were as deep as ink. It seemed that he had to continue to let Tang Shishi settle Narentuoya. Tang Shishi was a woman, who was more suitable for approaching Narentuoya than Zhao Zixun. After all, Anji Timur was a father and a man. If someone recognized his intention, the Jing Wang mansion would be embarrassed.

However, Tang Shishi had no scruples in this regard. It seemed that good-looking was still useful in the end.

Zhao Chengjun had made up his mind and would not waver. He originally thought that this was just playing with a little girl, but he could not have imagined that things were much more than that.

That night, Zhao Chengjun stood in the middle of the tent with a cold face, suppressing his imposing manner. Zhao Chengjun took a deep breath, tried his best to calm himself down, and asked, “Why is it still barking?”

“I do not know.” Tang Shishi saw Zhao Chengjun’s murderous gaze and felt extremely wronged in her heart, “It’s you that insisted me to raise it. I haven’t even raised a cat or a dog before. How do I know how to raise a fox?”

Zhao Chengjun pressed the center of his eyebrows hard. He was already tortured enough until no more temper. The wicked had their own wicked torment, and Zhao Chengjun knew he was not a good person, so Tang Shishi was here to torture him.

Zhao Chengjun said in a low voice, “Throw it out.”

“No way.” Tang Shishi said, “Narentuoya will come to see it tomorrow. If the fox is gone, how can I explain to her tomorrow?”

That is true. Zhao Chengjun nodded, “Then find a rope and tie it outside. Pull it in tomorrow.”

Tang Shishi looked at Zhao Chengjun in shock. Heaven ah… Does this man have a heart?

Tang Shishi said angrily, “It’s just a pup, and it can’t even stand steadily. You want to make use of it, but you don’t want to treat it well?”

“It’s because it doesn’t know how to appreciate.” Zhao Chengjun said with a cold face, “Throw it out. It already lives in the wild and won’t die from freezing.”

“No way.” Tang Shishi was at the end of her patience. She stood up and procrastinated, “Where did it offend you? Why do you have to target it?”

This was the first time that Zhao Chengjun met someone who dared to yell at him. Usually, even Empress Dowager Yao would speak softly when facing him, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This was the first time someone choked him in person.

Zhao Chengjun squinted his eyes, and Tang Shishi realized that it was wrong. She immediately hugged the little fox and put on a pitiful look. Those two pairs of eyes were dark, and even the cunningness in them was exactly the same. Zhao Chengjun was angry but could not let out his steam, so he could only endure his anger, “I can’t fall asleep if there is any sound at night. I’ll give you a quarter of an hour to deal with it immediately. Otherwise, you will go outside with him for the night.”

Tang Shishi was forced by the evil forces and had to bow her head. She thought for a long time, and tentatively said, “Maybe, it is hungry?”

Hungry? Zhao Chengjun frowned. Tang Shishi was not sure and asked, “Wangye, have you ever raised a child? I think since it is still young, they should be similar. Maybe it should be fed with milk now?”

Zhao Chengjun looked at her coldly, “You think so?”

Tang Shishi was instigated, silently held the fox to go outside, and asked the guard where she could find some milk. Fortunately, many of the soldiers knew about fisheries and livestock breeding since Tang Shishi had no experience in raising animals. Tang Shishi almost tossed half of the camp, finally found goat’s milk, and mixed it with minced meat to feed the little fox.

After the little fox finished drinking, it became quiet. Both Tang Shishi and Zhao Chengjun breathed a sigh of relief.

Zhao Chengjun’s brain was hurting, he thought he could finally sleep. But shortly after the lights were turned off, there was another small cry coming from a corner of the tent.

Tang Shishi just fell asleep, she vaguely heard some movement outside, for fear that Zhao Chengjun would really throw the fox outside. She did not care about putting on shoes and ran all the way outside.

When Tang Shishi ran outside, before her eyes could adjust to the darkness, she banged against a wall. Tang Shishi nearly fell down and someone suddenly caught her wrist and pulled her back with force.

Tang Shishi staggered and still in shock, “Wangye?”

Zhao Chengjun let go of her hand, and his voice was as cold as iron, “Watch where you’re going.”

“Thank you, Wangye.”

Tang Shishi’s eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, and she could see the furnishings in the tent clearly. She did not dare to look into Zhao Chengjun’s complexion. She quickly picked up the fox, and wondered, “It’s obviously already full. Why is it still barking?”

In the middle of hazy darkness, Zhao Chengjun sneered, “You ask me?”

Tang Shishi touched the fox’s hair and guessed, “Maybe it’s cold?”

Zhao Chengjun really had a headache. Fortunately, Tang Shishi hugged the fox for a while, and it slowly stopped barking. Tang Shishi did not dare to test Zhao Chengjun’s patience limit. She held the little fox and wanted to withdraw quietly. When she turned around, she did not look the way, as a result, with a bang, she hit the shelf and knocked many of the books down.

Everything fell down one by one with a crashing sound, and it was surprisingly loud in the silent night. Tang Shishi was embarrassed. She was about to crouch down to pick up something when she accidentally knocked to the edge of the spine of the book and let out a cry in pain.

Zhao Chengjun lowered his head and found that Tang Shishi was barefoot. Zhao Chengjun immediately looked away and strained his voice, “Just go back.”

“But these things…”

“Someone will clean up tomorrow. Go back immediately.”


Tang Shishi responded and cleverly hugged the fox back to her tent. Zhao Chengjun stood alone in front of the mess and pinched the bridge of his nose with a headache.

He made the right choice not to get married, let alone raise children.

It was too troublesome.

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