IBTBTED Chapter 21

It’s Better to be the Empress Dowager

Chapter 21          Night

When Tang Shishi returned to her tent, she quietly touched the book in her bag. She wanted to take it out to read, but she gave up since Jing Wang was outside.

It was alright, wait until tomorrow when there was no one.

Tang Shishi cleaned up casually and was ready to go to bed. It was not a relaxing journey on the way here, and everyone was tired. Soon, the campsite was quiet.

Tang Shishi originally wanted to sleep, but after she laid down for a while, she suddenly felt itchy. There were many mosquitoes and insects on the grassland. Even though Jing Wang’s main tent was deliberately set up on higher ground, it was impossible to avoid all the mosquitoes and insects.

Tang Shishi was stung by mosquitoes which caused her not to be able to sleep. She even suspected that there were insects on her bed. This kind of thing was not good. Tang Shishi could not bear it anymore when she was going to lose her sleep. She quietly got up and struggled to find mosquitoes by using a faint light.

While Tang Shishi was shaking her pillow, the tent door behind her was suddenly pulled open. Zhao Chengjun stood behind and looked at her coldly, “What are you doing?”

Tang Shishi was still holding a pillow in her hand. She quietly threw the pillow back to the bed and pointed to the bed innocently, “There are insects here.”

Insects? Zhao Chengjun frowned. He thought about many situations, but he did not think of insects. In other words, before Tang Shishi, Zhao Chengjun did not realize that there were insects on the grassland.

At the moment, Tang Shishi was wearing her bedclothes, her hair was loose, and her shoulders and neck were slender. Tang Shishi gradually felt a little chilly, wrapped her arms around but could not help scratching her neck.

Zhao Chengjun was looking at her under the night light and seemed to have seen some red swellings on her neck. Zhao Chengjun did not know what to say. He turned around and walked outside. Tang Shishi thought Jing Wang was gone. She was about to relax, and then Zhao Chengjun returned with a lamp.

Previously it was dark, so Tang Shishi did not pay attention to her surroundings. Now with the lamp, Tang Shishi discovered that Zhao Chengjun was also wearing white bedclothes. Zhao Chengjun usually wore red and black prince attire or military attire. This is the first time Tang Shishi saw him in his casual appearance.

Unexpectedly, with Zhao Chengjun’s mercilessness and unreasonableness, he was much more amiable and approachable when he put on his bedclothes. He was actually very good-looking. Although he has been stationed on the frontier for many years, his face was still as fair as jade. When he stood together with a group of officers and soldiers, their appearances could not challenge his at all. Zhao Chengjun changed into thin bedclothes at this moment. In fact, without his princely attire that looked threatening, his complexion was fair, his eyes were clear, his jaw was sharp, and he was somewhat handsome and a little harmless.

Once the light was clear, the other problems followed one after another. Tang Shishi found that she was not dressed properly and faced Jing Wang in a disheveled manner. Tang Shishi was embarrassed. Zhao Chengjun put the lamp on the table as if he did not care about what Tang Shishi was wearing, “Quickly move, or someone will come in a while if they don’t see lights in the main tent.”

Tang Shishi was dazed for a moment. She realized that Zhao Chengjun was reminding her and was overwhelmed by his unexpected favor, “Yes. Thank you, Wangye.”

It was so much more convenient with a lamp. Tang Shishi hurried to search in her bed, hoping to find the hidden insects. Her neck and arms were bitten by some kind of insects that it was so itchy that Tang Shishi could not help scratching her neck and arms. The more she scratched, the more inflamed she was. She had delicate skin, so it looked like she had put on a blush all over and it was simply ghastly.

Currently, Tang Shishi’s clothes were thin, her collars were loose, and her long hair was set loose on her back. The red marks on the neck became more obvious with her movements. Zhao Chengjun could not just stand and watch and silently avoid the sight.

Zhao Chengjun finally realized that it was inconvenient for him to be present at the moment. Earlier, he was awakened by Tang Shishi and wanted her to calm down quickly, so he took a lamp for her. Zhao Chengjun had no other ideas, so he did not feel that there was anything wrong with his behavior.

Now Zhao Chengjun had come to realize that Tang Shishi was different from others. She was not a eunuch, son, brother, or subordinate but a woman. It was very inappropriate for him to be here late at night.

Even if Zhao Chengjun did not have other aspects of meaning.

Zhao Chengjun took a step back and planned to leave. When he was about to leave, he heard Tang Shishi sneeze. It was already the ninth month, the weather was somewhat cold, and the grassland was starting to yellow and wither. At this moment, deep into the cold night, Tang Shishi was only wearing her bedclothes, which made her easier to catch a cold.

Zhao Chengjun glanced at the bag on the table and guessed that it was Tang Shishi’s personal clothing. Originally he wanted to throw the bag into Tang Shishi’s hands, but just as Zhao Chengjun was about the grab the bag, Tang Shishi rushed over as if seeing something extraordinary.

Tang Shishi was looking for insects initially, when she saw that Zhao Chengjun was about to open her bag, she just turned around. She was nearly frightened to death because the book was in the bag. Once it was seen by others or seen by Jing Wang, the consequences were simply unimaginable. Tang Shishi did not have time to think about it, and rushed over unconsciously, “Wait a minute, don’t move!”

Tang Shishi just grabbed the bag without paying attention to her steps. When she ran close, she sprained her left foot and fell directly towards Zhao Chengjun. Zhao Chengjun took a step back and held Tang Shishi’s arm firmly without letting her touch him.

Zhao Chengjun’s hands were fair and lean, but his strength was enormous. He supported the weight of Tang Shishi’s whole body with only one hand and his wrist did not even shake. Tang Shishi stood awkwardly holding on to the table, still not forgetting her bag in her hand, and quietly hugged it into her arms.

Being so close to Zhao Chengjun, his sense of existence was extremely strong. Tang Shishi was embarrassed and nervous, her fingers tightly clutching the bag, and her whole body tensed, “Wangye, please forgive me. This bag is my mother’s personal belongings left for me, and it’s inconvenient for outsiders to see. Wangye, please excuse me.”

Zhao Chengjun looked at Tang Shishi, then looked down at the bag in her arms, and said nothing. Did her family leave her something? It did not look like it.

Tang Shishi felt that Jing Wang was looking at her, and her nervous body began to tremble. In midst of silence, a soldier’s inquiry came from outside the tent, “Wangye, this subordinate sees that your light is on. What’s the matter?”

Zhao Chengjun had just said to move faster. Now, as expected the light attracted the soldiers on patrol. Zhao Chengjun calmly asked, “Have you finished torturing me?”

Tang Shishi shook her head awkwardly, “I didn’t. I don’t know why. I couldn’t find it when the light was on. But when I was sleeping earlier, something was really biting me.”

Tang Shishi kept her voice low as she spoke. The temperature inside the tent was almost frozen. Tang Shishi felt that Jing Wang was so angry that he was about to kill someone.

Zhao Chengjun gave Tang Shishi a cold look, then turned around and went out. Tang Shishi silently buried her face in her bag. Oh my goodness… It was so humiliating. If there were mosquitoes or insects, just let it be and just endure it for tonight. When daybreak, she would go out to find wormwood. Tang Shishi remembered that she had seen wormwood in the overgrown grass during the daytime.

Tang Shishi thought that her farce was over, as she was about to put her bag on the bed, she suddenly heard Zhao Chengjun’s voice from outside, “Dispatch an imperial physician.”

Zhao Chengjun’s voice was loud and clear, obviously speaking to the soldiers outside. The soldiers clasped their fists and ran out quickly. Tang Shishi was very surprised and quickly hid the bag and walked outside, “Wangye, why did you dispatch an imperial physician? Are you injured?”

The lights were already on in the main tent, and Zhao Chengjun was about to fasten a red cloak in his hand. At this time, the tent door was lifted, and the night wind was suddenly drawn in. Zhao Chengjun’s expression changed, and he threw the cloak in his hands to Tang Shishi.

Tang Shishi did not even react to what happened yet, and suddenly her head was covered by the red cloak. She hurriedly pushed aside the cloak, poked her head out, and found out that the main tent door was open, and two rows of soldiers were standing outside.

Zhao Chengjun’s face was cold, and his eyes were black, which made him incomparable. He was like an immortal and a demon at the same time, “Go out.”

The guards wanted to come in to protect him, but they were stunned when they saw the scene inside. They saw the respectful and powerful Jing Wang was dressed in a single layer of white clothing, a tall body with an imposing manner, but beside him stood a woman in disheveled clothes. They did not see the woman’s face clearly, but the woman was wrapped in Jing Wang’s cloak, which could not be more conspicuous.

The soldiers were shouted at coldly by Zhao Chengjun, and it was as if they were waking up from a dream and they withdrew in a hurry. The anger in Jing Wang’s tone was not small, and something would have happened if they did not leave right away.

The soldiers stood outside the tent, each and every one of them was quivering while blown by the night wind on the grassland. They looked at each other helplessly in a trance.

The main tent was lit up, and the entire camp was alarmed. The imperial doctor was pulled up from the bed by the soldiers and was dragged to the main tent without knowing what had happened. He stood in the tent and looked at the person before him tremblingly.

“Wangye, what’s wrong with you?”

It was not a good thing to summon an imperial physician in a rush late in the night. The imperial physicians, including Zhao Zixun and others who came after hearing the news, looked at Zhao Chengjun nervously.

Zhao Chengjun was wearing a pure black cloak. Although he did not tie his hair, it did not diminish his aura at all. Tang Shishi wrapped her whole body in a red cloak and only revealed her fair fingertips. She shrank behind Jing Wang, lowered her head, and pretended that she did not exist.

Zhao Chengjun’s complexion was grim and unruffled. After a while, he used his unique dignified tone of a superior and said calmly, “Do you have deworming medicine?”

The imperial physician was stunned, “What?”

“That place.” Zhao Chengjun pointed to Tang Shishi’s tent and said, “There are mosquitoes in it.”

The imperial physician was stupefied for a long time, and asked in disbelief, “That’s it?”

Zhao Chengjun deserves to be called a man who was accustomed to the complex and fierce struggle and turmoil in life, and nodded without changing his face, “Um.”

Tang Shishi buried herself deeper as this was too embarrassing. Jing Wang deserved to be a man who did great things. Just look at his psychological quality, he was formidable and deserved to be admired!

The imperial physician held his face and walked away. Zhao Zixun was listening to the whole conversation, feeling perplexed and a little at a loss. Then he saluted Zhao Chengjun, “Father, is there any problem with your health?”

Zhao Chengjun shook his head, “No problem. It has nothing to do with you. You can go back first.”

“That’s good no problem.” Zhao Zixun made a look of relief. He glanced at Tang Shishi behind him, lowered his eyes, and arched his hands, “This son will not disturb my father’s rest. I’ll take my leave now.”

The imperial physician left the main tent with a black face when all was done. He was an imperial physician, who helped the dying and healed the wounded, studied the Confucian classics painstakingly, and was able to enter the imperial hospital after years of hardship. As a result, he endured the bumps all the way to the paddock, on the first day, both Wangye and Shizi called the imperial doctor.

One was to ask him to get the pulse of a woman who was not sick at all, and he had to prescribe medicine. The other was even better, to let him deworm!

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